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  1. Hey everybody. I'm trying to play the trial version of SW Galaxies but I can't play the game without the trial key. I checked my e-mail and nothing. I read somewhere that they show it while the game is installing and I didn't see any trial key. Heh Anyways, thanks for reading. EDIT: NVM
  2. I don't think this place can be revived... All the RPGs I start whind up dying due to waiting on replies sadly so me starting a rpg is out of the question. I'll check out that other forum u mentioned.
  3. My assumption is prehaps people moved to another part of Lucasforums...or maybe to another forum. LoL As for my absence, blame it on Vampires: The Masquerade Bloodlines and City of Heroes.
  4. I noticed that a lot of the veterans aren't around anymore as much...sadly including myself. How's this section of the forums coming along? (Idk where exactly to put this thread but since it is about SW Roleplaying...I put it here )
  5. I got... Racer Shadow of the Empire Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Dark Forces Dark Forces II Jedi Outcast Jedi Academy Knight of the Old Republic Galactic Battlegrounds I thought I had more...
  6. I recently started playing KOTOR for the first time and everything runs perfectly fine...that is until I enter a Cantina that was in the Upper City. I get this weird graphic effect that makes the screen look as if a bullet went right through it. Here's a screenshot I took: KOTOR Screenshot I thought it was just that Cantina but then when I entered the Lower City Cantina, I get the same problems. Here are my computer specs (btw, my comp met the minimum requirements): CPU: AMD Duron processor 1.00 GHz Memory: 512MB Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 Is there a way to fix it? Thanks for reading.
  7. Sabrina got up from her seat and told the others to have a good sleep. With that said, she went off towards her room. Once there, Sabrina took off her boots and went to sleep. After patrolling the base, NeoVenom decided to head back towards his room. He looked at a clock on top of a table and noticed that it was 3am. NeoVenom thought to himself that if he wants to do well in this fight, he has to get some sleep. He took off his trench coat and guns and set them onto the table. NeoVenom then took off the bracers he had on, which have the blades inside them, and set those onto the table as well. Once that was done, he threw himself onto the bed, clothes and all. Not everyone slept in the base, many people stayed up. Some of those people were the patrol of the base and kept guard while others chatted away in various places inside the base.
  8. (Sigh) I lost one of the sigs someone made for me a looonngggg time ago and its was a cool one. Computer got reformat. It had this pic in the middle (a little bit smaller): and it had that matrix code running at its sides (left of pic and right). It also had the name "NeoVenom" with this cool effect of like a light was shinning thru it from back from right to left. "NeoVenom" was in white and had a green glow around it. The name was at the upper left hand corner of the middle pic. Tried looking for it in the previous post it was in and when I did find the post, the image is no longer up. Anyone who has free time wanna give this sig a shot? I know it sounds really complicated but someone actually did it. Here's the code pic: It was repeated to take up the height of the pic like this: Here's a rough idea of how it looked: Just stack two codes on top of each other and join them with the picture and add the name at the upper left hang corner (not overlapping the code pic). You can make the name like how I mention it b4 (with the light effect) or u can just have the name have this green glowing effect around "NeoVenom". Thanks a lot and much appreciated. EDIT: I resized the pic so it can match the height of the two codes stacked on top of each other. Hope my description of the sig helps. P.S - I would attempt to do it myself but I don't have the program to do gif images...I use too though. LoL
  9. Sabrina grinned at Lorelei's comment. "Nothing much really, just thinking about the mission we have tomorrow." she said to Kryn.
  10. While Lorelei, Maria, and Tyberius were conversating away, Sabrina reached the kitchen. She greeted a couple of people as she walked over to a kitchen counter. A couple of chefs were busy preparing food, most likely for the people who were already sitting down on tables found around the kitchen. Sabrina looked at the food and wished that could satisfy her hunger. She let out a low sigh as a chef approached her. "How you doing miss?" said the Chef. "Pretty good, can I have a cup of...", as much as she didn't want to say it, she had to, "...blood." The chef smiled and nodded his head. She looked to her right and noticed some other Vampires drinking from cups conversating away with Lycans having full plates of food. The chef came back and placed the cup in front of Sabrina. "Enjoy, oh and don't worry. This blood is from people who volunteer to donate it." Sabrina smiled, "Thankfully we have generous people." She picked up the cup with her right hand, "Thank you." The Vampire side of Sabrina gave her such a hunger that she drank the cup instantly. The chef came around and asked her if she wanted another cup. Sabrina nodded and the chef brought her another cup of blood. Sabrina drank the cup fast and set it back on the counter. That should satisfy her hunger, she thought to herself. In the future, she hopes that someone could come up with something that can replace blood and just be a satisfying to Vampire. Sabrina got up from the counter seat and headed to a comfy chair that was near a wall. Once she sat down, she observed the room. The kitchen was kept very clean. The counters, stoves, cabinets, tables, and refrigerators were made of some sort of metal that shined. The floor was covered in white and black tiles, kind of like a chess board and at the ceiling there were many florescent lights. The place was extremely nice for a kitchen.
  11. (Out of Character: Sorry for the dely in replying. Being that I'm attending college, it may take me a while to reply. Thanks for understanding and staying in the RPG! ) ------------------------------------------------------------ Sabrina went to one of the rooms she was escorted to. A lot of things went through her mind while she took a seat on top of the bed. Success of the mission and the success of peace between Lycans and Vampires were the two things that she thought about the most. Brushing these thoughts off, Sabrina took off her trench coat and laid it on top of a chair. She then unholstered her guns and set them on the table. At least in this place, she knows she can set down her guns. Opening the door of the room, Sabrina walked out towards the kitchen. Jeanette and NeoVenom went their seperate ways in the Lycan base, even though Jeanette tried to stay as close as possible to NeoVenom. NeoVenom patrolled the base to see how everything was running while Jeanette slept comfortably in one of the nicest room at the base.
  12. After what seemed like hours of walking thru various routes and tunnels, the group found themselves a couple of feet away from the new Lycan Base. The front doors were heavily secured, just in case anyone from the opposing side found their way here. The walls adjacent to it were pure tunnel wall with no windows. The doors itself had their natural steel colors to it. As the group proceeded forward, various Lycans and Vampires saluted NeoVenom. "And this is the new Lycan base!" said NeoVenom to the group. The group stopped in front of the double doors and waited for about five minutes before the doors began to open. NeoVenom went in first and then the group followed. Inside the base, the group can see that the inside of the base did not look anything like the outside of the base. Inside, the base looked like what they can usually see inside an office building. "Alright, security will escort all of you to the rooms you all are going to stay in. Tomorrow morning, we will met at a room about five doors away, north." He took a quick glance at his watch and smirked, "Its about time we had some rest."
  13. The sewers were just a murky as before. The smell did not lighten up nor did the lighting on the place. Then again, sewers were not used for everyday walking. NeoVenom glanced back, making sure everyone was still with him. "Should be a hour and a half hike from here." he said out loud. He did not hestitated for a reply and kept on walking, Jeanette closing following his lead. "That's what I like about NeoVenom, always does things fast and smooth." said Sabrina to Lorelei and Kryn.
  14. Neovenom nodded, "Thank you." He took the lead and walked towards one of the sewer covers. "Hope none of you scared of the sewers", said NeoVenom. A smirk came across his face. Looking around and making sure everything was safe, NeoVenom lift the cover and placed it right next to the whole. He then descended down the stairs first. Sabrina still had her gun at hand as she watched the group in front of her go down the stairs. "Once everyone is down, you two go down first. I'll go down the stairs last and close the lid." she said as she looked at Kyrn and Lorelei.
  15. (Out of Character: Sorry about that people. I wont do that again. LoL And to answer ur question Royal, we'll be underground.) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Once outside of the building, NeoVenom gathering around the people who were around him. "Listen up! We gotta be quick because time is against us. All you gotta do is one thing and one thing only and that is following me. Sabrina will stay in the back of the group for safety. Tyberius, you'll be at my side. Kryn and Lorelei, you two will be at Sabrina's side. Everyone be cautious." With that said, NeoVenom began to walk.
  16. I'm back, sorry about that. I went on vacation and totally forgot to post here. I'm back now!
  17. NeoVenom and Jeanette came thru the door leading the stairs and walked in the middle of the club. Looking around, NeoVenom spoke, "Alright, let us go." With that said, NeoVenom walked thru the backdoor of the club. Jeanette followed closely after NeoVenom and Sabrina, as well as other people in the club, followed Jeanette.
  18. Sabrina walked over to Tyberius and Lorelei, "I say we wait just a bit more for NeoVenom and Jeanette. They shouldn't take that long since its only one room that has all of our important information. Besides, in my opinion, we stand a better chance against people when together."
  19. (Out of Character: I guess I'm not going to continue to play the roles of Zaris & Abry. They are going to be out of the RPG until Mandalorian returns, if he returns.) "Alright." said NeoVenom. He then turned to face Jeanette, "This building has one of those security systems and drop iron doors around every window and door right?" Jeanette rubbed the tears out of her eyes with a finger, "Yes...It can be remotely from outside aswell." "Good good..." replied NeoVenom. "I'll be heading upstairs to delete stuff on computer. Luckily, it's only one room." With that said NeoVenom walked over to the stairs, opened the door leading to them, and climbed the stairs to the fifth floor of the building. Jeanette followed NeoVenom while Sabrina stayed in the club area. "Already, things are not going our way...". She pushed this thought outside as she looked thru the front door. The bodyguards managed to get the doors up to close but they still need work.
  20. (Out of Character: I'm assuming Kryn wore gloved when he took out the silver bullet because Lycans are highly allergic to silver. Just letting you know. Sorry for my absence. Computer got a huge error and he had to reformat the whole driver to make the computer work.) NeoVenom walked around the street looking at the dead bodies. His blades retracted back up his sleeves. Sabrina jumped down to street level and looked at the bodies as well. "Hmm..." she said to herself. Sabrina approached NeoVenom, "I don't recognize these vampires when I was in the mansion and none of them look like they were recently turned. No doubt that these vampires were hired to kill people who are with the alliance.” NeoVenom looked at one of the bodies in front of him, “Interesting.” He kneeled down and pick up the gun off the body’s hand. NeoVenom unclipped the gun and looked at the magazine. “Well they were equipped with only silver bullets but not silver nitrate bullets or UV bullets.” He threw the gun back down at the body. “We got to get everyone out of here. No doubt their backup will come eventually.” Sabrina nodded and they both made their way to the club. Once they were in, they saw a couple of the bodyguards down and a lot medical staff attending those that were wounded. Jeanette came running out of a door, “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!?” “We all got to get out of here.” NeoVenom said. “WHAT!? AND CLOSE DOWN MY CLUB!?” Jeanette exclaimed. “It’s either the club or your life.” Sabrina replied. Jeanette looked around angrily but then she frowned. Sabrina spoke out to everyone, “We can start deleting whatever is on the computers and take all of our important documents.” “But I spend so much money in this club…” Jeanette replied as tears came down her eyes. The makeup made it as if she was crying black tears. NeoVenom approached Jeanette and hugged her to comfort her. “Well sometimes in life, we got to make drastic decisions. In my opinion, your life is more important that this building” said NeoVenom to Jeanette. Jeanette looked down and cried some more. NeoVenom rubbed her back. “Good job all” Sabrina said out loud. Sabrina approached Jeanette and NeoVenom let her go. Sabrina hugged Jeanette, “You are like a sister to me and I think your life is more important than this club.” she kissed Jeanette on the cheek and hugged her tight. Jeanette laid her head on Sabrina’s shoulder.
  21. "We're not done yet!" Neovenom shouted as he spotted five of the opposing Vampires left. The Vampires noticed that they were outnumbered and start to make a run for it away from their enemies. NeoVenom holstered his gun quickly and started running towards the Vampires. Picking up tremendous speed, NeoVenom runs in the direction of the Vampires. Two blades extracted from his trench coat’s sleeves and stabbed two Vampires in front of him. The three Vampires left ran to their right and jumped onto a building's fire escape. They sprinted up the stairs to the roof's building. NeoVenom opens fire and hits one Vampire in the leg. The Vampire screams in pain as his comrades continued without him going up the stairs.
  22. A lot of the bodyguards screamed at Kryn's action, for now the front of the club is open. Many bullets hit two of the bodyguards that were by the entrance. The Vampires and the Lycans inside the club returned fire and hit some of the Vampires that were across the street from Tyberius and Kryn. Sabrina handed Maria one of her Glock-18s, "Hope you know how to use this. You can go to the roof and help Lorelei. I'll be going to the left side of this building." NeoVenom went along the right side of the building and cautiously approached the front of the building. He peeked around the corner and saw a couple of Vampires firing at either the club entrance or at Kryn and Tyberius who were taking cover behind a parked car. Holding up his desert eagle, NeoVenom fired a couple of shots that hit some of the Vampires in the chest or head. Meanwhile, Sabrina crouched and jumped to the third level fire escape of the building in front of her. She could hear gunshots up above as she climbed the rest of the stairs to the roof of the building. She picked over the top and saw three Vampires firing at Lorelei and one dead Vampire on the floor. Once they ducked and started to reload their guns, Sabrina jumps from the fire escape to the roof and opens fire. All the Vampires were hit multiple times and one falls over the edge of the roof towards the street below.
  23. The bodyguard looked at Tyberius, "Back door is the safest place to exit." Meanwhile Sabrina turned around to look at Lorelei. "Alright, but be careful." With that said, Sabrina exited the club through the back and NeoVenom followed.
  24. NeoVenom turned his head to look at the doorway. "Luckily those Vampires are ex-Death Dealers." replied NeoVenom. "But they are very careless in taking the front door to enter this building." Sabrina pushed her way to the front door. "What the hell you are doing!?" exclaimed Sabrina to the group of ex-Death Dealers. "What?" said one of the Vampires. Sabrina shook her head, "You should know better than to take the front entrance! You can be followed!" Moments later, a couple of gun shots can be heard outside. The band stopped playing abruptly and the people inside the bar became quiet. Once again, another burst of shots could be heard outside. Almost everyone in the club started to panic at the sound of the gun shots. Soon after, the bodyguards that were in the front of the club came inside. "We got trouble..." People tried to leave thru the front of the club but the bodyguards directed them to the back exit. One of the bodyguards spoke to Sabrina over the screaming as people scurried towards the back exit as shots continued to be fired outside, "We didn't know that they were being followed so we let them through. Anyways, it seems like some of our allies are in crossfire with the opposing Vampires. Sabrina looked angrily at the ex-Death Dealers, "I'm going to have a word with Jeanette to ban you six from entering this club ever again!" She unholstered her guns and clicked in her ultraviolet magazines. NeoVenom got up from his stool and unholstered his Desert Eagle. "Seems like we are in a bit of trouble boys." he said to Kryn and Tyberius. Sabrina took the back exit of the club and NeoVenom followed her. Kat remained seated because for her, being in the club was safer than being outside. Almost everyone in the club left besides a selected few Vampires and Lycans who were defending the club. Jeanette came running down the stairs. "What's happening!?" she asked franticly as she looked around the club. A bodyguard approached her and began telling her what was happening as he escorted to a safe section of the club.
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