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  1. Did anyone see the new launch trailer? It makes me want to play Fable III.
  2. These two are awesome. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  3. I saw the demo on Live and added it to my queue. I still haven't gotten around to giving it a try. I've never played any of the previous Gothic games, so we'll see how well I like it.
  4. As soon as Comcast fixes my internet troubles, I'm going to bug people to get a multiplayer game going. Until then, I've got a pretty good Earth map single player game going. I started out in Texas. I proceeded to spread throughout the States and then colonized England. Right now I'm in the process of colonizing Australia. I'm gonna have to annex a city-state on the eastern half of Australia.
  5. I set my desktop to randomly grab a new wallpaper from a specific folder every hour. But I did set this picture as my log in screen background. When I lock my computer, this is what I see. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  6. Yeah, but a crazy Christian will blow up an abortion clinic and stuff. To be fair, every religion has crazy extremists. It just so happens the Muslim extremists are on the news more often, and they probably outnumber all the crazies in other religions.
  7. Just... one more... turn... before bed...
  8. They're completely stand alone games. You can get Civ V and play the tutorial til you get the hang of it.
  9. Civ V is awesome. I spent 4 hours playing that learn as you play tutorial mission. It was pretty much a 1v1 with helpful popups during the game. I didn't quite make it to the space age. I had already conquered everyone by 1000 AD. If anyone is interested in a game, we'll have to work something out.
  10. Actually, I'm the godless one I was speaking broadly about all the protests that were taking place throughout the region. From what I've read, Danish and Belgium flags were burned, Pakistan or wherever blocked the internet for awhile, and stuff like that. I just don't believe the rest of the world should cower before Muslims because they find something insulting. And I don't give a flying **** if we spread democracy to them. We need to stop backpedalling whenever they huff and puff.
  11. I didn't realize the game was being released in October 2010. Has time gone by that fast, or is Amazon wrong?
  12. I rather liked the Shadow Broker DLC. It bridges that ME comic into the game. I thought that was pretty cool. Plus, my femshep got to resume her relationship with Liara. It seems they're going to release some more DLC that closes the gap between ME2 and ME3? I think that's what I read anyways. I'm playing as a renegade male shepard on my current playthrough. I picked Sentinel for my class, and I like it. I get the Tech Armor AND decent offensive powers (Push and Warp). Plus I get to pick a bonus power (Warp Ammo). Since I've played ME2 so many times, I just turn on subtitles and listen to podcasts while playing. And since my last playthrough was femshep, whenever I read the subtitles, I hear femshep in my head. It's really weird when my current Shepard is a dude.
  13. I hope the movement keeps going. Eff everyone in Pakistan or wherever that are protesting and getting their robes in a bunch over this. It's Freedom of Speech. Something they don't have. I think Anonymous should take up the Draw Mohammed cause and roll with it. It'd be more productive than DDoSing MPAA/RIAA websites.
  14. Sadly, LF Gaming Nights stalled on take-off... just couldn't get enough people together at a single time that worked for everyone. You can still join the LF steam group and see what other people are playing.
  15. Hey, the specs says Ultra ATA, so I bought Ultra ATA drives. I usually don't mess with OS pre-releases. Especially since I read that Vail has a serious data loss bug of some kind. Other than having to go into BIOS and reminding it what the settings are, this server works fine. So long as it doesn't lose power it should be fine, I guess....
  16. So I'm turning this old Sony Vaio desktop into a WHS. I replaces the original 80GB hard drive with two 500GB hard drives, and added a PCI gigabit network card. If I go into the BIOS, go through the settings, and save / exit, it will boot into Windows just fine. If I do a restart, it will boot up correctly. If I shutdown and then power back up, I get the lovely Disk Boot Failure. I'll go back into BIOS, go through the settings, save / exit, and it will boot into Windows. It sounds like the BIOS isn't saving its settings. So maybe the CMOS battery is dead? I got a new one, put it in, changed the BIOS settings, and booted up. Going to shut it down right now and see if the BIOS will remember the settings or not. Nope. New CMOS battery didn't help. This desktop is like a decade old. I'm hoping to avoiding updating the BIOS, because my track record isn't good (1 bricked mobo). (edit)It looks like revision 1004 is the latest version Sony offers(/edit) The new hard drives are Ultra ATA 100 drives, and their jumpers are set to cable select. Here are some pictures: This is the POST. Notice the Primary Master/Slave is missing. Here's the next page. This is what will pop up after pressing Ctrl-S and exiting that menu. First entering BIOS. Notice the clock is reset, and the devices are set to auto. Here's the boot sequence. I ripped out the floppy, so I disable that and move the hard drive up. If revisit the first page, the hard drives and disc drive show up. I also went ahead and put the correct time in. (edit) Looks like anytime I power down, the BIOS is reset. This latest power up, I looked at the BIOS, and the time was saved. So it's having trouble finding the hard drives during the bootup process. (/edit) Any ideas? The thing runs fine. It's the booting up that's the problem.
  17. Yeah, I don't think I'll be playing TOR. Just another MMO, but Star Wars. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it'll be a good MMO, I'm just not interested in playing an MMO. MMO.
  18. Yeah, I can't believe it's being shown on AMC and not HBO or some premium channel. Like Avery said, there's some major hardcore stuff that happens. Where was the incest? Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) You mean when the mayor made out with the little zombie girl? Lot's of crazy stuff goes on in that comic book.
  19. I don't have a problem with cops. If I see one, I'll check them out and see who's getting busted, but I don't worry about them. They're here to protect us and keep the dirtbags off the streets. I'm always having breakfast with cops and firefighters at a local diner each weekend, and they're all good people. They just have hard jobs, and, unfortunately, bad incidents get massive national/international exposure.
  20. I like Mass Effect's dialogue wheel and player character voice overs. It makes for a more cinematic experience. Plus, it would be redundant reading exact words and then having the player character say what you just read. All this talk of importing charcters is going to make me replay DA:O. Maybe that's the idea? Pretty darn devious of them.
  21. I actually played a bit of ME2 recently. It was just as awesome as the first time I played. I replayed as a renegade dude-shep, and managed to keep everyone alive. I'm on a second playthrough as a paragon dudette-shep. Is the person in the opening always the person you banged in ME1?
  22. It is seriously bad. I'd rather watch Dragonball Evolution or that Dead or Alive movie (even though I haven't seen DOA). The acting from most of the cast was terrible. Jake Lloyd did better in The Phantom Menace. The actors mispronounced so many things. Did no one in the movie pick up an Avatar DVD and watch a single episode? I think the act of bending didn't look very good. All the benders in the movie just looked silly. That's probably something they couldn't help. The martial arts and bending looked better in the cartoon. They tried cramming 20 episodes into less than 2 hours. I really hope M Night Shammy's kids tell him how much the movie sucked. Actually, it's his kids' fault for introducing the show to him. Here's a nice review of the film.
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