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  1. Yeah, that would have been cool. Maybe someone will model them for JKA and make a vehicle.
  2. Hmm, for the most part the game is dead and gone now
  3. Oh man, but those prerendered cutscenes were huge... (in JK2/JKA) like some where like 50 mbs, and there were like 10 of them. Not to mention JKA O.O But yeah, I see what your saying.
  4. Yeah, that two CD thing was annoying. If you think about it, they fit JK2 (600MBs) on one disk, but put JK1 (like...150 MBs?) on two disks?!
  5. When I turn the graphics all the way down and shrink the screen to its smallest size, I get over 700 FPS. Really. There is no cap.
  6. Dude... massassi has tons of maps/mods. Like.. over 10 pages I think. And I still see plenty of maps submitted there.
  7. luca$art$ will write you back: Dear lucasart's customer, You should have saved the money you spent on the stamps for your letters, as nice as they looked, they went into the trash. We thank you for your support. Letter Number 999,999,999.... -lucasarts
  8. Why the hatred towards Star Wars? Star Wars sells.. big. ..... *cries* i still dont see any Classic Trilogy games on the shelf.... They need to realise, that by making quality games (and movies... Episode 1 and 2 just dont match up to the OT) they will make more money.
  9. yeah, ive been there, i dont speak german so i dont go much.. maybe i can figure some of it out. Thanks, ill look at it.
  10. oh i forgot, when you installed it, did you click use high resoultion sounds? if not, uninstall, then reinstall... it might work, but i dont know.
  11. yeah, go to options, sound, then up the channels.
  12. I was reading through the forums, and i heard about a JK: DF2 swoop bike mod that was made right before JK2 was released, or around the same time. Since I dont have JA, i figure i might as well check this out, ive looked around and cant find it anyone know where i can get it please? thanks a lot.
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