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  1. Hehe battle of Naboo! Hehe Double post!
  2. Nope, that's the Technical Help forum.
  3. I think they once said that if they can't top a free mod, it would be really sad.
  4. Don't dish Majin. True, he now make a lot of skins of vehicles, but all of them are vehiclesw that came with the game. He also made a Droid Starfighter that looks pretty good so far. He made one mistake, people should not hold grudge against him for that.
  5. That is another story for another time. Ok, well do you remember Duncan's AT AT? Majin downloaded it, did some modification to the veh file and named it my_atat or something like that. A huge flame war has erupted, and the rest is history.
  6. Are you talking about MajinRevan? Cuz I don't think Duncan is THAT sensitive. And Majin did apologize.
  7. I don't think we're in the Jedi Academy section no more Toto.
  8. I think I'd stop with modeling for the time being. Too stressful. Before, modeling was a hobby, now it's more stressing than homework. It's not anyones fault. If anyone wants to finish my model, I'd be happy to sent it to him.
  9. It's still isn't enough for them to be called pilot.
  10. I know what you talk of. The MeshSmooth is be a powerful ally, and a terrible foe. I learnt how to control it correctly while doing the Kaadu.
  11. So why calling it a pilot? They should've call it engineer or something. Pilot is misleading.
  12. The star destroyer was mere decoration, it's part of the sky. Don't know about the battleship though (what is a battleship anyway?)
  13. What bother me more is that droids are vehicles. It would be cool if those so called vehicles were selectable classes. Hailfire droid is no less of a droid than the droideka.
  14. And yet everyone keep misspelling it :wookie:
  15. And that's why they're called engineers and not pilots. They make a class named pilot and looks like a pilot, and it has nothing to do with piloting. It's incredibly silly.
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