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  1. its hosted by a host company but them _______ never reply so im trying to figure it out myself.
  2. i also realized that when i check my favorites if i have Game as Jediknight 2 the server doesnt show up but if i put the Game to ALL then the server shows up.
  3. i cant get our clan dedicated server to show on the main list of the ingame. When i put it in favorites, it came up just fine. Can anyone help me get it back on the main list?
  4. get the aestats v5.32 thats the one our server runs. it works u just gotta look at the updated list. to run it u just need to run the .exe in dos prompt and use preas.exe -jk2 for example it does work wit jk2 its on our site.
  5. those were some good tips but not exactly what i was looking for. i think its sv_maxRate just its like at 10000 and its still only letting people download up to 2 k/b.
  6. http://www.planetquake.com/aeons/aestats thats the stats program. now i have no idea how to get it to run the stats continuously but a gameserver host might. what it'll do is get u to load the .log file and it'll print out the information on some html pages. anyways the site explains eveyrthing.
  7. is there a command to allow more k/b to be transferred during auto dload? our ded server only lets u dload at 2 kb per sec when i know it can take way more than that
  8. on our server which is auto download is enabled but it only lets people download at 2 k/b per second. is there a command that allows you to download faster? like a max datarate or dloadrate or something like that? please help me.
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