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  1. Aww. What the hell. Now it's banned. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/ban-on-zombie-game/story-e6frf96f-1225780192725
  2. I thought it was chainsaws and axes more than 'beating' this time around...? Heh.
  3. I wouldn't say it's the best or by any means my favourite movie of all time or anything, but I really enjoy it at least once a year. It's got a good story and I love the soundtrack. What can I say? It appeals to some more than others...evidently...not the less refined. (I kid...teheh.)
  4. Oh cool. I'm moving there around the first quarter of next year. :-D It's gonna be greaaaaat. (Plus my girlfriend lives there.) I'm gonna have to admit that I thought the storm was just awesome. I mean, I read the news and they're having a huge 'spring cleaning' thing going on to wash off all the dust...supposedly most of the business came to a grinding halt during the storm so that sucks...
  5. I believe you did..waaaay back. Good times. Now I just wish my computer would just play JA and stop saying it couldn't open the GL subsystem. *Sigh* Crap laptop for you, haha... *Waves at Bob* How's things with you man? :-D
  6. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/2103/ Got it today when I realised that I didn't have any of those games with me after I moved. It was an incredibly sad realisation! So I had to fix it. Woopwoop, go JA. :-D
  7. @IG: Actually, I kinda do look like that minus the gray hair. :-D Had a full beard up until about two months ago...but still, the resemblance is striking! And yeah Sabre, I still remember you. And shame on you for thinking I was Dravis! -_-
  8. It looks so funnn. I'm just sad I won't have a computer that can play it for quite a while yet. Ah, well. I'll get it eventually.
  9. Will I get shot or hit with a stick for rezzing a thread this old? Hmmph. I hope not. Anyway. Hi again. (I didn't realise until now that...you never really leave. Dang.)
  10. Ah, well. That's sad. I'm sure it'll get into the right hands though, despite it being 'banned'. :-D Easy. (And yes, it's been roughly two years since I posted on here I think. Teheh.)
  11. ^White Zune(It was $100 less than retail...yay) ^TunePower (Only because it wasn't for $60 like usual.) ^Because like... who hasn't?
  12. Got mine today... cool stuff I'll even grace you people with a picture. Now to just get all my music together...ah ****.
  13. Sam Fisher You last visited: 03-15-2007 at 07:57 PM Hey, it HAS been a while! Anyways...saw this of SD's shoulder and decided pop in for a moment...still waiting for my Zune, hopefully it will come tomorrow, so.... I've had a Creative Zen Touch for almost 3 years now, and it still works like the day I bought it...gotta love 20+ hours of battery life. Yeh. But I decided I wanted another player...get up there with all the other people with color screens! Yay! (And I really am not playing GW anymore, kinda moved on for now. In the process of buying a kickass compy with SD so we can play CoD4 and Crysis and stuff and it all look amazing..heh..) I'll jump back in sometime after I get the Zune.
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