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  1. Well on the first connect, that person's IP would be banned because of his name, such as a clan with bad intentions toward the server and its members. If that person decides to leave than he can contact through other methods... I see this as more comprehensive, I know a person can change his name, and find a new computer to play on, but the purpose is to make it has hard as possible to return.
  2. More Features Requested: 1.) Name based bans and banned name wildcards (for banning those annoying server raids and stopping them in their tracks, and making sure that they don't come back with other names) 2.) Censors that actually sensor the text in question other than not displaying it at all, like on forums. This function would have a text file where you would define the words in question and what to replace it with. 3.) Spree messages that can be customized to display messages on multiple kills.. (possible?)
  3. Yea make them just as smart as Counter Strike Source bots! Their really hard! (they camp, jump, take chances, and are really intelligent)
  4. In our server what we do is broadcast it 3 or 4 times in a row to get it to stay up there, but theres gotta be a more elegant way. lukeskywalker1, I'm not talking about the chat messages, I'm talking about the motd. In JA+ when you join a game the MOTD shows with a countdown from 5 seconds...
  5. JA+ does it with the motd, isn't this the same thing?
  6. Could there be an "ampsay" like command implemented on the mod? It would have 4 options, the string to be said and how many seconds it would be said for and who. (-1 being everyone, or some other alias for everyone).
  7. Well if they can't handle it, its not really OJP's or my problem. Really its their loss.. If someone with rcon access incidently got agitated, a person could potentially lock everyone out, change the rcon password, use the server for their own purposes (possibly to degrade itself), to harass the players... and to ultimately abuse them, isn't that what were all "trying" to avoid? If RCON were accidently displayed in the server, no doubt everyone would abuse it before it could be changed. Shall I go on?
  8. I'm talking about limited abilties to change rcon settings, restart maps, etc... It's not bad, its not going to end your short little lives, its just a feature that you can choose to use. It's not my fault that you can't handle administrative access with some maturity, thats all it takes to ward off beggars. This is in no way abusable in any way... and its the only way to keep the server in order without giving out rcon which is a security risk. And don't give me that stuff about not giving access out because I don't have time to monitor the server 24/7, but different users in shifts can.
  9. Hey man just because your not going to use admin levels doesn't mean others won't. We've had alot of experience with admins, and we choose only the responsible who will not distribute/abuse it. ADMIN LEVELS = YES
  10. Perhaps instead of freezing or slaping a player, Kurgan gave me a great idea. Since slapping or freezing is somewhat immoral, and slaps can be avoided, why not make a command to manually make someone drop a saber for that moment and display a warning (and they'll read it because their not hacking/slashing away). And It'd be really cool to introduce admin ranks, but not for abusive commands. Certain admin ranks can have access to certain server cvars, messaging techniques, and bans and kicks. If we can't punish someone for being in the server, would it be possible to make a name based ban? I know people who get banned constantly and they are still able to come on. And sometimes when its really bad, when we ban the subnet, they manage to get in another way (such as through a backup dialup conn. or friends computer). This way we can make those really abusive players NOT mad, but go away . Also, it should have a mechanism to not allow it to be dropped in duels, when its already dropped and when a player is idle (because then that person isn't really doing anything).
  11. An idle system is already in place then, just make it more immediate when saber goes down. Honor was brought into the game due to "Jedi" examples, you notice on all the servers with guns, there is a common game between the players, as there is no way to really have no weapons out. I'd understand in like a TFFA game or CTF game, but a majority of the FFA servers use a "unprovocative attack" rule, JKA being the chat/interaction game that it is. So why not improve both sides of the game?
  12. Make it so that they keep their saber up with guns that reflect off it, and use guns/push when the other person has a gun you cant block with sabers-
  13. Because you can still attack people in melee.
  14. Honor has been a major part of the Jedi Series even since the beginings. Quit Hijacking my thread! And people do care about laming, because we've heard numerous testimonies from people who visit our public servers. A delay for chat killing is almost for granted, maybe you can make a setting that when a persons saber goes down, or chatbox comes up, theres a 5 second delay, then they're protected. And that this will not apply for melee. HOD is not mainly a JKA game, infact, we play CSS more than anything. It is a fact that in CSS there is no laming, why? In CSS the goal of the game is to defeat the other players for skill. JKA is not a competive game at all, its an enthusiast game.
  15. Whether you like it or not, Laming IS definitely in existance. Maybe on your server you perform simple tasks and just play FFA (on JKA FFA is lame). Much of the HOD existance is based on the common knowledge that JKA will never be anything but a Star Wars enthusiast chat/skill based game. If you want a true FFA, go play UT2004 or the like...
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