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  1. Article worth reading about Quake & sv_rate: http://www.ukgamer.com Some highlights: Thanks to Amidala from Chop Shop for originally posting this link.
  2. Me too! Hehe. But I'd rather beefed up blaster damage than "I don't need to aim" spam cannons. Ahh... SDK, please come soon! BTW, Laithan is a good point of reference for those claiming the single saber was nerfed or that skill has no place in JA.
  3. Actually I have witnessed (on more than one occasion) a "bug" (for lack of better terms) where a player in MP FFA could scoot about the map at a fixed altitude above everyone else. When asked the players would generally say they didn't have a clue how they did it, nor did they seem to be able to exploit it in any particular way. It even happened once to me - I jumped quite high and after a spike on the "lag-o-meter" I found myself floating across the map as if there was no gravity (I also lacked control to stop or change my direction). I'm chalking it up to just another example of online weirdness. And no, before you ask, cheats weren't enabled.
  4. It's my understanding the varying levels of saber offense only enable the yellow and red stances for single saber users, nothing more. To the best of my knowledge, staff & dual saber users gain nothing by increasing beyond level 1. (And yes, I don't think that's very fair to single saber users.) Additionally, saber defense appears to only have an effect on blaster deflection - higher levels increase the likeliness of deflecting blaster fire. It doesn't seem to have a significant impact (if any) on saber-to-saber blocking. BTW, another observation (not directed specifically at Rumor). I've noticed many people on these forums commonly throw around expressions like "netcode" and "Ghoul 2" with implied authority and intimate familiarity (usually with a healthy dose of disdain and criticism as well). How fortunate we have so many experienced coders among us.
  5. I respect and appreciate what you're saying... but (eventually) when won't this be a problem? For better or worse, Raven/LucasArts is in the business of selling product. You might argue that they could have included more advanced options for competitive players (via cvars or whatnot) and I'd agree with you. But nevertheless, we're talking about a very slim segment of the game population. We can't begrudge them for not catering to everyone's needs. There's always going to be someone who isn't happy with the game. That's what the SDK is all about. Just try to be patient and thankful for its eventual release. That's your opinion. My ability to do anything about it, is equal to my interest in hearing it (over & over in childish rant form): ZERO. That's my main point. I'm not necessarily saying I disagree with you (there ARE things I'd like to change and intend to once the SDK is released), but angst & flames are a waste of bandwidth. I'm an atheist, thanks. Look in the mirror. Because you lack the maturity and intelligence to conduct yourself otherwise.
  6. Ahh... the sweet taste of vindication. Thanks Mr. Monroe, you're my hero!
  7. Good god. Repent sinners, for the world is coming to an end... I agree with Jawa8578 on this one. (Though arguably Amidala was more eloquent and tactful. )
  8. Just a few personal observations... First off, the day I start deciding whether or not a game is worthwhile based upon how many "clans" are playing it, I hope someone takes my computer away. Secondly, am I the only one who sees the irony in calling someone who just beat you a "n00b?" Oh really? A "n00b" bested you? Perhaps you should redefine your definition of "n00b?" Point three: I've got to agree with Kurgan et all. For all the bitchin' & moaning about how the "elite" have left JA in disgust, good golly they sure seem obsessed with continuing to post on these forums. Funny, for people so insistent on convincing the community at large that Academy is beneath them, letting go still appears to be a problem. Some unsolicited free advice for anyone vehement that JA is a total and complete disappointment: take your copy of Academy back to the retail store from which it was purchased (you did legitimately purchase the game, right?) and DEMAND your money back. If you still have an axe to grind, spend the refund on postage to send hate mail to LucasArts/Raven directly, AND SPARE THE REST OF US! Short of that, crack open a book on C++, then when the SDK comes out, shame Raven and blow us all away with your "l337" coding "skillz." You know what "move" requires the least amount of skill and is arguably "spammed" the most? Bitching. BTW, totally off topic, but would it kill some of you people to invest in a spell checker and hit the return key every now and then? Posts without paragraphs, punctuation or even remedial spelling/grammar might contain some great ideas/valid arguments, but if no one can read it, what's the point? Not to come across as a grammar Nazi, and no offense/disrespect intended to our non-natively English speaking friends, but c'mon already; if you want your voice to be heard, please put a little more effort into making it legible.
  9. Thanks Emon! I'm going to experiment with this tip. Hopefully this will put the nay-sayers to rest for awhile.
  10. Yes, it's quite evident that you are no stranger to flaming. Frankly, I'm not convinced an "argument" took place. You stated at best an opinion, "the physics aren't working correctly." You express this with an unsubstantiated "authority" and then browbeat anyone who dares to disagree or offer an alternative explanation. Prove your case. Conjecture, speculation and opinion. For all we know, what you're describing could be attributed to: [*]a poor internet connection for you, the host server, and/or the other clients [*]inadequate hardware/software (video card, cpu, drivers, etc.) [*]a lack of patience/experience/skill (quite simply you could be a sore loser with delusions of grandeur) [*]unrealistic expectations of how "realistic" the physics of dynamic saber combat "should be" from a Quake-based engine [*]an illegitimate copy of the game[/list=A] Neither am I. Not because I think they're an exploit, but simply because they're non-sensical. I'm not a fan of six-foot-tall Jawas. I think they look foolish. My sole purpose for posting on this thread was to debate whether or not the model is "bugged." Your purpose here appears to be more of an attempt to deride this into another "Raven didn't design this game to my satisfaction" rant.
  11. We're in agreement then. Fantastic! BTW; Jawa8578 Bantha Fodder Registered: Nov 2003 Location: Posts: 45 You didn't just happen to make a new account because your last one was banned for childish tantrums? Nah, couldn't be. Perhaps it was said best... Amen. Do you honestly have any idea what you're talking about? Do you understand what a skin is... what a skin does? Perhaps you do, but frankly it doesn't appear that way. A "skin" is nothing more than a collection of images and a text file. It does nothing more to the model "itself" than modify its visual appearance. I've never heard of a "direct reskin" and I'm hard pressed to imagine what other kinds of skins someone could propose there are supposed to be. Icons appear in the profile screen (assuming the skin HAS a complementary icon image) solely on the basis of whether or not they are named appropriately (icon_blue, icon_red, icon_default). Ah speculation. I've already given my theory, but here's one more: Then you shouldn't have any compunction about a challenge to visit my server sometime and "pwn" everyone while playing the "invulnerable" Jawa model. Or do you lack faith in your conviction?
  12. I must be lacking in common sense. What the heck is a "DIRECT RESKIN" of a model? Are ANY of the default game models a DIRECT RESKIN of a model? Either way, what is the significance of whether or not a model/skin has an icon? The skin for tavion_new/possessed has no icon. Is it bugged? Is using it cheating? Rather than rely on "ShroomDuck, Chrono, maybe others" TK8252MJL, I have a suggestion: why don't you try the Jawa model for yourself? You're more than welcome to join my server and play as long as you like to determine whether or not it's an exploit. BTW, for those of you scratching your heads out there... I goofed. I repeatedly referred to a "Greelo" model in my previous posts. There is NO "Greelo" model. The chubby Rodian's proper name is "Reelo." Sorry for any confusion my typo may have caused. Woops!
  13. No offense Jawa8578, but I hear one of two things; either sour grapes over latency/packet loss, or unrealistic expectations about what current hardware/software can deliver. Then again, if you build a better game for $50 or less, I'll be happy to play it.
  14. Does no one ever read my posts? I believe I proposed a very reasonable explanation for discrepancies in model hit detection, based on conversations with respected coders/modders (not mapping gurus). It's my understanding that in JK2, hit detection (whether or not an attack on another player was registered as a "hit" or "miss"), was solely based on the most primitive LOD (level of detail) variation of the Kyle model. In other words, regardless of whatever model/skin you chose for your character in multiplayer, the game essentially "saw" you as Kyle. This potentially could work for or against a player, depending on what model/skin they chose. For example, take any one of the various "BattleDroid" custom models available to the community. By design, these models have thinner arms and legs than Kyle. To the game's engine however, it doesn't matter. An attack that visually should appear as a "miss" against one of the Droid's skinny limbs may still very well register as a "hit" - simply because the game is calculating collision universally based on the Kyle model. The same applies to the aforementioned "Greelo" model. His fat belly is considerably larger than Kyle's torso. As such, a strike at Greelo's tummy may very well NOT register as a "hit" - again, simply because the game is calculating collision based on the Kyle model. Is this concept so radically complex it's unfathomable? Do I need to illustrate with crayons and finger paints? Am I using too many big words? Do I have to bungle my posts with insults, careless spelling, grammar and punctuation to be heard/understood? Certainly it's plausible that Raven abandoned this system for Jedi Academy. That said, I think it's highly unlikely they went out of their way to create a separate hit-detection scheme solely for the Jawa model - specifically one that gives a player such an advantage that he/she is next to impossible to hit. Given that Raven did made a point to remove exploitable models/skins from MP play in the latest patch (as Kurgan pointed out), I think it's ridiculous to assert that they simply overlooked this one. If you want speculation as to why the Jawa by default has no icons or team skins, perhaps the folks at Raven merely felt that a six-foot-tall Jawa looked dorky.
  15. The most priceless moment for me one day on my server was when Wudan and I faced off. We were at opposite ends of the large center pad on Taspir. We eyed each other silently, then rushed to attack! As we approached one another, we both swung simultaneously... killing each other INSTANTLY! It was a good laugh.
  16. I'm no code monkey, but from what I understand hit detection is based on the Kyle model, regardless of whatever skin/model you use in multiplayer. So yes, since the Jawa isn't quite as svelte as Kyle, there's bound to be areas of his body that don't respond to a blaster shot or saber slash. The same could be said of that tub of lard, Greelo or even Tavion and her feminine protuberances. No offense to the gang at the JK3Files server, but frankly I think restricting players from using the Jawa model due to perceived balance issues is ridiculous. Also, I wouldn't read a whole lot into the Jawa model not having icons, team skins, etc. If you take a look at the "hazardtrooper" for example, that model DOES have team colors but ISN'T compatible with multiplayer. Go figure, Raven ain't perfect.
  17. Nope, but the income I derive from using Apple products did allow me (comfortably) to purchase that "overpriced" Alienware, not to mention additional free time (since I'm more productive) to play on it. That said, if you know someone at Apple, feel free to hook me up! BTW, you do appreciate the majority of games you mentioned are available for the Mac too? Hehe, I'll say!
  18. Thanks for the nod Amidala. Yeah I guess I'm a Star Wars nerd too (well definitely a nerd at least), as seeing Jedi swap from lightsabers to rocket launchers has always irked me. I've been a fan of Merc vs. Jedi mode ever since stumbling on to it; if nothing else I prefer spawning with my saber enabled by default rather than the lowly Bryar. Kurgan raises some good points though regarding the current imbalance between Jedi & Mercs. [sigh] I miss ForceMod; it had a wonderful server option to amp up blaster damage radically, putting Mercs on even footing AND giving Jedi a real incentive to invest in Saber Defense. Rest assured as soon as the SDK is released, I will be petitioning the modding community to restore a similar functionality to JA. (Instagib rocks! ) Till then, Amidala made some good suggestions, though personally I'm always hesitant to use weapon/force disable because it appears in the browser as if ALL weapons/force powers have been disabled. Another option is to lower the server's Force Mastery setting (g_maxforcerank) so that Light/Dark Jedi have to economize which powers they choose... just be prepared for an onslaught of whiney Jedi complaining they can't max everything out.
  19. Would that be the tambourine or the bongos?
  20. Tell me you left in Force Melvin? That was my favorite!
  21. The fact that you took the time to respond to my post leads me to believe otherwise. I've liked them "b@stereds" plenty "sinse" I started making an income from using applications such as After Effects, InDesign, Photoshop and Shake. Yes, some of these programs are available for the Windows environment, however I've found them more stable, intuitive and functional on the Macintosh platform. That's simply a personal preference, however as I've alluded to previously, many in the design, entertainment and production community apparently agree with me. You build computers. I USE them (and for something besides merely playing games). Yes and like a console system, I've yet to purchase a product for my Macintosh only to return home and discover that it wasn't "compatible." The most challenging aspect of any installation I've ever performed on a Mac was getting the shrink wrap off the packaging. Unlike my PC, I've never had to monkey with DIP switches, run down IRQ errors, or tinker with obscure autoexec.bat or config.sys files. I've never had to back out of the elegant and user-friendly GUI and pull up a clunky DOS command line interface or BIOS equivalent. I also might mention that I've NEVER had a virus, trojan horse or worm - not EVER (not even one of those common & pathetic macro exploits). That's certainly one aspect of "compatibility" I don't begrudge PCs for having. Furthermore, I've had more crashes, system lockups and freezes in the past two months with my new, "top-of-the-line" Alienware PC than I've had in over two YEARS with my Mac. Ironically, all I have installed and use on the PC are a handful of GAMES. So yes, if my income depended on it, I'd go with the Apple Powerbook over the Gateway... in a heartbeat. As far as I'm concerned, that's $500 well spent. "MICROSOFT is regarded by the COMMON PEOPLE as INNOVATORS, by the WISE as THIEVES, and by U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE as a MONOPOLY & VIOLATOR OF ANTI-TRUST LAWS."
  22. Actually, it's my understanding they were primarily using Silicon Graphics (SGI) workstations prior to adopting more Linux machines (see above photo of Rob Coleman - that's an SGI box on top of his desk). To my knowledge they've always used Macs, in particular for matte painting and textures (Photoshop) - something a bit less glamorous than their digital puppet Yoda, which gets most of the press. My source for this information? Meeting them first hand at several NAB & SIGGRAPH conventions over the years. Anyhow James is right; there's no need here for a flame war. Both Macs & PCs have value. I just wanted to post an educated opinion that by no means "Mac sux." P.S. Love them pics in your sig SlapNut!
  23. After playing Jedi Academy... frankly I wonder why anyone would still be interested.
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