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  1. I still can't get it to work. 1) I've tried typing it into the command line, and got the command overwritten by the default setting. 2) Renamed 'jaconfig.cfg' to 'autoexec.cfg', with the commands and values provided by other posters. I found out that a new 'jaconfig.cfg' was created, and every command was read from it instead. However, I find what Akshara said interesting. I usually turn on cheat mode to check if the values have been registered (and also to change playermodels.)... so, I can't turn on cheat mode for it to work? Wouldn't that be to restrictive? I'll try not turning on cheat mode and see if it works. WJTW
  2. I have yet to get it to work, but that is not the point of this thread. What I am curious about is: How more realistic is 'sabermorerealistic' when compared to 'saberrealisticcombat'? Does the parts fall off more realistically, and not still animate ("it's alive!") with the main body, or is it the same as the JK2 one, but with a fancier name? But then, the 'more' can also be compared to the regular, nondismemberable version... WJTW
  3. The problem is, whenever a new game is loaded (or a saved file), the configs are overwritten. AND, even if I had renamed the file to 'autoexec.cfg', a new jaconfig.cfg would be created, and JA would use THAT file. So... what can I do? A question: For those using 'sabermorerealistic', is it really more realistic, or is it just a fancier name that serves the same purpose as 'saberrealisticcombat'? Why do they even need a new code? WJTW
  4. Kurgan, BJP3E meant the ragdoll fix for SP. There was no fix for ragdoll issues in MP at all. Like BJP3E, I didn't notice any significant changes to the ragdoll. Still slow to respond, and sometimes not respond at all. Possibly something smaller fixed. An unrelated question: How do I get the no. of FPS to display on the game? WJTW
  5. That cvar never existed in my game. Typing that into the game produced no effect (not even the write protected message.) It was added into the game in the patch. Previously, 'saberrealisticcombat' worked fine. Maybe there is a difference in version? Mine was 'July 22 2003'. There were 'Aug 2003' versions. Both of them are bought from stores, so, why the difference? WJTW
  6. Yeah, that is one thing I don't like about the patch. Previously, I could use good old 'saberrealisticcombat' for dismemberment. This time, however, it added the new 'sabermorerealistic" (which did not exist in my unpatched game.) into the game. Now, 'saberrealisticcombat' is useless. WJTW
  7. ... but I'm not asking you for a favourite Jedi in the Star Wars series, but rather, your favourite Jedi student in JA. Firstly, load a map of the academy in JA where they have a shot of all the students listening to Luke . The maps should be named like 'academyX', where 'X' is a number from 1-6. For me, I especially like the one who said "Drain the Force? How can anyone do that?" and "But how, if they've already hit every place in your journal?" (Ok... he isn't really a unique character, since there were hordes of him in JK2, but he looks SLIGHTLY different. See if you can find that slight difference.). But this time, notice that this particular Jedi has no duplicate now, even though there were duplicates of 'jedimasters' and 'jeditrainers' in the academy cutscenes? Most hated Jedi in those scenes? No surprise who... WJTW
  8. I don't know if anyone has tried this, but one of my favourite thing to do is feeding sandworms. And I don't feed sandworms with humans, but rancors. Regular and Mutant alike are swallowed by the sandworm... rather shocking and amusing. I spawned a sandcreature/sandworm and then made myself noclip, and floated in the air, away from the sandcreature's reach. I dropped a few rancors. They saw me, and tried in vain to get my floating character. As the sandcreature senses movement, it tracked down the rancors, and one after another, the rancors were eaten. And the mutant rancor wasn't any better, 'cept that the swallowing effect wasn't as convincing, due to its size WJTW
  9. WJTW


    Thanks for your help, SamFisher! Anyway, I was wondering if you're aware of any method of altering the intensity, area, etc of the weather effects through the console? Oh, also, what are the available weather effects? They list them when I type "r_we", but some parts have been covered. Anyone has a complete list? Thanks, WJTW
  10. WJTW


    Speaking of r_we, I have noticed that once I have activated the effect (say, rain), I can never stop it. Using r_we rain remove doesn't help one bit... Any ideas? This is SP... sorry about going off topic, but since this is about r_we... WJTW
  11. WJTW


    Hi, When I placed some sound files from the Palpatine model (in JK2) into the Kyle folder, and wanted him to say those lines, the game told me that the sound files are in Stereo. The thing I don't get is, how come these same sound files could work in JK2, and not in JA? Must I do anything to get them to work? Thanks, WJTW
  12. No. The db-sabre choice doesn't seem to be affected by which side you join. But IF it was, you must be a Sith, not just a normal Dark Jedi, to get it. Of course, that's an 'if'. Speaking of Dark Side, if my main character now is Kyle's Padawan learner, I'll make sure he gets to the Dark Side. I want to make Kyle a failed Master. WJTW
  13. It said on starwars.com that db-bladed are Sith lightsabres. Sith use them (well trained ones, that is.). This showed how unfair Sith are. Jedi don't. (1) KotOR, IMO, must be trying to get more people to play it, so, added the db-sabre. (2) Or it might be the SITH or bad guys holding it. (3) OR, it might be a different case 4000 years ago. Maybe such a rule isn't established 4000 years ago. But isn't it a little... convenient that the timelines for both games have either unestablished rules or changed rules? So, I'm siding with (1) and (2). WJTW
  14. Yes, I'm aware of this. Nice to know that was the way they've planned it. However, what I'm saying is, Jedi aren't supposed to use double-bladed sabres for regular purposes. Only Sith can. And since the game is called Jedi Knight 3, your main character can't be a Sith. Of course, since the Jedi Order is restarted by Luke Skywalker, he might've made a few changes. I'm sure with the recent Dark Jedi appearing (in JK2, JK1), Luke might've wanted his students to be more well-prepared. WJTW
  15. Hmm... doublebladed sabres for a Jedi? DUAL sabres would be much more appropriate for a Jedi, or at least doesn't violate any known facts about Jedi. Jedi only use (possible EU stuff.) double-bladed sabres for training purposes. I think double-bladed sabres should be reserved only for Sith Lords, since double-bladed sabres are Sith-only. Better to have a cheat to enable the double-bladed sabres for a Jedi. BUT we'll get the RIGHT animations this time, instead of the db-sabre cheat in MP jk2, without any actual db-sabre anims. WJTW
  16. Hi, Someone asked about Voodoo 5. But I am asking whether a Voodoo 3 3000 would work... Anybody has this card and made it work, or has this card and did some tweaking to make it work? Thanks! WJTW
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