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  1. Once the forums return, I will do what I used to do and write a new post outlining the changes in each Hype-O-Meter. But as far as the changes...Legacy jumped up four spots, Journey to the Center of the Earth is a new add, Runaway 2 dropped a couple, and Moment of Silence was dropped. It's all pretty subjective, I know. - Evan
  2. I'm aware the Top 20 still isn't back...I should have it back soon. When I do, I'll mention it on the front page. As far as the GF soundtrack review, I'll try to get that back up ASAP, but we had kind of a specialized format for it and I think we may need to rebuild that first. - Evan
  3. Yes, that's right, soon a few lucky souls will have the chance to realize the dream of multiple tens: to be a part of Adventure Gamers! We're looking to hire a few good gamers to contribute to our site in multiple ways. If you believe you have something to offer to our site in any way, we want to hear from you! Please e-mail us to express interest, and let us know how you want to contribute. There's no real limit to what we're looking for. But here are some qualifications that would jump you up to the top of the list! - A public relations person who will publicize our site and our articles to other websites, including game companies. This person must be highly organized and a very effective communicator. - A writer with a sincere interest in the interactive fiction community, and a fairly comprehensive knowledge of text adventures. - A writer who has a lot of experience with (and a lot of love for) the classic Quest series of Sierra On-Line. So what are you waiting for? We are looking for quality writers above all, so if your e-mail is littered with poor grammar and/or spelling, don't expect to hear from us again. After a couple weeks, we will be sending an e-mail to everyone who has shown interest with specific application instructions. Please note that all positions are volunteer positions, and unpaid. E-mail us today, and you may be the next great addition to our staff!
  4. I actually was accepted as a beta tester last week and am currently messing around with Uru right now. If Ubi Soft is okay with it, I hope to have some beta test reports next month on the site. - Evan
  5. We do have an archived previews section underneath the main Previews directory, where we move previews after the games have been released. That's where the FT2 preview would have gone were we still running. Since it's cancelled, though, we don't feel too much of a need to recover it. For those who just have to know why it was cancelled, it was composed and posted on the E3 show floor, and thus never saved. - Evan
  6. Today, we are finally ready to make the announcement that you have been waiting for all summer: AdventureGamers.com, the once and future #1 adventure gaming site on the Internet, is returning in all of its glory on Tuesday, August 26th! Now, take a moment to cheer maniacally and catch your breath again. Trust me, I had to. Ten days from today, you will finally not have to suffer through the ugly temporary front page we've had up for well over two months now. You'll get back the site you once knew and loved, with all the old features: the great articles, the news, the Hype-O-Meter, the Underground, and that oh-so-stylish design that Marek is so darn proud of. We have been waiting for quite a while to see if data recovery would bring our site back just as it was. By no means has the data recovery process hit a wall; we are simply tired of waiting, and have decided that depriving our readers of our site will not be tolerable any longer. It's very possible that by the 26th, the drive will come back completely intact, and we'll pick up right where we left off. If that's not the case, though, we're still going to bring the site back. Here's what our status will be: - The site will be fully functional as before. All previous .php directory pages will be restored, and we will begin adding new content to the database agan. - All previous content older than approximately March of this year will be restored 100% intact and fully accessible. - All content newer than that has not been backed up, and will likely not be available for the Grand Reopening. We will work tirelessly to dig up old backups of this content from our personal hard drives and restore it, but we can promise nothing. We CAN promise all our E3 articles will return in short order, if not by the 26th. Coincidentally, the only one we know will be lost is the Full Throttle 2 preview. Pretty irrelevant now, eh? - If the site's drive is not restored, the forums will not be back for the Grand Reopening, and these Temporary Forums will continue to serve that purpose. If the site's drive is deemed unrestorable, we will likely start over with empty forums. I know, it's sad, but that may be reality. - None of this should be taken as a promise, because we've learned you never know what can happen. But Marek and I are 100% committed to bringing this site back on August 26th, in whatever form we're able to. There may be some bugs (we'll try to squash them all of course), but I think you'll agree it will be worth it. We will return with plenty of great new stuff. My review of Runaway will be the lead article on the day of the site's return. We have reviews of Sydney Mystery and Magnetic ready as well, and Flashback reviews of King's Quest VII and Full Throttle, plus lots more. We also have some interviews planned which we can't jinx quite yet; we hope to have one or two of these ready on the 26th. Josh has Volume 7 of Adventure Architect ready to unleash on the world, and I'll be back with a new Underground Dispatch. We will certainly not be for want of content when we return! We also will have a few new staff to announce, and here's the really good news: we are planning to hire a LOT of people for our volunteer staff. Writers, news updaters, and some others; we are looking to add quite a few people. More information on this will follow in a post next week, but if you've always wanted to contribute to Adventure Gamers, your chance may be coming! I think that covers it for now. If you have any questions or need anything clarified, please post here and we'll respond. I mean this now more than ever: Happy adventuring! See you in ten days!
  7. I received my review copy of Runaway from Tri-Synergy this week and am knee-deep in it currently. I won't give away any of my feelings yet; just wanted to let everyone know that you should watch for the Adventure Gamers review of this game very soon after the site returns. Well, I guess I will at least say this: if you live in the US, for crying out loud, place your pre-orders now. That's all. ~stinger~
  8. I checked both of my local Wal-Mart stores in Vancouver, WA today, and each had three copies of the XS Games jewel case Sanitarium for $9.14 each. Clearly there are plenty of copies around, because a search for Sanitarium on eBay reveals more than thirty current auctions of the game, the vast majority of which are for this new version (and many of which are already well over $10). Anyway, if you're not an obsessed collector like me and don't care about having the original box, keep your eye on eBay over the next month and you're bound to catch a copy of this rerelease pretty cheap, because the market's getting flooded fast. ~stinger~
  9. I can't believe I spent an hour checking on and reporting the Leisure Suit Larry news, and all anyone wants to talk about is the data recovery company. ~stinger~
  10. I've just updated the front page with the latest on our trials, as well as the adventure news I've gathered this week. If you're not keeping an eye there, please do, as all newest information on our return will be posted there. Most of the news has been mentioned on this forum, but it's always more interesting when I write about it. I don't watch these forums very much, and Marek is on vacation, so if there are any urgent matters for AG admin, please e-mail me. (thanks for pointing out my error Twif...sort of) Thanks readers! - Evan
  11. I'm a moderator too, although I'm not sure if it's only for this forum, and everything looks like AG colors to me... ~stinger~
  12. Remember all the craziness when I named Pepper's Adventures in Time #19 on the Top 20 Adventure Games of All-Time? Now, you can see what the fuss is all about: game producer Mark Seibert has posted the game (in the form of .zip files for each of the floppy disks) for download on his website. http://www.markseibert.com/the_full_game.htm I know that it works on Windows ME if you use MoSlo; I have not tried it on Windows XP. Have fun! ~stinger~
  13. Brian, did you hear they're making a third Broken Sword game too? (sorry, couldn't resist) ~stinger~
  14. This should give you parasites something to talk about until the site comes back. So I've heard these rumors about Al Lowe, right? How he may be getting back into game design? Well, I e-mailed Al Lowe and asked him if he'd make an official comment on the rumors. I received this in my inbox: "My only official comment is 'Yes, that is a rumor.'" Now, you are free to read into that however you wish. ~stinger~
  15. Don't worry, you don't sound rude at all. I've seen much worse so far in the countdown. (of course, the Christmas Day entry should inspire much cheer) Anyway, just to make sure you know, it's not an "adventure gamers people" thing; this list is 100% my work with only the odd suggestion from Marek and Josh. Assign all of the credit and/or (more likely) blame to me. Not trying to sound like a glory-hog, just trying to make everything clear. ~stinger~
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