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  1. this is merely an idea and i'm posting to see what others think about it ... so feel free to post comments / questions / flames / etc. ... can jedi knight and the adventures of kyle katarn go any further? i'm not the one to answer that, but with episode 3 wrapping up soon, and no plans for a final trilogy (ep. 7-9) (yet!?), i'd like to see lucasarts, and possibly lucas, invest some time/money into the star wars gaming universe. so many games run off of the doom and quake engines, and i must admit it's getting abit old. well, at least for the jk series. those engines serve well for some games, but it doesn't capture the essence of, or give justice to, the power of the jedi. ever since i was a child (and many of you may agree with me on this), and i saw star wars for the first time, i wanted to be a jedi. when i was young, i'd run around the house in a bathrobe with a wrapping paper tube pretending i was one. now i live vicariously through the games (that as i mentioned don't really capture the glory). so i'm going to list some ideas, that i wish would be looked into. a new engine would be nice ... but may not be feasable (or worth the investment if say nobody buys games that run on it). but i think once read, my ideas point toward a new engine. 1) realistic sabring: sabres that can penetrate walls and blast doors, not to mention the arms (or legs) of your fellow combatants. if an "arena" wraps around and there's merely a wall that seperates two portions of a map, that wall should be able to be torn into by sabres (as opposed to being lightly scarred like in the current games) providing new paths. 2) along the same lines as the previous, an arena should be able to be altered by the fighting within. support pillars should be able to be cut and force pushed onto opponents (not to mention knocking down the things that are supported, like catwalks above). 3) arenas should have private melee rooms seperated from the rest of the map by blast doors. you can "trap" your opponents in the rooms for private duels by "breaking" the control panel next to the door (wether by sabre or hurled object). that door can be cut into by others who want access to the room for whatever reason. once a door is broken, it's broken. 4) sabre fighting should be more along the lines of a fighting game, well sort of. there should be specific moves (possibly based on the mysterious "forms" of sabre combat that are eluded to in books and comics though never fully explained), each that can be parried by other moves, or blocked, or even countered. the winner of a fight shouldn't just be whoever can hit buttons fast enough, but who can go the longest without letting down his gaurd or making a mistake. 5) more rpg-ish ... the character that you play as in the single player game, is the one that you bring into the online (or lan) arena. so if you don't play the "real" game, you won't last a second in the arena. this leads to more playability, if you want to make a new character you gotta start from scratch. it should also be rpg-ish in the way that kotor was. choices that you make lead to different missions, you might start a jedi, but end up a sith. 6) more customization of characters (maybe even through expansion packs). so if you really want to be wiphid with grey locks or wookie who shaved his head you can be. i know that's going to extremes, but you get the idea. 7) with all that's going on in the multiplayer worlds, you'll probably have to run a dedicated server to keep all this info, and propogate it to the players. so maybe a server software package should be an optional buy (a cheap buy) that makes setting this up a breeze. 8) i'm not saying "no-mods" ... but i would like to see a more high caliber class of mods, maybe released by lucas when they've been thouroughly tested. i don't want to see indiana jones with a light sabre in my lan party, if you catch my drift. 9) it be nice for a fresh story, something untouched, possibly something around the time of the great sith wars, like before the battle of ruusan ... along the times of darth bane and lord hoth. maybe they can even be unlockable characters in the single player game that translate over to the online world. how cool would it be to actually play as bane. maybe even a fan submitted story contest would be cool. i think that's it for now ... i'd like to hear what others think. -darthzick
  2. lucas (and lucasarts) seems to work in trilogies ... and academy is the third in the series, so what's next? i started this post for no real reason other than to hear what other people would like to see in the next jedi-style series (i'm sure they'll come up with another excuse to put out some more games). who knows maybe someone high on the totem pole will read this and start thinkin' now battlegrounds is coming out soon, which looks cool for those who just like to shoot eachother (my friends fit in this category). i happen to really like the sabres though. i think lucasarts should put their money where their mouth is and abandon the quake engine they've been using for the jedi series. i think it's time for something new. i feel that an engine that really defines the power of the jedi would be best. something that allows for saber-dismemberment not only for humans but for the environment they fight in. the ability to cut support beams at their base and then force push them off their mooring, possibly into other combatants. tired of walking around in a circular level, why not just whip out your saber and cut a whole in the wall from one side to another. did someone lock a blast door in front of you, why not go qui-gon on it and just cut a hole in it. you get the idea. also there is mention in books of seven U]forms[/u] of saber combat; it would be cool to see those all, maybe you make a character and choose the form he uses. also i think it would cool if they possible slowed down the saber speed a little, that way its no longer a hackfest (or button pushing contest) but you have observe what your attacker does and attempt to counter as quickly as possible. example, someone winds up to take off your head with a form 5 cross thrust (i made that up:)) and there are 3 moves that you can perform to counter with one possibly leading into an attack of your own. make it almost more (dare i say it) like a fighting game, but not too much. i also think an rpg-style would be nice .. someone who really practices his moves is going to be better/stronger than someone who just bought the game yesterday. maybe make how you play the single-player missions affect your character in the online arena, etc. i also think since the jedi knight series is now over (?), it would be nice to set the story way back during the great sith wars, a story revolving around darth bane, lord kaan, general hoth, the battle of ruusan and the likes. alright that's my shpeel, thanks for letting me practice my first ammendment rights (i love democracy). anyone who wants to post a reply to this feel free to. thanks again.
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