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  1. nope it was'nt me. i've had the player name ninja or rather i've always used ninja ever since the first jk2 came out. i've been out of the game for a loooong time but back and rollin
  2. ha now this is what i wanted to see when i came back. whats psycho i just came back from training at fort knox. i'm a tank driver woo hoo avp i missed it.
  3. i just downloaded the revan model. its cool looking from the front. but looking at it from the back looks way off. mostly its the issue with the cape.
  4. can u believe it? they changed the freakin release date. this really ticks me off. they said it was going to be released between april and may. now its freakin 9/21/04 see here at gamestop. http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=645625 if they're going to do that, they should at least release a demo. makes me just wanna go out and buy battlefield 1942 just to download the galactic conquest mod for it. aaaahhhhhhh soooo disapointed.
  5. i'de like to see a single player version so that poor people like me can play it when ever we want.
  6. ninja

    Darth Malak

    are you going to change the color of the samurai's clothing? i think black and red would look more dashing rather than orange and green. or just 2 solid colors.
  7. ever plan on doing the non animated version?
  8. dang hopefully this game comes out before may because i'm leaving for bootcamp.
  9. ninja

    Darth Malak

    @ darth algar. i've already made that request about guyver. psycho sith said he was gonna mess around with it and see what happens. nothing for sure though.
  10. awsome, is there a way to play this model in single player? and if so what are the commands?
  11. ha now thats awsome do u need any refference pics?
  12. actually theres one in progress here. http://www3.sympatico.ca/psykopat/ dont bug psycho about it.
  13. i think the boots could us a little more detail. looks too simple.
  14. "jumps for joy" yaayyyy wow i was wondering about this for a looooong time. when the first was released nobody tried to do a reskin for it at the download sites. welp this is even better.
  15. ninja

    Darth Malak

    ksk h20 check this out. i found this by accident. http://home.att.ne.jp/sea/fortuna/3d/ this must be what it looks like when you guys do modeling.
  16. eehhh we gonna hava pitsa pahty. bafangu
  17. ninja

    Darth Malak

    hey, saw the screens. looks very supercalafragalistic anywho, who exactly is supposed to make a samurai or a ninja?
  18. seph shut up. <~~ that was all i needed to express what i did'nt have to say, it made its point! and dont get all mushy ok. for every action theres a reaction. dont talk trash!
  19. ninja

    Darth Malak

    hell yeah darth malak now thats what i call a worthy character/model to make. heres some samurai pics. i have better ones if you need anymore.
  20. ok since i dont know how to upload pictures from my computer i decided to make a web page of the pics of maul showing his tatts. http://sk8whore2.envy.nu/sw.html heres another from the dark horse comics web page http://darkhorse.com/zones/starwars/downloads.php?did=139 and if any of you guys are into old school skateboards or new old school boards go to our site @ http://sk8whore.envy.nu/start.html
  21. so i guess nobody wants me to post the pictures i got to help these guys do a robless mual. it was a simple question. hey but its fine by me i was just offering.
  22. hey this is great. i had a question. RJW i noticed u said something about moving eyes and mouth. none of the other models in the game do this in multiplayer how will this model work? i noticed the single players models do this. so will this be a single player model also? i dont know how to post pictures in here can someone help please? i have both front and back pictures of what maul looks like with no shirt on. i wanna upload a pic from my computer but editing wont let me. i saw a part in the editing saying insert a picture. so i figuered maybe typing in for example C:\my art files\star wars\maulpic.jpg that it would work but nothing.
  23. aint nothing better than getting a cool model.
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