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  1. I had a dream about the swamp, so here I am. Seems like I'm also not the only one. Saw the Avengers yesterday... the good in it out weighs the bad. Which is sadly the best you can hope for in a movie theater going experience now a days.
  2. Oh the English, with their having more than 12 months...
  3. Adam Carolla Show - Now I know this is a pretty mainstream podcast and most people don't like him for their own reasons, but screw it, its mainstream for a reason you hipster punks... Anyway, I listen to both that one and the CarCast he has on his network of podcasts.
  4. 1up: I fell through the ceiling of the Tropicana Casino in Vegas 15' and landed on my back the other day. Odly enough my knee is the only thing that is bothering me, other than that I'm good as wood. Surveillance guy came down and showed me the video of it... might possibly end up on YouTube if he was lying to me.
  5. Well I'm glad this thread has this much buzz. But lets face it, it's going to be on a commercial video game award show. The reveal is going to have to have splosions and stuff for the not-so-hardcore star wars fan. My thoughts also go with Force Unleashed 2. Not bad, but not what we all love. Negative nancy yes.
  6. Lawl bawlz. Gotta be something clone wars related. It feels as though a million of our voices cried out for something worth playing again, but were suddenly silenced...
  7. Beaches be scandalous. Sorry to hear that pal. Just remember to put that anger somewhere it'll be used wisely... Like possibly her sister?
  8. Yeah, 1600 is definitely necessary to get the right angles and lighting for your member during the act.
  9. "Dogs and cats living together, mass... Oooooooo, doritos."
  10. Well, lets face it the perfect woman should be able to hold down the bong water...
  11. Well... As long as we're asking... A special lady I call Bong-Qui-Qui for Troopr?
  12. Thats too bad Bobert. I spend the extra cash going to Target because of the very attractive female employees at the one near me. And I am very sad to hear that you will not blossom into a sexy butterfly :'(
  13. @Wally Show off the bod and you could be crashing into his old lady... I'mjustsayin.
  14. Because vaginas are sinful and you should be ashamed at yourself for having one.
  15. I'm half Wiegen. Does that entitle me to second base on someone of that age? If not then this message will self destruct in 5 seconds *splodes* Quick correction, on further review I'm bee-lining it to the nearest high school on receiving the information that 16 is indeed legal in the fine fine city of Las Vegas...
  16. Agreed that tasteless things should only be done in moderation. Now until they reach the acts of Carlos Mencia, Dane Cook, or anyone of >= fail, that is when it is just painful. So my vote for poop-fart-poop still has value.
  17. El oh el, poop-fart-****ing-poop
  18. ^ I feel like that trip should not have been taken.
  19. ^If I'da known this thread was gonna be that kind of party, I'da stuck my d*ck in the mashed potatoes...
  20. @Black Knight of Keno MrWally says wookie with such a passion. I likes.
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