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  1. That's probably it, I tried it on a friend and he couldn't see me even when I stood two feet away. Thanks
  2. Thanks.. tokk me 2 tries to get it, but 17 to beat the level... To complexed... oh and one more thing.. in Multiplayer I've seen AI Cloak, and My friend did it once and he has no clue how. (Actually he cloaked all of us on his team) How can you.. er I Cloak? Does it have something to do with the Team Heal/Energize?
  3. I looked at a couple walkthroughs and they didn't help me in any way, but in the level where you have to find Reelo Baruk (NAA Streets or something like that) I can't figure out what to do after I get on the 2nd Crane... Well I do but i'm not sure if it's right. I get into the Dumpster then ride it till it pushes me off.. now I'm stuck.. I'll either die by falling, or starvation (just kidding) What do I do there?
  4. Nothing came up in em either.. Please don't ban me.. But here's what I put in it: How can I unlock the locked arenas in the Jedi Arena (Multi) and what are they called?
  5. I didn't mean to do that.. Please forgive me... My comp went nuts.. Sorry.
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