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  1. My friend and I just want to play against each other in our dorm at school. One of us will set up a server, but it won't show up for the other. Why not?
  2. Nope, talking about the patch, just for the record.
  3. Hey all, I'm just wondering why my mps won't load in MP? It loads everything up, but then it has some kind of error, and says it failed to load map_yavin or whatever map. I'm sure that these are maps that come with the game, and also, I have the multiplayer fix.
  4. How much for more DDR? And How low should a ping be, is 200 too high? For the most part, I see 80-200 so...
  5. are you SURE that's all? I'm not into spending lots of money (I'm a student ).
  6. Okay, I figured some shiot out: I have an SiS 630/730 Approximate memory - 16 megs (damn, that's going to leave a mark!) I'm updating the drivers as we speak.
  7. guys, this is pathetic, but I don't even KNOW what kind of card I have. I think it's an SIS model, I have trouble figuring this stuff out. You know a program that detects this stuff? Also, my ram is DDR, that much I know (sorry, I should have included that before. Also, I have a DSL connection, forget to mention that as well.)
  8. I need help. When I play multiplayer, I am very choppy, but this really shouldn't be, I have a highspeed connection, 1.3ghz duron, 128 megs of RAM and 8 gigs of diskspace. My settings are all lowest quality, what's the deal?
  9. For some reason unbeknownst to me, in multiplayer the game gets VERY choppy. Anyone know why? I have an AMD Duron 1.3 ghz, 128 megs of ram, and tons of disk space. Help...?
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