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    I am 15 and I like Games and Anime especially DBZ I draw alot and I like to listen to music I play whenever I get the chance
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    Randolph, Massachusetts
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    I like DBZ Music Games Modeling drawing and many many other things
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  1. Hehe I like the model so far, I look forward to seeing the finished product Marz, keep up the great work, good luck.
  2. Oh and Marz I suggest you look at the taunts from the Voodoo's Anakin Skywalker reskin cause those are awesome and would help your Anakin capture Skywalkers nature better Just a suggestion from ME this time.
  3. Nice going Marz. I love it as I said in your other thread, which you should check if you haven't already..
  4. Sorry about that Marz, just pointing that out cause a friend asked me to, and those Jedi she suggested are just suggestions, what you do is entirely up to you. I look forward to seeing anymore female Jedi you make, oh and your Anakin beta.. rocks.
  5. Alright well I was asked to point something out to you Marz. Serra Keto is a popular char with some people and.. there are some flaws in the model that bother people.. especially role players. Those include her arms a little to buffed up, her outfit doesnt' look quite right, her hair isn't like Serras much.. and also that she isn't slender enough on your model. I have been provided with pictures to show you this, I mean no ill will or double post so apologies in advance, just pointing out things on behalf of a friend
  6. Hmmm so whats your suprise model Marz? Or are you keeping it under wraps until its done? Also my friend was looking up Female Jedi.. and she found two Depa Billaba http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Jedi_billaba.jpg And.. Swan Bultar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Bultarswan.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Siri_tachi.jpg Siri Tachi whom was Obi wan Kenobi's sort of love interest hehe.. And also Callista http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Calista.jpg Whom was Luke Skywalkers first love interest before Mara Jade. Also she found Dark Woman whom was apparently trained by Darth Bane himself.. and was alive in the time of EP III and Survived the Great Jedi Purge. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Dark_woman.jpg Seen here, can probably provide more pics of some of these females from my own library if you request them Marz and if I can sort of.. e-mail link you them directly or some such. Anyway just suggestions, good luck.
  7. She loves it and is using it for her role playing char who is a Twi'lek
  8. Ok so any time frame on Aayla? Please cause someones like super nagging me about it and if she keeps nagging me I'm gonna rip my hair out =/ Eh Marz I think your models are great so do alot of other people, maybe jk2files just... meh I won't flame them but my point is your a great modeler and I know alot of people appreciate your work. I know I do.. and my friend whom refreshes this thread every 5 mins in hopes you've posted Aayla. Which shes done since you said you would make her.
  9. Eh yea I don't mean to seem pushy just... I got someone really annoying nagging me about it.. so when they nag I nag.. -_- Women.. ugh
  10. Aayla and a secret model.. I wonder whats taking so long.. hope Aayla comes outu soon.
  11. When will Aayla be finished Marz? and for the record.. Aayla wears black.. not brown like everyones giving her.. look here.. http://www.joecorroney.com/cgi-local/imageFolio.cgi?action=view&link=Star_Wars/Star_Wars_Insider_Art&image=1BestofEUFinal.jpg&img=&tt=img and tons of other pics to.. lighting in EP II was screwy. She wears black in all the comics and stuff which is where she appears most so I hope you go with that look.
  12. Whoot! Thank you Marz! You are a god man! ^_^
  13. Yea thats a good point, Team skins would be good. Also let me point out I've checked out the Aayla's out there, they aren't to accurate atleast from the pictures I've been digging up. " To conclude the whole packs I gotta say that testing these was awesome, six models at once is amazing and I can't wait to see what Mars has in store for us next. An Aayla Secura perhaps Mars?" Thats a quote from a reviewer on Jk3files. Seems like everyone wants to see an Aayla Secura model by you Mars but it is in the end your decision.
  14. Alright thanks for answering, I think you would do a much better job on it though, the one thats out I just don't like in the least and thats probably shared by other people since you've gotten a ton of requests for it eheh.
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