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  1. How's the exam hibernation going?
  2. could you make the animations in a separate d/l for anyone who cares?
  3. Mooa, did you give up on Marz's V2 rifle? He would like someone to get it in-gme. You can find him through PM at AOTC:TC forums. Nice job BTW, Psycho.
  4. Last night, I got beta 3 for myself. my only questions are: -how do you stop the idle hand waving animations when dual pistols are at rest? they make models look drunk -how is the pistol angle thing coming w/ wudan?
  5. could you make an on/off toggle for the destructibility of jetpacks?
  6. did anyone even take notice of my pistol angle post on pg1?
  7. Wudan says you used a half-gunsit animation for the dual pistols. he also said this causes the pistols to be angled up in an exagerrated way. he has developed an new animation program called gla_neo. Maybe you could fix this problem w/ it. Get it at: http://users.sisna.com/tokyopop/glatool.zip
  8. Did you ever get Marz's v2 rifle in game, Moooa?
  9. If what you have so far is only 30% of the final release, may I ask what exactly the other 70% is going to be?
  10. Do you think you could give us list of all the rooms you plan to do?
  11. has anyone recently heard from Marz or Moooa?
  12. Didn't Loctucus do the first rifle? Maybe he can help.
  13. 1.) Do you mean to say that the only problem with sniper ever was that moooa was having HD trouble? 2.) Are you going to fix the left hand tags?
  14. Hey Marz, could you PM me the glm, skin, and targeting reticle for the new rifle? I think I can help you out.
  15. If you think the speeder idea won't worky, how about making the release of the sniper a priority.
  16. 1. Is that the updated rifle in those screens? 2. What map is that in the lower right corner? PS: Thank's for WinRAR.
  17. Is it still considered evil to ask for an update around here?
  18. I only wanted the sniper updated with the new version. The westar-34 should NOT, I repeat NOT be replaced.
  19. Could you please make an updated ep 2 weapons pack with the updated rifle?
  20. How's Kman going to get any Plo sounds if he never talks in the movie?
  21. hey marz, when you release zm, could you put the file into the following .pk3s: -non-official skins -skins seen in ep2 -pistol -speeder -projectile rifle It would be a help!
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