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  1. To the above: That would be Gorc + Pic. The "twins." Yun was a cool fight, being the first duel. Boc, I felt, was stupid, because he hopped around like a rabbit on speed. Jerec was a good fight, and Maw was also one of my favorites. Pic and Gorc, I felt, were a major pain to fight. And Sariss, she's just kind of "meh."
  2. It works fine on XP for me, although sometimes when I go to the menu during a mission and try to load my last quicksave, (without dying first) it exits. No really big deal though...I can always blow myself up ('cept on the Sith Planet in MOTS).
  3. It would be a great game...if not for the graphics/cutscenes/some voice acting that kinda...SUX0Rs! Sort of.
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