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  1. Am I the only one that cannot access pcgamemods and filefront? Both websites seem to be down when I try to connect (404). I'm pretty sure it is impossible for both websited to be down for more than 24 hours without setting off posts about it across the net so I'm thinking I'm the only one with this problem.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm not dead. The project is NOT dropped or dead. It just hit a speed bump. Both work wise I am on a project that has a deadline, needs to be completed soon, and also system wise: my computer died. The data is safe. I just don't have a decent computer to work on. Definitely not one where I can run 3ds max on right now. So untill either my existing system is fixed, or I get myself a new computer, I'll have to drool over the skins that Rasin, Insane Sith and Light Ninja have put together. I was workign on some skins myself and was fixing some of the wieghing/mapping problems in the model when my system went buh bye (long story). I'm in my third or so week of trying to get my **** back together, this is taking a long time. The spidey skin looks great Rasin. Hopefully I'll have an error free mesh you can put thos awesome skins on. And hopefully I will be able to post some screenies of some of the skins I've been working on.
  3. Thanks for poiniting that out... I'll look into it. Heh... licky.... yes I like that one too... not a conceptual creation of mine. I saw it as a HUGE gif and made it into a small flash... I could probably convert it to a gif so people couls use it in posts. My personal favorie there is kitty and squirrel.
  4. Some pointers: Just because the image maps are 512x512, it doesn't mean the skins have to be that size. You can create textures in 1024x1024 to add more detail. I'm working on some skins myself anf they sure are 1024 format. I've seen that both the ninja mesh and the samurai mesh have some really screwy weighing. Now that there is a skin on them, you can see the problems. I'm fixing the wieghing of these meshes. Also I've updated the Mapping of these two meshes as well. There were some errors. The ninja's torso did not map very well, and the samurai mesh had various issues. For example the part underneath the torso's folding armor were not mapped right, also the pad segments (the things he has on the arms and legs) had some problems at the joints... etc etc. This shouldn't affect the existing skins. only the smaurai torso has some big tweaks, but all that needs to do be done to the existing skins is just displacing and scaikng existing textures. No need to re-skin anything thank god. As for a finish time... it looks like only torso B is left without a skin. And we need to finish up these meshes, work on shaders etc etc etc.. at this time it is impossible to tell WHEN it will be done. This is all done on every ones spare time, and that can be very variable. It could take a month, it could take a week, it could take two months, nobody knows. We can only be somewhat sure once the major stuff is done and once a release is a week or so away. Right now were are not at that stage yet, so it's going to be a little while I think.
  5. That is looking awesome Light Ninja! I think the .skin files may be messed up if both heads and torso's appear it might be bcecause those surfaces are not turned off in those .skin files. Mad Cow, the Grayfox model is basically the same with minor tweaks, but it's re-rigged to the right skeleton thins time. =)
  6. that sounds like boba-fett-escaping-sarlac'like wishful thinking to me. =P Yea maybe it's not a spoiler... but still I had not seen them yesterday and I would rather not learn who gets what coming at him within the first few episodes.
  7. I was surprised to see the episodes were only 3 mins long... but them I found out these things are daily... I guess once all 20 are out you can use an AV editing program to join the episodes up one after another and create an hour long movie. The cartoon is quite kickass. Better than the poor excuses of prequels at least. I want to make so many models now.. . so.. many... cool... characters... so... many... argh... I saw that Durge doesn't speak much in the toon... its going to be tough to make fitting taunts and sounds for this big fella.
  8. well, it looks like we are finally going to be getting some even more interesting and game enhancing mods now. I'm really excited about this. Of course I haven't tried my hand at it yet... =) That's a really sweet model you're doing the animations with. =D
  9. you have to take away the *cough* at the end of the url monsoon
  10. I now have countless episodes to watch while kicking back...
  11. This is one model I'm looking forward to. It's a shame this cartoon does not play around here (or I'm never home to watch it on time). The cartoonish proportions are just plain awesome.
  12. I can add shaders to the textures without a problem. But the base texture needs to have higlights. If you take a look at malak's skins and look at the torso textrures ending with _spec you will see what I mean. If the base texture has highlights, I can make specular textures for them and use it in the shading. So for example you need to already have high brightness areas on your textures to show me where you want the paex of the shine. Malak's toso skin for example has a few bright spots on his chest. Kind of like someone took a photo of a shiny object. The shine is static but it's there. Then in specular textures, one accentuates this shine to make it stronger and uses this high contrast image as a specular map. It is very hard to do shiny textures for a base skin that has almost no metallic shine or texture to it. I could use environment mapping like in grayfox, but that will look VERY shiny and applies to everywhere one uses that texture. So if you want part of the body to be shiny but part of it not to... given the current texture sets that are in the pack, it would not be possible to use environment mapping. Long story short, add bright spots on your base texture to make it look like a static image of a shiny object. Try to make it so the bright ness gradually envelopes and blends into the rest of the texture so it looks natural... I know, MUCH easier said than done =)
  13. oh yes you look like someone I want to have a discussion with... please go on...
  14. you are one creative individual... had that worked though, i think the every day use would be a lot less humorous and a lot more like "YUO k1ld meh! Sithmastervipermurderdeathkilla will now hunt youz till you dies!" or 'LAG' or 'High ping" or 'stupid map' or 'crappy team' uh in an ffa? 'yes cappy team i say!'
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