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  1. Hello all, I don't post here much, but I wondered if there was anyone in this community who had a lead on the Dark Forces cover poster that was originally sold in the Adventurer magazine. I've been searching Ebay and other auction sites for about eight months and am having no luck. Perhaps it was offered but never produced... However it is listed on the Star Wars Collecting Archive. I've condidered printing off my own from a scan of the box art, but that would take the fun out of the hunt, wouldn't it? I know it's a long shot, but if anyone knows anything about where to locate one that would be great! Thanks, guys and gals.
  2. Hmmm... I've been trying for several days but no luck. Perhaps I'll try from a different ISP.
  3. The Final is great guys, excellent work and cheers on getting this far. Hey, the "extras" link on the frontpage doesn't work. Any chance these files are getting up somewhere?
  4. A very merry Christmas indeed! I know how I'll be spending my time this weekend.
  5. It's sad that things are coming to a close, but at least the mod will go out with a bang! I think the team accomplished an incredible amount. Most people don't appreciate the time of effort that goes into creating computer graphics.
  6. This looks fantastic, guys. I still have a healthy interest in this project and a fair amount of respect for the work being done. As a computer graphic artist myself, I know there has been an incredible amount of effort and time put forth. I hope this continues as you are putting out a real quality body of work.
  7. Has anyone found a succesful way to export character models from within UnrealEd? I've read some UT2004 tutorials on converting the pawns into static meshes, but this method severely corrupts the models. I've also tried opening the .U-- files using a program called Game Extractor but it doesn't seem to recognize the packed file extensions. Is it virtually impossible to obtain these meshes with the tools we have, or is there something I'm missing? Thanks.
  8. A couple more for ya: In SECBASE, I was able to jump-crouch up the front of the troop transport outside, and from there get onto the second floor of the base. I could then take the elevator down, without getting the keycard or having any enemies spawned inside. In TALAY, at the very beginning when you turn around to shoot the stormtrooper, there are two rebel posters on the left-hand wall. There is a clipping problem here, just walk forward hugging the wall and you will get stuck. While I'm on the clipping issue, I'll mention that there are a few control console models in the rebel base that you can walk through. And this is more of a gameplay issue: throughout the levels (especially TALAY) there are many small ledges and pillars that stick out from the walls. I found this to be slightly frustrating getting caught up all the time, as I hug the walls a lot when I play. I'm going to suggest that if there are narrow tunnels or elevators (SEWERS) that have detail sticking out, that these in-between areas get a clip brush. Well, that's all for now. I'm off to play the demo for the 50th time:D...
  9. Here's my bugs that I haven't seen addressed: SECBASE: When you get on the roof and don't press USE to end the mission, the Crow animation will sloooowly tip over on its side. IMAGE TALAY: I get the message (Cached weather file "maps/talay.weather out of date, regenerating...) when the level starts. This goes away after a couple of seconds. This door clips through the wall: IMAGE Other than a few texturing problems (I think I saw some crates in SEWERS where the textures are backwards), everything else looks pretty good. Great MOD guys!
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