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  1. I brightened up the pic a lot so you guys could see the problem. Some hallways look like noclip and my saber looks like a bunch of little gray boxes, but my friend said that the saber looked regular to him. BTW the saber is a custom RGB one in the JA+ menu and I'm playing "Jedi's Home (JL)" map. Please tell me how to fix this problem someone. http://photobucket.com/albums/v62/O...gForce/ja12345/ I don't know if the pic got it but it says NULL poly shader in yellow whats that mean?
  2. I brightened up the pic a lot so you guys could see the problem. Some hallways look like noclip and my saber looks like a bunch of little gray boxes, but my friend said that the saber looked regular to him. BTW the saber is a custom RGB one in the JA+ menu and I'm playing "Jedi's Home (JL)" map. Please tell me how to fix this problem someone. http://photobucket.com/albums/v62/OpposingForce/ja12345/
  3. Too cheap to buy SWG? No I heard it was a steaming pile of poo and plus the 15 dollars a month doesn't sound too good either.
  4. JA is boring. The MP is ridiculous. Everyone has dual sided or dual sabers. At least JO it was a little bit more star-warsy where everyone didn't have these dual sided sabers. The duels were more exiting and challenging in JO because it was only one saber. The sp was exciting in few spots. It wasn't a very original or deep story. Get far cry or KOTOR, they are both at least 50x better than JA.
  5. Yup, more kiddie crap, exactly what I expected you to post after I made my last post. Yes I know it makes you sad when you get told off online, but that doesn't mean you gotta pounce on my back for telling your little buddy off. One thing for you to note down; if I said what I wanted to say I would have been banned at the very beginning of this argument. You can assure yourself that the delete key was hit MANY times before submitting these posts. Just keep that in mind next time you post more childish flames and think I have nothing to say in return. As for you calling yourself mature, I'd hardly associate the term "mature" with someone who posts non-stop profanities and childish insults because he had a temper tantrum when his buddy got told off online. I won't post any flames in retaliation to yours again, but if you want to stop this argument and shake hands like a mature person and stop this childish argument then lets do so. If not, don't bother posting in this topic again please. Too much time was wasted on flaming in this topic. We should all stop and get back on topic.
  6. Ok he whined so I "whined" back to he flamed, then I flamed back. If it was so true why didn't anyone else bring it up? I hardly call someone telling me that "The tears must be running down your cheeks", is getting "cut down to size". But whatever floats your boat I guess. More flames, LOL, great entertainment, great entertainment. Wow I insult some guy for flaming me and all his whiney friends jump on me, especially when I didn't start the argument to begin with, I love it. Go ahead, keep the flames coming, you're only talking to yourself from now on, at least in this topic. All flames coming my way and childish posts such as the one that started this whole flaming mess will be ignored. Don't bother flaming me anymore in this topic, you're just wasting bandwith from here on out. Have a nice evening.
  7. Yes mr intimidating man, sir. I will shut up.....if you give me 500 dollars. He "talked smack" about me first, so I "talked smack" back to him. That's about as simple an explanation as you're gonna to get. If you are going to continue flaming in my topic, I suggest you and your buddy leave. I don't need to listen to this flaming garbage, I came here to post my opinion, not to listen to flames by people who aren't mature enough to keep their anger inside themself on a internet message board. Have a nice day...
  8. If that post was an attempt to flame me, it was a pretty pathetic one. I make a valid point against your flame and the only thing you have to shoot back at me is this ridiculous attempt to flame? Hahahahaha.. I'm not going to flame in retaliation so that you won't throw a hissy fit, like you had with my last post, so that no flame war starts up. Go back to admining your server on JA, there's a guy there waiting to get amslapped across the map for "cheating" in a duel (aka owning you).
  9. Bye JA! Hello the goodness that is KOTOR. Lets see... JA- Nonstop complaining in mp, linear sp, ect. KOTOR- Choose dark side or lightside, non linear, better graphics, no whining, ect. Fiend 138, you have done the right thing, and I'm right behind ya buddy. Going from JA to KOTOR is like going from living on the streets to living in a mansion.
  10. Excuse me, I didn't ask for your faggot opinion. The only reason no one "pointed it out" was because it is simply not true. Please think before you hit the submit reply button next time, cretin.
  11. On JotR, I don't remember the main whiner's name but the other guy was named Assassin. Don't know if u know this guy but he is definitly a crybaby. And the main whiner was even worse, but I can't remember his name. On the CT server, I saw one admin go into the bar and spawn a rancor (small one) in a room full of RPers. As I watched the rancor eat the poor, roleplaying people, I said to myself, "I know it's their server and they can do whatever they want, but if I were them, I'd treat everyone the way I want to be treated". I think CT should rename to HAAWOTW (Hypocritical Admins and Whiners of the World). They can sit there and lame you all game, but the second you defend yourself and completly own them, they cry and all their little lackeys (CT clan members) go after you thinking they can teach u a lesson about "laming". Hah.
  12. If more people followed honor and there was DRASTICALLY less whining by the pro honor people, JA would be a much better game. Instead it's, "HOWD HE DO THAT OMG I SWARZ THAT I HIT JOO WITH MAH UHBER LEET GLOW STICKKKK" when you win a duel. One time I was in a duel with just one guy. After I beat him in the first round he said good fight, and bowed at the beginning. After about 6 wins, he called me a chicken and stopped bowing and saying good fight. By the 10th win, he was trying to DFA me as I bowed, kill me while I was saying good fight, and crying when he lost. Unfortunatly, another lamer was born that horrible day.
  13. Thx Alegis, but I still don't know why it only works for other people and not me, if it's a map issue.
  14. I know it's so funny. They threaten to "own" you sometimes but when they duel you and you own them, they just shut up OR call you a lamer and demand a rematch.
  15. I searched and found nothing on this. I'm on the verge of throwing the CD to my dog. I get this error when playing GC Jedi Council map v3. This is my favorite map and the only reason I still play JO. Can anyone help me fix this? As soon as I connect to a server, if I press a button to open a door, or if anyone else does in the map, then it pushes me back to main menu saying that error. I tried reinstalling the game, yes I deleted base folder too, all saves, ANYTHING to do with JO, reinstalling 1.04 patch, I got a new patch from a new site and a new JC map from a new site, all to no avail. Oh and this only happens when other ppl are there. I made a server and tried it and it worked fine. Someone told me that it had something to do with the welcome message on servers and my client number or something like that. I only put this in JA forum because no one reads the JO one and I need help FAST.
  16. Occasionally I like to come to the bar (if there is one in the map), and pretend I'm getting food and drinks. Sometimes I "rob" the place and we get into a duel. Sometimes we duel over bar ownership. Occasionally we get the admin to spawn some taun tauns and we joust. Sometimes he even pops a mutant rancor in there. It's kinda fun, but despite what you think, I'm not RPing always when I'm on JA. I like to duel, ffa, and all that. I can understand the view of the anti-honor, anti-rpg guys, they want to actually play and not wait around for ppl to stop chatting. I say they are entitled to that view, but when they start deliberatly trying to ruin your fun, that's when I get mad. I can see if I'm chatting or something and the guy was already doing an unstoppable move (i.e. kata, butterfly) and he kills me, but what sense does it make just to kill someone at the bar just for the fun of it? Why not kill the ffa'ing players? Some people like to RP 100% of the time while on JA. I'd say I like to RP 50% of the time, and fight 50% of the time. When someone comes over and attacks me with saber down while I'm Rping, I don't reply with "OMGG JOOO HAXX0rs!". I go back, more prepared, and if he attacks me again, I dodge it, and cut off his head. You can be pro-honor and still not be a whiner. I almost never lame unless I see one of those punks who deliberitly lame chatters/saber down people, chatting or has their back turned, just to see how they like it, and most of the time, they don't. I'm one of those people that love to give the bad guys a taste of their own medicine. So the point of this post, is that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think it's ok to be anti honor, but when you start deliberatly trying to ruin people's fun, that's when conflict starts. There is absolutly no need whatsoever, to attack someone who is clearly not trying to fight. That's just my view on the situation.
  17. Right now someone is calling someone a hacker/cheater/lamer. Wow you're right.
  18. In just one day of playing JA I've been kicked from 4 servers for "laming". Come on dude, we're in the middle of a duel and I do a butterfly, he practically jumps in front of it, puts his saber away and brings up the chatbox. There was no way to stop it and I killed him. The crybaby got his admin friend to kick me before I could even say sorry. Dear Lord, in Episode 1 of star wars, did darth maul say "noob" as his last word when obiwan chopped him in two? Whenever I win a fair fight, most people whine and complain about me "cheating" and/or "laming". Earlier I was playing on a server that belonged to the clan CT. I was fighting a CT member and I was winning, so he ran away and I heard the sound of a heal. I'm not a whiner so it didn't phase me much because it's just a game. Later in the duel, I landed a kata and cut his head off. He screamed LAMER before I could even say gf. Seriously, before I could even squeeze in two letters this guy typed in caps "LAMER". So I get into a fight with the entire CT clan, I duel them all one by one, winning almost all and only losing once due to lag. There these guys are throwing everything they got at me and I'm still winning. Whenever I beat one in a duel someone would try to attack me after and lame me as I said gf. I came back and slashed open his skull casing and his brain splattered all over the sand. I was going to fight the guy that started with me to begin with in a duel (this was ffa). He said no duels just ffa duel, as if I didn't know he was going to heal when he was losing. Sad stuff, they call me a lamer, then they heal in duels, try to kill me while I say good fight, ect. Once they even tried to spawn a mutant rancor to kill me, but I escaped. Eventually they just kicked me because I was beating all their little "lackeys" they were sending off to fight me. 2v1 3v1 you name it they tried it on me to no avail. Another time, I'm on some public dueling server with saber throw enabled. I'm kicking serious booty with my saber throw. I'm fighting a guy he does a backflip and I hit him in mid air with the saber killing him. "CHEATER" he screamed, "THROW SPAMMER" screamed his little clan buddy that was with him. I think the clan name was JOTR. Eventually I kept owning them, I won 30 consecutive duels. By now they were cursing and screaming and crying like my 3 year old cousin (well the screaming and crying part anyway). Every time I tried to say gf or bow before duel they tried to attack me, I still owned them. One guy even accused me of hacking. I mean, how hypocritical do you get? You call someone a lamer then proceed to attack them when they are defensless? So H0N0RZ only applies for you and not against your opponent right? Well, sorry for the rant, but some of these players are just sad. I don't see how it's even humanly possible to whine that much. I also don't mean to brag about my skill either, but good God, stop the hypocrosy in honorz or don't use it at all. Some people are just sore losers it seems.
  19. I don't mean to be sexist, but women didn't actually fight in ww1/2. OCCASIONALLY they spied, and mostly flew support planes, taught men how to fly ect. But they did not serve on the front lines despite what medal of honor tells you. But they did sometimes die during german attacks on airports and stuff. I salute them for that. I'm not trying to disrespect them or anything, just trying to state the truth.
  20. SWG is a hyped up piece of garbage. Who wants to pay $15 a MONTH on top of the game price, which is $50? Yippie two idiots stand there waving their uber leet glow sticks at each other pretending to fight. OOOOOOHHH I'm so impressed. At least in JA there's some feeling of a jedi duel. I used to follow SWG like my dog when I'm holding a sandwich. They said there was gonna be a huge battlefield and constant fighting over territories, there would be player cities and jedi at the release and a whole bunch of other crap (cough vehicles cough). You get in the game and what do you find? No PVP, no one fights they all pay $15 a month to sit in a cantina and beg for credits. "A constant battlefield, your friends dieing by your side in battle!" What do you see? Oh no my friend just got killed by a rat! My comrades are dieing in battle! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! "The enemy will be constantly pursuing the jedi, they constantly have to be on the alert, anyone could be a bounty hunter working for the empire." Yeah, and yet these two jedi are "fighting" in the open? My advice: Get KOTOR it's about 6 million times better and is actually fun and cool. The lightsaber duels actually look like lightsaber duels. KOTOR is also turn based, but these devs actually put effort into their game and look how it turned out. SWG was rushed and look what happened. The moral of the story: Never rush anything.
  21. No offence unnamed but you just scream D3 fanboy. Play HL2 Stalker or Far Cry and then compare, of course D3 is great, but thats because you've played it, you've only seen videos of all the other games. I'm not trying to start an arguement and forgive me if it seems that way. But please play the other games before you pass judgements that D3 is better than HL2 Stalker or Far cry.
  22. Wow and I suppose Mr. Honor here is so much better than me at JA. Hey kiddo, CHEATING is when you umm how should I say this? Uhh....do stuff like hack the game to get godmode or noclip. Yeah it's cheap, it does a ton of damage more than it should, but get over it. It is easily dodged and its not hard to counter at all (rollstab isn't the only way). Who cares what the devs wanted me to play JA like? I bought it, I'll play as I wanna play, not how the devs wanted me to play. Hey, I wanted the devs to deliver me a nonbuggy product. Did I get what I wanted? No. Point is, don't go crying about my so-called lack of honor until you actually play me. I don't go around telling people they suck at a game because they use a move that was put into the game BY THE DEVS. It's easily dodged and countered. If you can't counter or dodge this, YOU are the one who sucks at JA sir, not me. P.S. I win duels all the time without this. So I don't NEED it. Thank you, and have a nice day.
  23. Ok get a double sided saber. When you get into a duel wait till your opponent least expects a move. Then do a kata (really spinning fast move) and spin your mous around really fast. Not only will this hurt your opponent alot more than the old way, but also reduces your chances of being killed by a rollstab in your katas. Some may say this is cheap, but it's not cheating so I guess it's not all that bad. Not as bad as chatkilling or saber down killing at least.
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