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    Reading Star Wars, guitar,soccer, so on
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  1. thats true. I know someone who worked at a prison that said one of the inmates bragged about killing his kids and his cell mate killed him.
  2. Its like getting in trouble for NOT doing drugs.
  3. ...since there is such a large market for intergalactic phone calls and all...
  4. OOOOH MAN! I have been waiting for this forever.
  5. yeah, i really dont say 'd00dz'. and yes I will be visiting regularly.
  6. I havent been here in probably a year. And then I had a dream. A revelation. Calling me back here. I dont know how long I will be with you. But for now I am back. -Thrack.
  7. wow...havent been here in about a year. i think martha stewart had raised the bar for prison cell decorating if you ask me.
  8. Dont Shake it Like A Polaroid Picture Shaking polaroids is dangerous to your health.
  9. YEAAH! I remember those, the one were you win free ones by shooting one. What a great interactive ad.
  10. I voted for Obi because I feel sorry for janitors....
  11. My sig shows that I belong to a secret society of Spoon Bowers.
  12. <.< >.> ... I GOT IT OFF SKINWALKERS WEBSITE! *runs*
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