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  1. Al, your topic started with an 'M' 1) It'll be in 1D, because not even a width of one pixel would count as one dimension, the screen will be totally black 2) Yes, during the installation process in Windows 3) About 5 inches tall 4) Seeing as it will be a blank screen, people who bought the game wont be happy but as a game it will break new ground. The art industry will start to notice its unparalleled way of communicating the human condition 5) Possibly LeChuck and a broken chest sporting an E ticket at the bottom of Dinky Island 6) Yes, pile of dust no. 2 will feature as part of LeChuck and also Stan will become evil. His unatural arm movements and his ability to teleport in SMI was overlooked 7) He will look like a pile of dust. Guybrush was dreaming all along and now he has killed his brother 8) Yes, she will look like a complex model of polygons with acurate mip-maping and particle effects. Alas, the graphic artists forgot that the game was in one dimension so the whole CD's worth is taken up with this character which you can only view using ScummRev 9) See no. 8 10) Ron????? what's he got to do with the MI games now?
  2. How about lines of conversation that begin with the correct letter I would actually value an idea from Hellbeard if he says he started the original game. Or was it just because he didn't like the idea that he started the thread?
  3. Yeah, MI2 really changes the music. The dancing monkeys bit is one of the first funny things in it - another tune that sounds good played on the internal speaker
  4. That must explain why the graphic adventure is never as popular as your RTS or 3D shooters - once you've completed the game there is not much longetivety to it I wasn't really against the idea of 3d graphics. In time it'll be more convincing and atmospheric than the previous 3 games were. I guess keyboard controls will allow an easier conversion of the game to the consoles. I was never satisfied with the maps in EMI. You can't really control Guybrush easily in this mode. Perhaps there could have been arrows on the different places you can get to and you could select these with the keyboard instead of physically having to move Guybrush there
  5. GP: It could be to do with your soundcard. There are DOS programs included with both games that allow you to configure it if it is 100% soundblaster compatible
  6. I don't remember my Amiga version being on that many disks. I think it was 4 or 6. I never did encounter the "insert disk 260" joke in the forest when I played it, neither the "You've really screwed up this time" joke, until I played the CD version anyway
  7. Here are my reasons why: 1) Main reason above all: graphic adventures are also known as 'point 'n' click' games. At the time of SMI when there weren't many other genres of games that the player would control with the mouse, this was what separated them from action-type games 2) An off-shoot of (1) really: Now that Tom, Dick and Harry have their Quake, Counterstrike, GTA etc. the graphic adventure is the endangered speicies of games. Adopting a keyboard control method not only makes it more actioney but hard to control walking, as every single review of Grim Fandango and Escape.. will tell you 3) After having a go with the demo of CMI and seeing artwork of the CMI Guybrush - not a game screenshot - I felt I could really relate to this character much like any Disney one. I don't feel a personification of the EMI Guybrush despite the fact he looks more appropriately shaped. To me he nearly looks like some shaded polygons 4) Keyboard controls (again) limit the scope of the puzzles. For instance it is less practical to do 'against the clock' puzzles such as distracting the catapult firer in EMI than it would be with a mouse My opinions aren't set in stone. Now that I think about it, if fluent realtime 3D graphics would become as good as those used on Monsters' Inc, Shrek or Ice Age then a 3D Monkey would be the way foward, and I did think it was implemented well in GF despite its primitive stage I'm just saying, now in the current state of graphics. A 2D Monkey Island, viz. CMI would feel and play like an interactive Disney-like animation. A 3D one wouldn't Please feel free to disagree with me and give your opinions...
  8. Gab: I would count spamming as some poster who's had a hard time in the real world deciding to take out his angst by annoying the other posters in the thread Unlike some other posters who I'd like to name (but they would just hate me more and are in higher places than I am) Gubernatorial threepwood hasn't got my goat at all. He wasn't annoying the other people, just putting in his part and interacting with them __________________ Well anyway, you're going to call me a spammer if I don't write something relavent so: I've never seen a game that does this. Are there any decent ones, graphics and gameplay wise? How would one move the mouse in and out of the screen (ie. on the 'z' axis)? What if the player would want Guybrush to enter a hidden entrance which had a bit of scenery in front obscuring it?
  9. "I luuurrve what Bowsley's done to the joint" - Manny Calavera Oh sorry, wrong game but the same can be said about this board The only niggle I can spot is the liberal use of the <blockquote> tag. I'm running a 1024x768 res and I feel that the whole forum is pulled in from a edges a bit too much However, I know how difficult it would be to correct this and I can only praise Jake and Dan for the cool parchment effect (that makes the Scummbar website what it is) on the side and the illustration at the top. Is that Elaine in the corner?
  10. LOL sounds like Blondebeard's 'drive-thru' speaker or Guybrush replying to Elaine I'm for Another Monkey Island Site as a name, don't make it too unimaginative otherwise people will confuse your site with any official Lucasarts ones You could also try "The Three Headed Monkey" or "The Second Bigest Monkey Head" althogh TSBMH doesn't sound wright either
  11. This really depends on the advances in technology, but I still like the original SMI theme tune. It fits the 'Deep in the Caribean' titles perfectly in terms of its mood Do you notice that as the games progress there is less and less original music. Most of CMI's borrows from MI2 albeit in an updated form with real reggae instruments
  12. I - Illogical why you still post here if you hate it so much, Hellbeard I - I got here first, so you can't spam the letter I, Hellbeard I - If you want the original alphabet game back why don't you start it, Hellbeard? _____________________ Well so far, the thread has suffered no disruptions so in that sense Hellbeard isn't that bad I - Incagnatius Cheese
  13. I think on the website for it (which I don't know where it is) the developer said he wasn't going to translate it into English for fear of getting into trouble with Lucasarts
  14. LOL, I can imagine that happening Luckly it hasn't Oh, and I'm sure it was 'Falmouth' in CMI anyway Plank on ship Largo La Grande
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