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  1. thanks, mimartin!

  2. Happy Birthday! Again!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. ok, I've been here so erratically that I forgot you posted in the TOR thread before responding. Keep that in mind when you read it. ;)

  5. I'm going to add you to my Xbox live friends lsit.

    My gamertag is CompactedPrism

  6. PM me your new number (or call me)



  7. haven't checked online out, but it's probably hard as most the hardcore peoples have fully upgraded units, etc. and there's already an expansion with more upgrades, but expansion costs ms points. so i haven't got a chance to check that out.

  8. Predictable. How is the online gameplay?

  9. it's pretty good, though just so you know, it does kind of get old, though at times it is cool commanding an army with my voice. :) the WMDs are worth the price, also the price of the game is like $35 at gamestop, probably cheaper preowned. :)

  10. I see that you got EndWar. So how is it? I am thinking of getting it...

  11. Yea, you can add me whenever. I can't promise I'll add you right away - mostly because I don't check my messages all that often.

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