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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know what I'm officially retiring from the forums. It's been awhile since I've been here and talked to you all. Anyway maybe I'll see you guys in Jedi Academy or Star Wars Galaxies. Just wanted to say: wedge - thanks for helping me with my maps, Lil Killa - keep mapping, rgoer - ditto, theCheat - you're more than a little yellow thing (lol), and Rhett - I'm gonna miss your elves. LoL I feel like I'm writing my own eulogy. I just wanna say thank you guys for making my experience with LF a great and fun one. I know this sounds corny so feel free to ignore me . -Shotokan Officially retired from these forums
  2. I've been absent from these forums that I have once called home and had just recently returned to see new mapping legends being born, Lil Killa and rgoer are the ones that really stick out to me. I'm really astonished at the work and progress you guys have put out, and I remember when Lil Killa was nothing more than a mapper (now I feel hes making his way up to the legendary status). I feel the same about you rgoer. Now, if I had the same dedication and creativity that you have put into your maps I'm sure that I could become just as great of a mapper as both of you, but I'll pass that and stick to playing them . Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge these two and if it has already been done I apologize. Keep up the good work. -Shotokan Officially retired from these forums
  3. Heh it sucks too during cutscenes... Cause most of em won't work so you hafta start the entire thing all over
  4. LoL that's funny. The movie was awesome, but what I really liked... Was Keira Knightley. Damn! She's hot!
  5. The game looks pretty good... But I'm looking forward to Full Spectrum Warrior.
  6. I really like your brushwork and texture work. Very nice variation for a rather bland, metal structure.
  7. Heh I thought it was gonna be reversed... People can see you but you cant see them... Well since it's the opposite I know I can do it.
  8. Hey that's pretty cool, but aren't the horns supposed to be a bit fatter?
  9. I think it was monsoontide that was working on a Dewback model. A Dewback would be a good replacement for that Tauntaun methinks.
  10. Dean Cain was the best Superman IMO.
  11. You did a good job at making that place look... Dirty... And run down... Heh wish I had the creativity to actually implement that sort of patch work into my maps. I hate working with patch vertices...
  12. Doesn't SWG take place before Jedi Outcast?
  13. Oh and Antizac? You gonna fix up all that "makeup" on her face? Looks like she's sweating it off. Just tone it down a bit because the purple and pink are a bit too prominent.
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