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  1. Definitely light on tanks and healers, but that will eventually settle down. For example, four of us that were grouping together were all classes we would never in a million years be playing live, as they are outside our skillset. I was playing a Sith Marauder, and I usually play ranged DPS. MY GF was also a SM, but usually plays a healer class. Etc etc. And as far as the female topic... we know because we're on vent/ts/mumble with them. lol
  2. I shall be there with bells on. But I'm going to play a class I will never play post release...
  3. Still always ran into mods not working, mods not being updated... mods that fall out of favor and get forgotten... so you're always looking for a new replacement for a simple old mod.
  4. That's what backpacks and banks are for... lol
  5. The Darwinism Or maybe just... The Natural Selection
  6. I'm actually going to be a bit happy that I won't need to update my add-ons and find new compatible ones every few months... lol
  7. Sadly, it's VERY SWG standard, with the bright blue color. I was told that nothing can be moved either, which really bothers me. I hate the stock blue color. I want to be able to move things around and resize them. THe map however is spectacular, as you can run around with it up and the transparency changes once you start to move. Unfortunately, I've 'seen' beta, but am not 'in' beta, so I can't really test much other than to give a friend a kick and get info. Well, unless I go visiting again. lol
  8. 8 per server in beta I believe, but again, we'll have to wait for the final build to be certain, as I heard this number has fluctuated between 8 and 10. Either way, there are very few classes I would actually play anyways.
  9. I think most of us are hoping that the first expansion includes these ideas from the 'Wall of Crazy' as the devs call it; 1) 3D Space, 2) Capital Ships for Guilds and 3) Customizable and DIFFERENT ships for players. That is an expansion I would gladly pay for. Heck... I did in Galaxies... and that didn't have capital ships.
  10. At no point did Bioware say they were redesigning the MMO combat system, except to say they were going to choreograph it as opposed to having standard animations. Honestly though, how could they redesign the combat system for an MMO and keep it competitive, fair and balanced? As far as graphics, if you want graphics, play an FPS or RPG. MMOs are designed so millions of players on outdated PCs can all share an experience together. Graphics are ALWAYS toned down to allow for older dual cores and dated GPUs to be able to play the game and enable more people to play. In particular, those that don't own gaming rigs, the crowd that has never played an MMO before and is playing now because it's Star Wars and they were too young for SWG.
  11. Please don't express your opinion as fact, the devs have stated that the 'Rails' system can and may be replaced post-release.
  12. SWG didn't even have ship at release. So we're already a step up from that. lol Heck... now that I think of it, we didn't even have speeders... everything was on foot... I would expect this will be one of the first expansions, (Adding in proper space combat, flight, etc.) along with capital ships for guilds.
  13. I'll ask around and double check, but I am fairly certain you cannot. Edit : Confirmed you cannot, however I was reminded of a post where the devs discussed adding ship customization post-release, but no details on what could be customized.
  14. Honestly, if it's anything like WoW, the AH pricing fluctuates throughout the day. You can literally buy up a ton of things underpriced and sell it all at a killing during prime time. The fluctuations are already there, just not in the artificial sense you're looking for. I made all of my characters gold playing the AH for profit. All hail Auctioneer...
  15. So, name an MMO that doesn't actually have a global cooldown. Heck, even the FPS games you claim that don't, do... it's called weapon swap animation time. This is how the devs balance weapons for FPS. They create a complicated formula that basically compares the following characteristics of a weapon to ensure balance: Fire Rate, Damage, Range, Reload Time, Rounds/Clip, Accuracy etc. are all balanced out. Reload time is used as a balancing factor to impede weapons with large clips or high damage output, to compensate for the weapons with smaller clips to have faster reload times to ensure equal amounts of downtime is spent to cause the same amount of damage. The higher the damage dealt, the longer the time between shots (fire rate). The longer the range, the smaller the clip etc. All of these are built in global cooldowns. To be honest, I think most of the argument in this thread is in regards to stating it's like every MMO and that it's turn based. Apparently we all have different definitions of turn based, and to compare MMOs is NEVER about turn basis, as the global cooldown you're talking about is built into EVERY MMO to create opportunity, not to perform actions, but to balance. Balance is not possible when the ONLY balancing factor is the speed of the human hand. To be quite frank, if you don't like an MMO because it's like every other MMO, then you actually just don't like MMOs... so why are you looking at SWTOR in the first place?
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