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  1. I'm pretty sure that the Sith were a "insect" like race that a bunch of fallen Jedi stumbled across on the planet Korriban after they were expelled from the Jedi order for preaching that the force should be used to it's full extent. They found that the Sith were force sensitive and used "Sith Magic". After interbreeding with the fallen jedi for centuries, the Jedi adopted the name Sith. So, atleast in the expanded universe, there was race called Sith.
  2. I was talking about the how JK and DF were so much more memorable, to me as a gamer. I don't knoe if I'm what you would consider a hard-core gamer. What is a hard-core gamer anyhow? I think that JK was a groud breaking game. The sheer magnitude of it was amazing, and when i played Dark Forces for the first time I was caught in the Star Wars fsp universe. I don't think that i've logged more time on a game than JK, especially with all the mods let loose. Now that I look at JO, i miss the olden golden Star Wars games, where they weren't bend on making money solely for the franchise, I hope that JA will be one of these games. I hope that they don't release a half finished product that is only there to make money. I figure I can rant on about this cause I payed for my games. I'm also looking forward the action-rpg aspect of the game. I hope that LucasArts makes more action oriented Rpgs impementing the Star Wars Universe. Ohh yeah swimming in JO was pathetic, I hope that they correct this grevious error in JA, considering how much of a part water played in JK.
  3. Swimming was such an important aspect in JK. Water was used in puzzles and simply used to make the levels much more interesting. JO's swimming was pathetic, I mean really pathetic. Water was only used in the Swamp level, which kind of sucked considering how widely used it was in JK. I hope that Raven does a much better job with water puzzles and incorperating it into levels in JA. Jedi Knight was on many levels a much better, more inovative and thought out product then Jedi Outcast. I think that Raven should hire some of the level designers that made JK to be used in JA. I've own all the Dark Forces series, and I think that they are all bang up games. But JK was far more memorable for me than JO. I hope that they do a better job with JA and release a finished product this time.
  4. Stim

    Xbox cheats

    What about the first-person weapon camera only, and the third-person lightsaber camera only. Is there a way to switch so that you can have the camera in third person for the weapons? I could care less about the lightsaber in first-person. And has anyone figured out any different codes. I know that there are six codes on the usual game sites. The only really useful one in multiplayer is PEEPS. I'm look for good multiplayer cheats. One hit kills would be nice, you know the old GoldenEye ****. I hope Ravensoft and V V didn't get stiff and added some cool mp cheats to the game. God Mode BUBBLE Infinite Ammo BISCUIT Multiplayer Characters PEEPS Start With Lightsaber FUDGE Unlock '7' Single Player Levels CHERRY Unlock All Movies FLICKY
  5. The sensor array puzzle is, in my opinion, stupid. Now that's just me, I'm pretty stupid myself. But I've searched the entire map for some sort of hint. I've tried all sorts of different combinations of red, blue and green. I've tried the same combinations and listened ,when I press the buttons, for different sounds. I've tried everything I could think of for about two hours, but alas to no avail. So could someone please tell me a hint, or prehaps a place were I could find something pertaining to the the code in the level. Or just tell me how to figure it out.
  6. Stim

    Xbox cheats

    Can you change from third to first person with the weapons? What are some of the cheats in the game? Can you used the dual sabers or double bladed sabers in multiplayer like you could in the pc version? So far there are only about 4 that I've found. I only used one PEEPS cause my friend and I wanted to get all the mutliplayer characters to play with. This is a great game, lots a fun. I was really surprised that the multiplayer splitscreen was done so well. I could direct and control my character just like I could in the single player. I hope that with the cheats, you will be able to do alot more stuff. Ravensoft is the ****.
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