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  1. pilot's lounge but that's a star wars games site, but hey so is this?
  2. I liked Rey's theme, the only one that stood out. and the scene at the end.
  3. playing some SWG on the SWG Reborn server. NGE, the patch that came out in 2010, close to the game's close. it's not too bad, nostalgia...
  4. got some jeans, a few hoodies, including a hoodie with captain phasma on the front
  5. i love rebels...and i've been playing uprising on my phone during downtime at work. had a nice christmas morning and afternoon with my dog and my girlfriend. watched Furious 7 and some of office space. going to my parents' and my sister's tomorrow morning which should be fun.
  6. the second time watching it was much better experience for me. It's growing on me i suppose. I'm looking forward to the next season of Rebels.
  7. it was better the 2nd time around.. though i doubt there'll be anymore nods if any to the EU or any planets from EU books. just hoping Rogue One doesn't screw it up. i doubt they'll show Kyle Katarn...i guess that whole story is shot out. Star Wars Uprising is a game for the smart phone/tablet it's an rpg/mmorpg you can make a cartel and group up, etc. it's pretty fun.
  8. seeing the force awakens again tomorrow in 3D. does anybody on here play Star Wars Uprising? also...interview tomorrow at 10. think i'll go to sleep. gonna be a good day tomorrow.
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