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    DJing, playing RPGs and LEC adventures, manga, anime, HENTAI!, Sushi, Music, Heavy Metal in particular
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  1. I like the Return of the Voodoo mini-series with the voodoo lady kicking ass.
  2. here's an idea: If I was a developer of a hit adventure game series then I'd just let ppl upload their fan games on my site and have a monthly contest with prizes.
  3. Guano

    Monkey Talkie

    do some cheesy dubbing!
  4. Bah! I loved the Monkey Island 69: The Censored Edition and MI6: At Her Majesty's Service. I hope we'll see a sequel to that.
  5. The Office ownz j00 all bastards!
  6. right on man! this sure will be a great present. a little question about Shoutcast. Does it work when the host's computer is off?
  7. I used to have it...then I gave it away, then got it out at the library, it's pretty g00d.
  8. ...The Kushman bros are selling hot dogs...
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