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  1. I have only one thing to say to that...lucky bastard...I mean...Congratulations. Not many people will ever get to be with the one they love, so consider yourself blessed...and lucky.
  2. Errr....so half of Americans follow the bandwagon...I already knew that. As for no WMDs in Iraq, I forgot we were looking for them. It's been so long. Leave it up to the Brits to go, "Sorry ol' chaps...seems the little buggers were telling the truth after all". But helium for balloons??? Helium???Balloons??? Who the hell would believe that?! Well, fellow Panda, it seems no one can believe anyone else anymore. I trust Bush, though. Mostly because I know he only knows as much as I do. He's probably going "Wha...aw crap." His next speech: "Read my lips! Doh!!" Bush is still cool in my book, but Chaney still seems a little creepy to me. C'mon fellow Panda, we must uncover this shroud of bull**** from these people's eyes! There are NO WMDs...yet...or until...whatever.
  3. I think Thomas Jane is going to be a great Punisher. He's not too small. If you've ever seen him in "61" or "Dreamcatcher" he's a pretty good actor. He's in my top five best actors. The other four are: 1. Tim Roth, 2. Aaron Eckhardt, 3. Sam Rockwell, 4. Kiefer Sutherland.
  4. No, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes is simply a remake of Metal Gear Solid 1. I'm talking about Metal Gear, the very very first game featuring Solid Snake. It came out on the NES and took place in the jungle. The original took place in 2005. MGS3 takes place in the 1960s. I was saying that if Metal Gear Solid 3 takes place in the 1960s, how do you explain Snake looking so young in Metal Gear Solid 1-2?
  5. I still can't believe Kane took off his mask. But I think WWE didn't do it good. Kane taking off his mask is a pretty big deal. But WWE didn't add anything cool to it. They didn't even save it for Wrestlemania. Here's how I think things should have gone down: Kane takes off his mask to reveal...the Undertaker! Then Kane's music comes on and Kane strolls out from backstage. Bischoff (Bitch-off) is there with his mouth dangling wide open. Undertaker announces that since Kane didn't actually compete...he doesn't have to take his mask off. Then Kane casually walks over to Bischoff (Bitch-off) and choke slams his ass!!! That's what should've gone down!
  6. Technically, it would be impossible for MGS3 to be a remake of the original Metal Gear on NES. It might be, but some major details would have to be changed. 1. The original Metal Gear took place in the year 2005, as acknowledged by Hideo Kojima. 2. Snake Eater takes place in the 1960s 3. Even if it was a remake, how can you explain why Snake looks young in MGS1 if MGS3 takes place in the 60s.
  7. Okay, somehow...my precognition or whatever is getting stronger and occuring more. It might have something to do with the fact that school is over and I have alot less stuff on my mind. Case in point: When the phone rings, I've been able to "sense" who's on the other line before I pick up the phone. Actually, I don't pick up the phone until I "sense" who it is. It's a little weird. If a telemarketer is calling, I just sense emptiness. My doctor called me, and I knew it was him after the second ring. I'm not sure how, but i just "knew". My mom called me, and I "knew" it was her. I've also had the luckiest guesses with the time. My clock always reads wrong, so I usually use the clock on my TV instead. My Mom asks me the time and I look at the clock that is wrong and just sorta blurt out "4:07". Then I looked at the TV's clock to see if it was right. It was. I didn't try it repeatedly, then I would just feel dumb.
  8. After hearing a new interview from Mr. Kojima in the recent EGM, I have to say...MGS3 is either going to be A. Matrix Revolutions type story or B. MGS2 coherance...or contiuity...or no-make-sense. Kojima-san says that MGS3 definitely takes place during the cold war. He doesn't really say whether or not the WHOLE game takes place in the 60s. Remember how in MGS2, only a small part of the game took place with Snake on the Tanker. Kojima was asked if the Snake seen is REALLY Solid Snake. Since if it took place in the 60s, Snake would have been pretty old in MGS1. He simply states "It's probably exactly as you imagine". Then when he is asked if the Snake in the trailer is actually Big Boss, since Solid Snake was an exact clone of Big Boss, Kojima simply smiles. He said something about how Snake is Snake...but that Snake is simply a codename. Weird guy. I don't see how he could be anymore vague. But he's still a cool guy, I just wouldn't want him knowing any of my passwords. Anyways, Do you guys have any theories to add?
  9. You know what...the story's not done. But if you want a little something to fill in the blanks, I got it right here: "The world just doesn't disappear when you close your eyes does it?" - Guy Pearce, from the movie Memento The Master Chief didn't have it easy. Being the only survivor of what happened on the ring world known as Halo is one thing, its another thing when you don't know where the hell you are. It's the thing most feared...the dark. More specifically, the darkness of space. It is an everlasting void, an oblivion, its darkness only penetrated by the light of stars millions of light years away. But its not the darkness or the uneasiness that frightens most people, its the fear of what could be hiding in the dark. The unknown is what keeps people up at night and it is what gives children nightmares. Its the feeling you have when you know there's someone behind you but you can't see them. But in this case, the endless void of space gave reassurance to the man standing there staring at it. "It's close isn't it?" said the Master Chief. "You mean...home?" responded the holographic model of Cortana. "No...not home...Earth". "Yes, its only-----. The chief interrupts her, "There's something wrong". "What?" The Chief says alarmingly,"Cortana, start a scan of the area." "Another one!?, look Chief, there aren't any Covenant out there!!" In a stern voice,"Cortana!". "Ok, ok, here it goes!" Cortana pauses for a few minutes. Meanwhile, Master Chief stares out the window. There was something wrong here, he knew there was. If they were so close to earth, why weren't there any patrols? The military just doesn't leave homebase undefended. Cortana answers,"Chief, there is a faint plasma residue all around this area, like-----". The Chief interrupts again,"---like what a Covenant ship leaves behind." "Well, yes chief, but..." "Cortana, can you check if the plasma was recent?" Cortana sighs,"Interrupt me then give me orders....", sarcastically,"...just what i always wanted in a man." Cortana gives in,"Ok, i'll do it." Maybe the Chief was paranoid but he thought he saw a slight...disturbance in the light from the sun...like waves or... Cortana yells,"Hey Chief!!! the plasma was very recent like....", the Chief finishes her sentence,"...they were circling around us right now!" Cortana replies,"Your a regular Einstein!!" Those disturbances in the light were from the stealth generators of a Covenant ship. The Master Chief had only seen two of the stealth types before and both times it wasn't seen until it was too late. "Cortana, can you track their movements?" "Of course, what else do you think i'm good for?" Cortana questioned,"Chief, why do you assume that theres more than one of them?" Master Chief pointed to the sun, "Because, if there was only one...it would report back to its ship", the Chief continued, "not move around us in a tactical pattern." "Watch the sun, Cortana". She looked, and saw that the lines of the sun were constantly shifting. Than the lines reformed into their original shape. "Tracking coordinate patterns completed, requesting tactical manuevers", said the unusally cool voice of Cortana. "No, Cortana. Not until we know what they are up to." The Master Chief was right. Within two minutes, the Covenant craft was in an attacking position. "Cortana! Ready weapons!" "But sir! Our weapons don't stand a chance at penetrating their shields!" "I know, that isn't what i had in mind." The Master Chief ran to the storage area in the back of the ship. He pulled out a cast iron chest and opened it. Inside were twenty-nine fragmentation grenades, four plasma grenades, and ten pounds of Cs-4. The Chief picked up the Cs-4 and carried it over to the missile armament bay. Cs-4 is a highly concentrated version of C-4 and is highly explosive but it is suprisingly more efficient and stable than C-4. The Master Chief opened the missile loading system panels and pulled the "Open Tube" switch. "This is what i had in mind." The Master Chief found Missile Tube 1 and opened the access panel. He then carefully taped the Cs-4 around the top part of the Archer missile and set the timer. He closed the panel and ran back to the cockpit. "Ok. Cortana, lock on target with missle one." "You got it, Chief!" "Missile lock confirmed" "Fire!" A burst of fire erupted from Missle Tube 1 and the missile made a beeline for the target. "Cortana, give me a countdown." "Sixteen seconds until target impact." "Cortana, get us out of here!" "We're on our way." "Twelve seconds until target impact." "Ten seconds." "Seven seconds." "Five." "Four." "Three." "Two." "One." The Covenant ship performed evasive maneuvers. The ship was fast but the missile was faster. "Impact." A ball of white light engulfed the Master Chief. He couldn't see a thing. The optical calibrators in his helmet screamed to life and his visor switched to a darker shade instantly. Now that he could see, he looked through the viewports on the sides of the ship. The Covenant ship's shield flickered for a second than shorted out, at the same time, the ship's stealth generators became offline. There was a wide, jagged, hole in the side of the Covenant ship and a multitude of gases began pouring out. "Recieving visual confirmation...impact confirmed." "Chief, didn't you say there might have been two..." Cortana was interrupted by a bombardment of plasma blasts to the Longsword. The shots were not coming from the crippled Covenant ship. "Ack! The ship's armor took the brunt of the damage...fortunately", said Cortana nevously. The Chief cursed himself for not remembering the fact that there was another one. "How come we didn't find 'em?!" asked the Master Chief in anger. "They must have been hiding under our hull, we couldn't see them", replied Cortana, trying to soothe the Chief's guilt . The ship rocked from the incoming blasts. The plasteel viewport on the right side of the ship sustained a direct hit and became cracked. "Chief, we can't take much more of this!" "Ok Cortana, fire missles at the following targets". The Chief inputs several locations on the Covenant ship. "Sir! The missiles still aren't going to get past the shields!" "Cortana...trust me." The missiles fired and hit three locations on each side of the Covenant ship. The locations were the viewports and sensors on the ship. Basically, the Covenant ship was temporarily blinded. "Cortana, can we enter Slipstream yet?" "Maybe, for a short distance." "Enough to get us to earth?" "Affirmative." As the Chief was about to say, "Let's go," Cortana interrupted. "I know, I know!!" The Longsword entered slipstream space. Then the slipstream engines shorted out just as they were past the moon. Ahead of them was a Covenant armada. An invasion of earth was happening. Cortana said," My God!" Massive explosions rippled through the earth. The plasma attacks and explosions were so strong, that clouds were blown away. Large balls of fire swirled in the atmosphere. They were so massive, almost all of them could be seen from the Longsword's viewports. Thousands of Covenant craft, ranging from the small cruisers to the huge motherships, encircled the earth and were firing at a very,very, brisk pace. Debris from the destroyed Earth vessels was scattered all around and the surviving Earth ships were either crippled or on the verge of breakdown. Out of the left viewport, Master Chief could see a ship of no configuration he had seen before. It looked Covenant in design but was more crudely shaped than others. It had a large dome structure at the top which was connected to a large shaft running down the middle. It vaguely resembled a jellyfish. "What the hell is that?!" the Chief yelled. The Jellyfish craft's shaft split four ways at the tip. The dome portion opened at the top and solar collectors emerged. Intense amounts of energy began building at the exposed tip of the shaft. All the other Covenant ships stopped firing. "What's going on, why did they stop firing?" Cortana asked. The energy collected at the base of the Jellyfish craft exploded and a huge beam of light descended upon the earth. The natural blue hue of the ocean turned to a hue reminiscent of violet-red. The land became bright orange with fire. Soon, large cracks in the earth could be seen from the Longsword's viewports, and the Master Chief knew that Earth...had fallen. Waves of fire erupted from the North and South poles and engulfed the earth. The waves met at the equator and the entire earth literally exploded. Though most of the earth was vaporized, large chunks of earth could still be seen flying though space. "Oh my God! I can't believe this!!!!!", screamed Cortana. The whole world literally...disappeared in front of their eyes. Gases and chunks were all that were left. The Master Chief was silent, he was still taking it all in. He just watched the origin of his very existence come to an end. Then Cortana came to life," Chief!! I'm picking up roughly five million human life signs!!" "Where?" "On three of the motherships." "Cortana, can you get us close to one of those motherships." Cortana's eyes lit up. "What did you have in mind?", Cortana asked. The Master Chief picked up his MA5B Assault Rifle and tossed a grenade in the air suggestingly. "It's time for payback!!!" (END OF CHAPTER ONE)
  10. American Hi-Fi is my deal!!
  11. I guess that confirms most of my "Motion" hypothesis. Thanks for explaining that. Motion does determine location, just as time does.
  12. The fourth dimension is NOT time. Time is only a mathematical measurement of change. Time is only a "perception" of motion. People say that all the dimensions are constant, Motion is also constant. Let's say that you are sitting in a dark room for 10 minutes. It may feel like you've been there for 15 minutes or more, but actually you were there for 10 minutes. It's all perception. If all motion were to stop, it would give the perception of time standing still. Thus, I believe the Fourth dimension is Motion. After all, you need motion to move forward/backward/left/right/up/down/which ever way. Motion can even be applied to Einstein's theory of Relativity. If you were to move at light speed, your molecules would be moving so fast that to you-a year would feel like several minutes. If you were to enter the 4th dimension, I believe everything you would see would be nothing but a blur. But I'm not sure how the 4th dimension would "really" look.
  13. Well. The whole Multiverse idea is pretty good. It makes sense most of the time. Since if there are other dimensions that don't follow our dimension's physics...anything is possible. When you think about it...What is beyond our Universe? The universe is constantly expanding, thus it has a limit. If the universe was a sphere, than what the heck is beyond it. I think it may be a bigger world. Another universe that links all the universes together. I still think that there's a certain part of the brain that most of us haven't tapped into. I'm not sure though, but it's plausible.
  14. True, there is no hard evidence. Actually, I don't even think easy-going evidence exists. I'm still stumped on how John Edward does his thing but it seems possible to fake. Ouji or whatever boards, are also fake. It's been scientifically proven that they are fake. I saw it on Penn & Teller. They blindfolded the people and had them communicate on the board. Then when a producer flipped the board over , upside down. The people were putting the cursor on places they "thought" were Yes's and no's, but the places were actually on the opposite side of the board.
  15. Deja Vu!!!!!???!!! Aw crap...a glitch in the matrix...dammit.
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