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  1. YES the directer IS gone!! cool. now lets hope they start fresh and use smallville actors and writers. looking good.
  2. cool brendon fraser and the soap guy are gone, and i hear the director might leave too. i HOPE so.. if that happens and they have to start over with the project it might involve...........SMALLVILLE! looking good. maybe WB read the petition...u never know
  3. why u guys taking the subject away from Superman? What does william wallace and these samaris have to do with Superman? whatever your talking about is cool and all, but lets talk about Superman after all he's cooler then those movies u guys talked about (well Braveheart was really cool) but who cares about farscape?
  4. well that just sucks. at least i have earth and beyond to play till SWG comes out
  5. what the heck does this american talk and farscape stuff have to do with smallville. You lost me there. I understand that you dont like remakes, so your not all for a new superman movies, but what does farscape have to do with superman?
  6. So what. Its better then nothing. If the ppl who make the movie see so many people telling them that they want Tom Welling and not the other actors that might work. If the WB people figure out that if they use Tom then they are gonna have a movie that they KNOW people will want to see cuz people already see Tom as the next superman. But if they use some dumb a@@ like Harnett who looks nothing like Welling then no ones gonna give a crap about the movie. So if theres no petition maybe the makers of the movie would think that people dont care for Welling either, but if they see the petition who knows they might get it through they're head they everyone wants to see Smallville turned into a movies.
  7. hey guys if u wanna see Tom Welling (clark from smallville) to play superman in the new superman movies PLEASE sign here. i dont know if u guys care for smallville, but i do. I really wanna see this guy as the next superman. I hope he's the new superman, because have u seen the other people trying to play superman? Josh Hartnett, the tall guy from the 70's show, the guy who plays in sliders/scream 2 (nev cambells boy friend) and he played in the new movie kangaroo. Heck they're even thinking of Hayden Christension playing superman! Whats wrong with WB. NON of these guys LOOK like superman, so please sign the petition to get Tom Welling to play superman. Petition
  8. hey u got rid of his post? now it looks like i'm swearing to the other guy and now it looks like he's calling me a spammer because of my other post about getting the glow thing. OO NO now i look like the bad guy
  9. i didnt do that fire thing. thats from the game itself. maybe its a magic move.
  10. ok this is spamming but i just need one more reply to buy a glow around my name.
  11. well if we can put a icon on our droids or shops then i hope no one else can use that same icon. Like in earth and beyond u can put an icon on your ship. u get a list of like 20, 30 icons. so at some point someone picks a icon someone else has.
  12. ok sorry for asking, but someone said to come here and ask for points, i didn't know you'd get mad about that. I'm a newbie. <------- look at my post i'm just a baby.
  13. I say let the guys who write the scripts for smallville write one for the movie and get a good director to direct the movie. but keep the movie following smallville. same actors and all. I'd be like a fine wine. Cuz all the years of smallville would lead to the movies. years of forshadowing things that will happen in clarks future. And this talk about things to come should be shown in a movie after smallville.
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