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  1. Alex won't forget about this thread if you won't bump it...
  2. I'M HAPPY FOR YOU! have anything real to contribute? And stop deleting my posts!
  3. Yeah, I noticed it also. They didn't update none of these since the game was announced.
  4. Unfortually, I don't have a PS2 neither do I live in the USA...
  5. I had to lower settings a bit to make it work relatively smooth. I have GeforceFX5200 I set both to medium, res to 1024x768x32, no decals and no other thing. Didn't you like my review Pal?
  6. There are times when you should use the right to remain silence ^_^
  7. Israel, in that situation, would give the terrorists all they want, which is releasing prisoners, which will later kill people.
  8. Damnit, I want the action figure... I mean demo *shifty eyes*
  9. In theory perhaps. In the real world you usually need more than the recomended. The companies usually lower the requirements so more people would buy it
  10. Over 150 dead! That just shows the russians' priority...
  11. I have GeforceFX5200. It looks like it will barely run the game if it's only recomended. Same for the RAM.
  12. If there will be UN troops here, which will prevent any terrorist attack, then Israel will have no use for the militery, and everyone will be happy, and the economic condition will improve grately. I'll be happy if it happens, as I'm not THAT keen to risk my life, although I would to protect people when the time comes. I don't think that there's anything that the UN can do. But again, everyone in Israel would be happy in that case. As for now, we dislike the UN because all they do is talk, sort of like you.
  13. Games companies often prefer to make their own forums, so they'll fit better to their needs.
  14. The USA had nothing to do with the situation. I'm intruged why when the chechnians attack russia no one thinks of blaming russia. And what do they want? No matter how much territory the chechnians want, russia will still be huge. It's not the same here. Also, the palestinians attacked us before the occupation, and before Israel was even decalered. The occupation is because they attack us, not the other way around... Your idea is that Israel will stay undefended to terrorist attacks. No thank you, I think I'll pass... You are right that killing their leaders is pretty worthless, but that's the American way.
  15. God damnit, there are people there that have been registered since 1999! 3/03 doesn't seem so cool now
  16. I've been registered since the 3/03 and I just made my first post ^_^
  17. Blasted, I wanted to say it I'm never around when the big things happen
  18. Right now you only prove your ignorance on Israel's politics. You better do some research before throwing accusations.
  19. I'm jewish in the fact that I celebrate the holidays such as Hanukkah, Sukkot and Passover. I'm not jewish in the way that I'll go to a war for jedaism.
  20. As I said before, religions are evil. So yes, I agree with you.
  21. This whole thread is a mockery to intelligence. Its main subject is whether the bible aproves the war in Iraq... There should be another forum for religious debates.
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