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  1. het guys, all i really want is a moving avatar with veers in his ATAT. thanks! Veers
  2. quite frankly, i dont think i spammed or anything, and i didnt curse. please tell me whenever u read this. thanks. by the way so this isnt a spam thread............... Halo vs. GTA4. i like halo, how bout u? Veers
  3. dude, that would be most awsome. if u can, get General Veers in his ATAT doing stuff. thanks alot man! Veers
  4. how do u get those cool moving avatars?
  5. 2 things, 1: i need a good trainer and i need 2 know who 2 contact. and 2: I am finally out of the embarrasing bantha fodder level!
  6. my names Oscer Damasceue. aka OD
  7. Hey guys, i need a good trainer to teach me in the ways of the force, and to raise my ranking in the swamp. love to hear from you guys!!! Veers
  8. empire rocks ass. IG-88 and every 1 is there
  9. just got SWGB saga. it is really good. but not as good as rebellion!
  10. well, im finally back after being kicked off for a crime i didnt commint, but thats ok. im just glad to be back. i was just wondering what a "troll" means. thank you!
  11. Hey man, welcome 2 the swamp. be prepared for a picninc basket! heres a jawa:eets: for good luck!
  12. the only reason i care is because you are all accusing me of being phantom helix 2, but i am not! and the only reason i didnt respond, is because i went to bed.
  13. i was reading a post about a phantom helix 2. now all of a sudden, u all ganged up on me! i swear on my life it wasnt me. and by the way, phantom helix, please stop using my name on the internet. itr is actually illigal in the united states. my apologies again veers
  14. Star Wars rebellion dominates over all
  15. love to. * just dont know how to play...
  16. You guys must stop this jedi bickering nonsense. * unbenownst to every one, General Veers has been secretly studying the ways of the dark side of the force. General Veers ignites his lightsaber and now becomes....... DARTH MAXAMILLION VEERS! General Veers and reborn outcast become a dark jedi pair and team up to destroy all good in yodas swamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. i LOVE empire. it is so cool. Vader actually kills 2 people with the force! i know every thing there is to know about empire. how about you?
  18. personally, I am a big IG-88 fan. i love all 4 of them IG-88 A,B,C & D. although you do have to give props to bobba fett for killing BC & D. ( actually, Dash Rendar finished off IG-88 D on ord mantell.)
  19. Just wanted to know which SW characters you all think you might be.
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