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  1. lol just get a popup killer http://www.panicware.com
  2. They found stuff today 11 empty chemical warheads in an ammo dump http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/meast/01/16/sproject.irq.wrap/index.html
  3. I just thought this would be handy for any newbies or anyone looking to challenge, etc. Hopefully this will get stickied. Just post this info: Clan Name: Clan Website: Open To Challenges: Recruiting: Any any other valid info you think should be applied Clan Name: North American Corps Clan Website: http://www.nacorps.com Open To Challenges: Not yet Subject to change Recruiting: Always
  4. Greetings! Today, Friday January 3rd, the North American Corps (hereby refered to as 'NAC') has added Jedi Knight: Outcast to its expansive list of games that we play. NAC offers a friendly environment for which the players to interact in, wonderful leaders, our own private Teamspeak server, and many game servers. Besides JK:O, we also play Battlefield 1942, World War II Online, Medal of Honor, Day of Defeat, Neverwinter Nights, Ghost Recon, America's Army, and many more games. Please come to our website and check us out! Brandoise
  5. heres an idea: What is a model/how is it different from a skin? I am always hearing newbies ask that one
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