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  1. Yes, the contract with Rockstar and Sony ends in 2004. Hopefully MS buys them out (maybe a first party developer?) and we get to have the next installments. Xbox will get GTA 3 AND Vice City (most likely with extras like State of Emergency) and hopefully they will be bundled together.
  2. Everybody here seems to not know about the problem so I'll give you the solutions I know. I had a character in Morrowind with over 200 blocks, and I ran into a few DDE's. Not everybody has this problem. When did you get your xbox? If you got it within 4 months of launch (Nov. 15, 2001) then you probably have a Thompson Disc Drive. The old Thompsons are cheap and cause a lot of errors. Microsoft saw this and now they use samsung and a newer Thompson drive, which work perfectly. Microsoft isn't just out to get your money, you won't have to buy a new xbox to get a good drive. Call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX and give them your information and they will send you a box to put your xbox in. They will replace the drive for free and send it to you within 1-2 weeks. I'm in the process of doing this and I can say that their customer support is very good. If they won't let you (which they should if your box has a bad drive) then I would either install one yourself or just buy a new $179 xbox . You can also help with the cache by disposing of all your corpses, closing doors, and leaving everything the way you found it. it will greatly cut down on your file size.
  3. Make that 2, and one injured. And the missiles fired on Iraq weren't wishful thinking necessarily, they were a result of very recent intelligence that the US had to take advantage of. Rumors last I heard were that Saddam may have been injured. (An unusual and abrupt call for medical care). Who cares how much it costs, who cares how many people will hate us. We are putting the world's biggest threat to silence, and we can thank God that Bush has balls.
  4. You can't just slap in a new crystal and make the end of the blade look different, pal. That's the way they are doing it now. Ray or whoever decided to give them an "original look" has got their head stuck pretty far up there ass to make a move like that.
  5. Saber fighting looks fantastic. I just hope this isn't as linear (and thus as boring) as NWN.
  6. Don't want t be the bearer of bad news, the bubble burster, or...etc. But the game will probably suck. Of all the simpsons games that have been released, only the 32-bit ones were good. Game Informer awarded the simpson's skateboarding the worst game ever, lol.
  7. I rented and beat Baldur's gate for xbox. Never played the ones by Bioware , but this one has really no replay value. Good dungeon crawler, but really just a hack n' slash game with upgrades.
  8. I'll start with blue probably, and then either work my way up to single gold, or double-bladed gold. Single sounds more traditional, though.
  9. Is there any way we can read any of Ray Muzyka's speeches?
  10. Well, while we're all moved to the cantina, I'll reccomend Ghost Recon to you if you have Live. It's the best Live game out there. I plan on getting the clone wars and indiana jones, too. Still thinking about going back and playing Jedi Outcast on xbox again.
  11. Unless com gets the go from BioWare themseleves, we aren't going to have it. There's always that bad boy who doesn't follow the rules who likes to post stuff, like insider information..
  12. Bioware thoroughly denies it, Microsoft denies it....it's gonna happen.
  13. He wishes he did. And Microsoft's priorities are set elsewhere. Even if you are joking, lol. I would like to see them buy a publisher! EA!
  14. Hmmmmm.......... let's think REALLY hard now... Final Fantasy? or Neverwinter Nights? Bioware obviously shows no catering to one side......wow what a TOUGH question.
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