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  1. Nah, I guess they're known for even taking down the videos that the artists themselves are putting up. XD Probably would not win whatever argument I put up! And it is their property I suppose, so oh well! Imaginations, it is.
  2. Well it looks like Warner Music Group took away the actual music portion of my video so now it is muted... a little silly, as I've gotten countless messages from people saying that I've introduced them to the band for the first time, they love them, and they've gone out to buy their CDs. Ah well though, what can you do! I may look for another place to put the video, but until then... just imagine that Hell by Squirrel Nut Zippers is there?
  3. I did, actually! No dice, he wouldn't tell me. :<
  4. First played the game back in 1998, it is the game that got me into video games. Though I've played many games since, it remains my top favorite game of all time!
  5. Yes there is! I made it. XD I've loved Squirrel Nut Zippers since I was a small child, and I'm so happy I could introduce other people to that awesome band.
  6. Ooo that looks pretty cool.. I'll definitely have to look into that one.
  7. Yeah, I watched Casablanca after I'd played Grim Fandango, and I enjoyed it much more than I would have otherwise I think. XD Because this way, I was looking for little Grim Fandango similarities all the way through, it was fun.
  8. Those are so awesome! I'm glad I brought this thread back now, it's great to see those!
  9. La la la old thread revival! Anyway, I remembered the other day that for a long time I've wanted to take pictures of grim fandango characters and sort of "trace" them, and modify it to be alive people, how I've sorta pictured them... So yes, here's a semi-traced picture of Meche, with a drawing of Manny that's re-done from a semi-traced picture. <-confusing. Yeeep. I'll probably re-do it later... better... but for now here's my interpretation. So anyone else have any other ideas on what people might look like?
  10. So... as for that super old thread about what you think they'd look like alive.. would it be poor form to bump that with some art? Should I perhaps make a new thread in the Blue Casket?
  11. There are so many games I'm in the middle of and need to finish. And I just bought a new one, what's wrong with me T__T
  12. We should... I dunno. Revolt. Show up with a bunch of signs that say "WE WANT FIGURINES! CRAPPY MOVIES GET THEM! WHATS UP WITH THAT??" And in the mean time we could all hang out with the other fans and talk about the game, and be happy. Even though they'd send us all away without our goal ever having been accomplished.
  13. Aww I remember those threads. Ah the who would you marry thread, when I actually participated and stuff... before I went to Japan and certain events took place that kept me away from this place T_T But no more! I am able to return! Huzzah! And yes, we should do something crazy. Man I want to play Grim Fandango again, but my copy of the game is so dead.
  14. Ohmygosh! I'm so excited. I'm the person who made this video, I think there's another thread here on this forum where I was talking about how much that song reminded me of Grim Fandango. I put that video up a while ago, and then just today thought "hmmm I wonder if anyone's watched it", and saw that people had commented and such. I then came here and saw this... thank you so much for your kind comments everyone As for Squirrel Nut Zippers, I love them and have listened to them since I was little. Another of my favorite songs of theirs is "My Evergreen", you should give it a listen. It's very sweet. I did make a second version of the music video that's similar but a bit different, but I haven't put it up on youtube. I'm so glad to see that people liked it!
  15. Hee! The site is in Finnish! The site is in Finnish! Finnish is very hard. I used to know how to say "I like rhubarb pie", but I forget. I miss the girl from Finland who used to be here. Nice picture, by the way. I cant draw Meche at all.
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