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  1. So you're saying that he deserved what he got and no more?
  2. Poker is awesome... I play in real life. Small amount buy-in's, some tourneys. Play PartyPoker though. It's pretty sweet.
  3. What is the difference between the Intel Pentium M processors (1.50 GHz, 1.60 GHz, 1.70 GHz) and the Intel Pentium 4 processors (2.80 GHz, 3.00 GHz, 3.20 GHz, 3.40 GHz). I'm thinking about getting a laptop and I want to be able to use it anywhere (with the Intel Centrino Mobile Technology) and have it be lightweight, but also powerful (for games). However, only the laptops with the "M" processors have the Centrino Mobile Technology. This leads me to my question. Does anyone know what the comparison between the "M" processors and the Pentium 4 processors are? Am I able to get the "M" processor with wireless technology and still be able to play advanced games such as KOTOR or some of the new games coming out, or would I have to get a heavier, non-Centrino Technology, Pentium 4 processor computer? I guess what I'm asking is what is the difference between an "M" 1.70 GHz processor and a "Pentium 4" 2.80 GHz processor? Is the "M" just as powerful as the regular Pentium 4, just with a different name? Or would I have to sacrifice over 1 GHz if I wanted to get the Mobile Technology?
  4. It said in the article that running to Canada won't get you out of the draft cause of some pact signed between them and the U.S.
  5. So you can't be normal and not be a type of "Punk", "Gothic", or "Smarty Smart"?
  6. For a second there it sounded like drum sticks scratching against the metal part of a drum... So that's my guess. Drums sticks scratching the edge of a drum.
  7. Well.... I read those poems.... some of the best ones I've ever read outside of those professionals who've been doing it for years.
  8. Emory (sp?) University also has a very top-notch medical program. Does anyone know of any majors that specialize in "space studying?"
  9. Hiyo everyone. Just thought I'de start this topic because i just now fugured out that I want to do something with space. I don't know specifically what yet, but something to do with space. So in other words, NASA's where I want to head to. So I was just wondering, what do you want to be when you "grow up" and for those of you that are already "grown up" what is your current job?
  10. Yes it's underage in America. To bad that law is hardly EVER inforced. It's sad...
  11. Dark Forces... I couldn't stop playing it (this was 5 or 6 years ago.)
  12. I don't think that chatting makes you a nerd. It's just a way to communicate with your friends when you can't during school. But when you spend as much time as I do online, then yes, I am a nerd.
  13. I did! My cousin gave it to me. It was AWESOME haha.
  14. Never. Ever. Compare it to JK. So, no it's nowhere near that. It's only the best game ever created. Here are some screenies and stuff. And I know the screenies don't show much about how the game really works, but trust me, as someone who's played it three times already, at 35 hours per game, it's awesome.
  15. Haha have you guys seen the episode where they won a trophy for the street float and it gets stolen. Everyone's out in the front yard talking about it and Quagmire runs out... "Hey guys I was just jerkin... I mean waking up from a deep sleep... Oh yea." Hahaha he's so funny. And then there was a funny line by Peter when they thought he had breast cancer... "Honey, if we want it to go away, the best thing to do is to just ignore it. Like we do with the squid." And it cuts to a scene where the squid rips the tablecloth off the table haha. Funniest show ever.
  16. Stewie may have some good lines... but Quagmire is my hero.
  17. Yea its funny... after level 40 though it gets kinda of repetitive.
  18. I hated the "kaaaaaaachi" phrase by the twi'leks (I think it was something like that.) It got annoying very fast.
  19. Well I never said he had the greatest lines or was funny. And you're right, he did whine, but he's just there for the entire game. I actually can't go out of my ship without him haha.
  20. WHAT?! Carth Onasi is the bomb. He was my favorite character besides TK haha. (And this isn't in the wrong forums ) In terms of least favorite characters I would have to say the little droid on wheels (my brain has drawn a blank on his name).
  21. Actually I like this setup better than the hack and slash games that require only button pushing. And I used to be the biggest slash and hack fan. KOTOR actually involves some skill, such as switching to ion weapons to battle droids, and deciding which foe to go after first, because that does affect the outcome of each seperate battle. And it's not necessarily a "stop and choose your move before you attack each time" game. You can choose moves in real time, OR stop and assign each character a move, force power, grenade etc. and assign them to attack a person with that move. Or you can do both. It's simply amazing. The storyline is amazing, there are so many different things that you can do. Even the smallest things in the game are awesome. And at the end of the game, I was actually sad, like, I had actually gotten attached to the characters. That's how immersing it is. I'm on my second time around, and it still hasn't lost it's luster, even though I'm doing light side again. I still have to try the dark side. SO SPEND YOUR MONEY! And yes, please forgive Tie... apparently his brain isn't working correctly.
  22. At my school there's about a $1000 pot going around and I entered. ::::Sweet Sixteen:::: Kentucky vs. Providence Georgia Tech vs. Gonzaga Charlotte vs. Wake Forest (St. Joe's has no lane def. which = lose) Pittsburg vs. Oklahoma State Duke vs. Cincinnati North Carolina vs. Mississippi State Stanford vs. Maryland NC State vs. UConn ::::Elite Eight:::: Kentucky vs. Georgia Tech Wake Forest vs. Oklahoma State Duke vs. Mississippi State Maryland vs. NC State (UConn won't get by, they have one of the bottom 10 shooting percentages in ALL of D1 basketball, and NC State is on fire.) ::::Final Four:::: Kentucky vs. Oklahoma State Duke vs. NC State (Maryland got VERY lucky in their comeback win over NC State. NC State for cocky in that game and thats why they lost. They won't make the same mistake again, thats why Maryland loses and NC State moves on.) ::::Championship:::: Duke vs. Oklahoma State ::::CHAMPION:::: OKLAHOMA STATE (84-79) For those of you who follow college bball, what do you think?
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