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  1. ha ha! ep 3 will own you all! if you want spoilers visit my site and read my story or check out the ep3 pics. link in the sig.
  2. Y-WING. those bombs are awesome.
  3. kashyyyk isn't like that in ep 3. it's like the game. and i actually put 2 and 2 together a while ago. there were spoilers about the battles on kashyyyk in ep 3 being "like private ryan" i.e. droids storming the beaches of the lagoons and the wookiees, clones fighting on the shore. if you play the daytime kashyyyk level you'll see that's exactly what it is like.
  4. thanks man, i hope they can as well, except i have the ps2 version boo hoo! i like what you said about the prequels. they are like "backward compatible". i think that once all is said and done people will say "i still hate jar jar or the ep 2 dialogue" or whatever but they will see how it all fits together. it amazes me how lucas can begin the PREQUELS 25-30 years later with the same passion and fire, make things fit together and be doing it sort of backwards to the starting point of the ot. because if you look at it, it's really like positive and negative sides of the story. -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 you have zero as the starting point, the ot and then he goes backwards 3 notches to begin the saga with episode one. kind of like counting backwards to the middle with the ideas and similarities. fans of the ot will really notice how much ep 3 looks like ep 4, 5 and 6. and then, if they stop prequel hating, they can watch them all and see the slow changes.
  5. i think that once ep 3 hits and people can watch the movies in succesion that prequel haters will come to appreciate them more. maybe not. there really is no point in arguing because everyone has their own taste. but without the prequels there would be no... view of the republic, the separatists or the clone wars.. no jedi fighting together... none of the new races, worlds, technology... no backstory for anakin, obi-wan, etc. i am very grateful for the prequels.
  6. yeah i know. did it mulit-post i guess?
  7. by the way, just saw the creating gg webdoc and grievous WAS NOT created from a spray bottle top. that was used in a different grievous concept that didn't make it past the first approval. and the thing about yoda being 9 feet tall is also false. look at the concept art. it looks just like yoda little and green. so your argument is completely wrong.
  8. by the way, has the official site updated at all in the last month. it always takes so long to load that i never go anymore.
  9. 10-4 if anyone has any ep 3 questions go to my site and use my guestbook as a message board. i'll answer all i can.
  10. it's not a spoiler if it's all over the official star wars site.
  11. yes chewie is in ep 3 along with a whole buttload of wookiees. and the cool thing is chewie is the smallest one! i have some (er) exclusive pics of the wookiees. i could email them to to anyone who wants them but you can't post them on the internet.
  12. i have flown upside down
  13. i was on hoth in an at-at and i shot a snowspeeder. if you get a direct hit they're gone but it's pretty hard. also 2 snowspeeders were trying to wrap me up and they were on fire and wobbly. i was trying to blast them but they were going in opposite circles. as i follow the first one to the right i see both coming at each other hitting the hills and stuff and then... SMACK they plow into each other blowing themselves up!!!
  14. here's an awesome thing i've discovered on the dune sea tatooine. get in a ship as a sniper and fly up to the tops of the tall rock spires. then land on top of one and get out. perfect sniping spot!!! try the same thing on the geonosis spire.
  15. the sailor is similar to the starfighter but it's alot bigger. and no it's not in the game.
  16. that's what i'm sayin'. i love the game but give me a break.
  17. i grew up watching the original versions and saw esb and rotj when they originally came out in the theaters. so how come i like the changes and you don't? what makes our opinions different? how come i have no problem with the prequels and the ot changes and they are such a big deal to you and others? and lucas wrote the rough draft scripts of esb and rotj then the screenplay writers re-wrote and changed it into a screenplay. and those 2 films had different directors so george wanted to direct the first prequel himself to set the tone. he felt having someone else direct those 2 that he didn't have enough control over his own movies. it makes sense to me. he also has a.d.'s and the cgi team doing they're own shots such as the clone wars scenes. he didn't direct those himself. he gave them his ideas and they did everything including new things like camera shakes and zooms and lucas picked what he liked. i guess i like to think of sw as one big movie, which is what it is. thus, it makes sense to even out the old effects with new ones for continuity. i like each episode of the saga. some parts better than others, but each as a part of one whole story.
  18. obi-wan didn't know everything and he's saying that "look if you can't even face him... then the emperor has already won" kenobi doesn't think he can be turned and he's right. vader is evil. that's because of what he has personally seen anakin do "spoiler" luke is the only one who believes and that faith is what saves vader. up until vader kills the emperor he is still evil and must be killed to bring balance to the force (no sith). when vader himself kills the emperor he has redeemed himself and is no longer a sith and the remaining sith (the emperor) is on his way down the shaft. therefore, anakin has fulfilled his prophecy as the chosen one who will bring the force into balance.
  19. i don't know what to tell you about the non-existent o-ot dvds. i still have my vhs copies and i can watch them. it would be nice to have a restored old version on dvd but it's more money and there has to be a large enough demand for it. that's the thing, lucas doesn't like the originals and wants his version to be the only version. i respect that, but i can see how others want the unchanged version. i guess someone needs to make a petition or something. as for ep 1 and 2 and their sappy moments and dialogue, ep 3 will contrast this so harshly that most casual sw fans, who like the comedy hijinks and all, will be stunned and uncomfortable. this is the genius of lucas. a poster on tfn was talking about the way ep 3 effects 1 and 2 and 4, 5 and 6. the sappy gungan and little annie moments will be the only innocent moments like that for anakin's whole life. the sappy ep 2 rolling in the grass and kissing padme moments are gone forever. watching the ot and seeing vader you will feel sad for him because you remember those things and the fact that now he's an evil, barely human, killer that has lost everything in his life. and i guarantee you anakin and padme's moments together in ep 3 will be the complete opposite of rolling in the grass. trust me.
  20. last night on endor i shot a stormtrooper in the bushes and it looked just like the movie. aivas love the sig man, awesome!
  21. told you so. ha! ha! i haven't been able to get mine yet, got the game instead. it makes sense about anakin being young but it kinda spoils ep 3. anakin does die, in a way. "the good man that was your father was destroyed", said obi-wan. when the true anakin is killed is when he turns to evil. so as he is redeemed right before he dies, his spirit is young and good like it was before he turned. it also connects the saga together and luke gets to see his real father. i like it.
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