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  1. Oh no not another leaving thread But I am....my life is going more and more down hill...and the end is near...there is no point going into my own problems....all I will say is the more human contact I have the more unhappy I become...I am currently deleting everything I can on myself...any images in my home..any item that I see as useless...I want to delete that I ever existed....and that's one reason I am leaving here. Farewell swampies...I am gonna delete this account if there is an option to other wise it will be idle... wow though first time ever leaving a forum not being banned...and first time being on one over a year...and it is the last.
  2. I'm not talking about act stupid or some ****...it's pretty much just a logic thing....to tell you the truth if you don't have the mind for it you should never do any of the things I say because you can't just say some dumb **** like YOU CAN"T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!! HMMPH!!!...lol...of course if anyone had the mind for it we wouldn't be talking about this at all would we...it's a no win situation.
  3. I can acknowledge that factor exists but I will never understand it....it's one thing that has always been a mistery for me...unconditional love...I will not go on about that because this thread will get to off topic.
  4. **** that...like I said it was not asked for...it's not like you came to the door a homeless child and asked for those things. I guess if you on the same track as them advice is a good thing but I am beyond just on another track so any advice I am givin doesn't even apply to my life....whatever problems I have are my own...I am simply sickened by the fact that children are slaves....that's right slaves!!!.....but why even go on...your minds are wired to see something other than the truth.... As for becoming a productive member of the society...I am not a member of this society...and I will be fighting against it in the upcoming war. like I said though if you are not willing to do anything then don't bitch...I look at it as if you pay your own way...get to the movies your own way then you have no problem seeing the movie...if you have to ask to see it because of needing money or whatever then they can say no....
  5. Well there is another example...grounded?...is it even legal for them to hold you in their house against your will?...nope it is not...all you have to do is walk out that door....I had my parents try to ground me once and that's just what I did....walked to the door gave em the finger and walked out. huh?
  6. **** that..their his parents...what's that supposed to mean?...oh thank you...thank you for giving me life...I can't respect that because it was not asked for...but forget that...the real issue is do you think anyone has the right to tell you what you can and can't watch with your own eyes...it's a matter of personal freedom....well I don't and I fought...I fought threw my whole child hood because I had this free mind....I will not lie...it's a hard life...if you have a free mind it's a threat to everything this system stands for....this society has gone worse than just to hell. In the end it's are you man enough to stand up for your rights....if your not don't complain.
  7. Maybe it's time to break your chains and fight back...tell her to **** off and go...it may seem harsh but it's a harsh world....freedom has never been achieved through peaceful negotiation...though maybe it could work for you...I prefer choice 1 but do what ya please.
  8. **** I looked at the running time of return of the king and it's 3 hours and 42 minutes....we gonna see an extended version of that also
  9. I thought it was a good game...short though.
  10. I got 6350. Some of those had some nice graphic's.
  11. lol...I can't help but laugh at the word slain. As for the woman more to the story I think hm:yoda:
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