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  1. If you play on zone.com you must have heard of the theory RM is dieing out. Secnarios are being made more and played more. Over the last half year RM popularity has thinned a bit. DM popularity is practically extinct. Games like TTC or RTBAM are completely gone. Secnarios such as LITC City Build Fortress Blood Hero , Jedi, +Mech fest along with many others are taking over. Many people have commented that RM can get boring after a while. Others say RM is almost dead and that secnarios will keep people playing this game. Also with Galaxies approaching SWGB will definitly be hurt. Please place your comments:
  2. I usually only use Rebels Confederacy or Wookiees when playing. I never used TF cause I usually wipe through them when I play RM on the Zone. One game I did decide to see how they were. My conclusions: They SuCk lol but in more detail.... They ReAllY SuCk now ok I'll stop They can't mine Resouces (in my opinon) for beans. There Troopers (in my opinon) are useless There Air units not upgraded are horrible (again in my opinon) I could only find 2 things that I liked about them. The Droidekas are sick And there AC looks cool (yes thats stupid)
  3. These arguements are getting old Iraq probaly does have illgeal weapons. But hey who doesn't?
  4. I think it has a great comfortable feel to it. 8)
  5. Which one do you like best and why?
  6. Who knows what kinda secrets Lucas has up his selvee for the SE or any other future expansion
  7. I'm a bounty hunter I'll be happy to ally and take jobs from you guys.
  8. SWG was already in production as previosuly posted before SWTPM came out.Other then that.....you just can't...
  9. There is a wide spead rumor that SWG is coming out for X-Box and PS2 But will be less effeicent then the PC Version its better to go with the PC Version. For more Info refer to the main SWG website.
  10. Yes it is possible to build one.But the credits it will take to do so will be huge.The city will not be in competition will default cities in size.To make one as big it will take a ton of time and tons and tons of credits.You can open a mafia syndicate and own a city from the underground or be come a politicion. For more info please refer to the main SWG website.
  11. I'm going for Tatooine,Mos Eisly. To add more to the people who want to live on Bespin/Courscant both planets will not be in Empires Divided and will probaly not be in SE they are simply to big. With to much detail it would make the end file so incredilby huge. For more info refer to Galaxies.net
  12. I'm sorry if someone has already said this too many posts to read them all. In the event you have a bounty on your head.The NPC/Player will send an NPC/Player bounty hunter to find you.He/She will stalk you until they have apprended you.According to their orders they will either knock you out and drag you back to whom ever wants you or kill you. It pretty easy to comprehend you can however fight thew bounty hunter yes yes you can according to Galaxies.net but once killing the said bounty hunter you will only bring more wraith from the bounty-setter or bounty hunters' friends or the bounty hunter once back from the cloning center. This is the truth any more questions please contact me.
  13. I'm really sorry for the title of my last post. it should have been "FAQ" Sorry for that.
  14. Communication during game-play will be handled through a text-based message window much like the one in SWGB. To contact people on other planets players will have to visit designated Comm stations. LucasArts is keeping the product under tight wraps but this is what is know on the subject orf Communication.
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