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  1. In console, type in char_color_red 34, char_color_blue 34, char_color_green 34. For jet-black, use number 256. Hope this helps.
  2. You're right Ashkara! 256 does give you jetblack and doesnnn't look as good as 34 34 34. But so far, 34 is the lowest I can go in MP. I have yet to try SP colors with playertint command. Hopefully 20 20 20 will work there. Btw, to those who don't know, you can use customized colors on trandoshan/sp model too! Nothing more intimidating than a trandoshan in hot pink!
  3. Just found it guys. The magic number is 256. char_color_red 256 char_color_blue 256 char_color_green 256 ENjoy!
  4. While playing mp, I've seen people using customizable skins, but they have black trim on them. I've asked all of the people online who have done it to tell me with no luck:( So if anyone would be so kind as to tell me how to get this trim I would be greatly thankful The codes are char_color_red (number) char_color_blue (number) char_color_green (number) I've tried numbers 1 and 0 but to no avail Sorry if this has been answered in another thread.
  5. Cool finds man, THANK-YOU MUCH FOR SHARING!!! Also, I like your avatar Sam Fisher!!! sleeeeekkkkk!
  6. Lol, I too love setting up matchups with npcs! However, when a sand creature ate a mutant rancor on my comp, it crashed:( Still though, I'm trying to make a realistic Vader npc, but everyone I've made has lost to Kyle_boss
  7. If you enable cheats via helpusobi 1 command then type in playerteam player, then regardless of model you should be back on your normal team and only stormies and such will attack you, not friendlies
  8. I agree Mike! I went through the game in SP as strictly light side -though with the extra missions I am a Master at drain too. It was fun to use em npc's as pets, and it is fun to watch em shoot it out too! Plus, there are some cool gunners in there suceptible to mind trick which can hold their own against reborns too! Fun!! As someone said , the distance on mind trick is awesome! I would crouch or walk through the missions and once my reticle turns red, BAM! I mind trick em and watch em kill each other, lol! So I did rack up a body count, just never got my hands too bloody in the process! BTW, just finished the game today, and imho, it was as wild and as fun a ride as JO! Now all we need is to refine multiplayer! EDIT: Oh and about surfaces, I was able to mindtrick through see-through surfaces, as for crates and stuff no luck.
  9. As I progressed through SP, I managed to max out all the light sided powers, then when asked to alot another force point I clicked on one of the light sided powers by mistake and my game locked up and I could not assign a force point to the dark side where I had some empty slots. The only way for me to exit was to type quit in console. Btw, the help button works, but nothing else
  10. Hope someone can get the flamethrower to work BUMP!
  11. Hmm, maybe you need the 1.04 patch? http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=3825
  12. I was able to play SP before, but now my computer locks up and all i get is the title screen! I've already reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled the game and still no go. Also, every few times in mp I have to re-insert disk one to my drive- i only have the one cd-rom drive. amd 1.1ghz pny 5200 ultra 128meg 512 meg Ram 56x benq cd-rom
  13. Yep me to guys! For a few days there though I was able to play SP. Now when i try to startup SP my screen remains on the title screen and my computer seems to lock up, no error messages! I also reformatted my hard drive again and loaded the game again and was able to play on the first try, then upon trying again I still remain locked on the title screen! EDIT: After reformatting (again) and reinstalling Windows Me, I am now able to play both MP and SP! I reinstalled my full version of Windows - no Custom install- and also did a automatic install also for JK3. However, I have not installed any Windows updates whatsoever on my computer and as far as DirectX goes I have plain 9.0 - not 9.0a, or 9.0b- which came with my video card drivers.
  14. After switching to the boba model in SP with the playermodel boba_Fett code, I pressed jump 2x and guess what? The jetpacks works!!!! If anyone can get the flamethrower to work that would be awesome! (of course, use devmapall to activate cheats first)
  15. Azymn, seeing as how the mod will be released soon, I must thank-you for letting me beta test it for you. Your efforts are much appreciated by the community, guess I'll be SEEING YOU ONLINE:)
  16. My merc bots (which have no designated force powers) spawn with sabers only in basic mercmod. Keep up the GREATwork Azymn, ALMOST THERE!!
  17. I adjusted the botfiles which came with some of the main models out there. The only bot of mine with saber throw is of course Vader. Thanks to Azymn, the emotional attachments are upto 8 now, I've done my best to keep the bots properly aligned:) If you want em just email me at bleroy@tampabay.rr.com Should anyone else like some bots, email me as well:)
  18. When I first d'l the latest beta f4 my bots were functioning properly (f_powerbots at 1). However, now my bots are using force powers not allotted to them. In my autoexec.cfg file I typed in seta f_powerbots 1 to be safe and still this problem occurs. I also use my own personal cfg files for specific characters I wish to play, however in these I set my desired model type and bind keys. This is the second time this has happend. The first time it happend I re-downloaded the beta (replacing all the files and folders as orderd) which brings me to now. Edit: After deleting a jk2mpconfig from both my base and forcemod folders, and also placing my personal cfg player files in my forcemod folder, the problem with f_powerbots 1 is now gone. I hope... Edit: On another note, optic rader doesn't seem too work against mind trickers at level 3 or higher. Edit: My mistake, it does work Edit: F_powerbots 1 problem has returned:( Seems that all the bots have the same force powers regardless of my botfiles.
  19. Azymn I was wondering if you could make the reticle visible when one is using the optic radar? Also, if you could make the optic radar work in 3rd person would be great too. As always, great job friend!!!
  20. No crashes yet to report on this build Azymn.
  21. When in mid-air, turning off the jetpack results in your player being in an unatural position with arms straight out to the side with legs straight and spread out. (the position your model appears in when initially in Mod View) Edit: When spectating my bots, I noticed that my clonetrooper once out of ammo with the repeater, would use the ammo regen device only for a split second (enough to generate an attack). Then, the bot would attack and be out of ammo again lol. This cycle continues of course till the bot is killed. I am curious if you can make it so that when bots are out of ammo, they will regen ammo while at the same time using their second weapon of choice. Maybe they can regen ammo to a certain percentage (say 50% full) or until the ammo regen bars are gone.
  22. 1. When i changed my game to basic mercmode, I noticed that as a merc you spawn with a bowcaster, pistol, tazer, and blaster. However, in actuality all you can use when u spawn are the bowcaster and the tazer:( 2. Under basic merc mode, when choosing the class of merc it shows the right icon on the player setup menu, but to the right of this is a jumble of descriptions (of the classes and equipment) which overlap eachother. 3. When one plays as a merc, you can roll and shoot at the same time (meaning you can shoot while in mid-roll). Hmm, while this makes getting kills easier, I feel this may need to be corrected. Lord knows I was spamming this big time against fellow mercs:). 4. Hmm, depending on which hilt one picks, some blade skins appear to be unattached to the hilt if one looks closely. 5. When using the tri-engine jetpack, the middle engine is not centered. 6. As Rut-Wa said, the preview blade is not registering. 7. I am curious as to what everyone thinks of increasing primary bryar pistol damage? I for one am for it:) To get a kill when using primary fire with the pistol is near impossbile even when exchanging fire with a fellow merc armed with a different weapon. It requires a LOT of shots to get a kill:( 8. Saber-throw has been improved somewhat I think. But I can forsee mercs having a hell of a time on servers where many others are saber throw enabled. It seems that being in range to illicit a saber throw from a bot will almost always end in death, and note, that this distance is far too great imo. What to do about this, I am unsure. Would decreasing saber-throw damage to say 50 to 70hps be too much? Maybe this damage can be directly to ones hps and not the shields. This i would like to see implemented. 9. Like I said, almost there!!! Keep up the great work Azymn!! Edit: 10. Hmm, when I went back into basic mercmode, I could not designate myself as a merc at all. Even after respawning many times and checking the setup menu (under class I chose to be a merc), I still spawned with a light saber. I even went as far as to make sure I had absolutely no force powers availible and still no luck.
  23. Just checked it now Azymn, yep the tck colors don't appear on the preview saber. I noticed that with bots, they use force grip sporadically if its on level 4. However, on level 3 they seem to grip opponents for a time as I think is proper (IMO) Despite this, however, I sense a release to the public real soon
  24. Nope, just checked now my forcemod folder. Seems the tck_menus reset whenever I go back to the tck menu:(
  25. Hmmm, I looked into the jk2mpconfig and i see that the tck_rgb values are all at 50 Also, just as you said, when i set the tck rgb colors up and go back in game, then i return to the tck menu, the rgb values are reset at 50 again:( However, I must thank-you for increasing the bot emotional attachments to 8 ) Almost there Azymn!! edit: I found out how to SET SABER COLORS for now guys!!! After thinking about what you said about saber colors loading at startup, I decided to put my desired tck_rgb into my autoexec file and IT WORKED!!! Now if only i knew the command for the saber skins ))
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