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  1. *applauds* Yeah, that's almost exactly what I want in the next game. They should have never left the roots. DF, JK, and MotS were on a much higher level of quality in gameplay, story, and design and were indeed the best of the series. Forget Unreal Warfare, which I have a hunch was used for console capabilities, and check out the spectacular Unreal 3 engine.
  2. QFT! Mysteries of the Sith was one the best games I ever played, slightly exceeding the greatness of JK IMO. I would love to see its brilliance in story, atmosphere, action, and adventure brought to the light of a modern graphics engine just as TK suggested. HL2's Source Engine is perfect because the community is huge, the engine is powerful yet not too cumbersome (coughDoom3cough), Steam can deliver, and the technology gets updated frequently.
  3. http://www.massassi.net Still around with many active members at the Discussion Forum, although JK has receded from the site community's mindset.
  4. It is saddening to see the mod come to a close, although people should realize that the news on their website was remarked on the possibility of an incomplete end. They didn't say, "We're dead, goodbye." This mod showcased amazing effort in recreation and detail; the design of the maps in the second demo could easily be considered as above the quality of Raven's work in JO and JA. Unfortunately, a potential failure to produce the entire recreation hasn't suprised me before; many mods of this size in numerous game communities never see the light of day as a finished package. This mod could have used more personnel, which would have been available if the community was larger (consequently being more supportive), which traces back to the internal problems of JA. If you want to see a similar mod that has been more privileged and will probably survive, check out Black Mesa: Source.
  5. Wow, I am suprised this thread is still alive. Then again, if it wasn't, some moron would surely make another JK4 rumor thread anyway. Until LEC decides to make a quality JK game that can compete with other big name FPS's as opposed to simply competing with other Star Wars games, this series is dead to me. Chances are against us, though, because LEC will milk the cash cow until the utters are bone dry, regardless if their products are mediocre or not.
  6. JDKnite188


    Can we have a sticky thread that says that there are no rumors of a JK3 (yes, the next one will be JK3 because JA is a JO spinoff)? LEC is probably waiting to milk the cash cow on the next gen consoles. Also, BF 2 is doing better than anything for them. Empire at War is coming out next. Raven just finished Q4. They got stuff to do besides the next Jedi Knight game. I don't think there is any strong direction to go with the series, besides maybe a prequel to JK, so they shouldn't make another game. Let it end! You've already screwed it up enough!
  7. OMG Fracman. Those pics bring a tear to my eye. The atmosphere and the scale are beautiful.
  8. Both games failed at bringing the original JK's high quality and innovation. I stand by my statements.
  9. Did anyone notice that this thread wasn't touched for almost two years? As for JO, no, I haven't touched it for probably 2.5 yrs. It should be dead. It wasn't good enough to still be alive. Also, JA has pretty much replaced it, although I haven't touched that in a while. JA should be dead too.
  10. JK is 8 yrs. old. It shouldn't be suprising that there are virtually no games on the internet.
  11. Uh, you can't really compare your site to the ones you listed. There is no reason for people to visit the LEC DF site as it hasn't probably been updated in over 8 yrs. Most people probably don't play the original DF anymore enough to visit DF-21. The Massassi Temple is all about JK, not DF.
  12. Yeah, it's an awesome idea and they have made great progress so far. They are upgrading the engine and the assets, while the classic JK:DF2, the best of the series, remains as great as it was.
  13. Enemy Territory is an expansion of RtCW. You can't compare them fairly. The expansion only has 6 maps, is free, and supplies a better version of the team-based objective gameplay. RtCW is full retail product with large SP and MP modes.
  14. JK and MotS had functional multiplayer with DM and CTF. That's not the point, though.
  15. BZZZZT. WRONG. Jedi Knight/MotS had a better flowing story, more unique characters and locations (we didn't have to visit a movie location for half of the game), much larger mod community, was more immersive, and even had bigger maps. It was slightly ahead of the technology for its time. JA doesn't even come close to these standards; it only beats JK with it's saber system, multiplayer, and graphics--all qualities that are based on the abilities of engine technology and not quality of the product.
  16. For the most part, Zero is correct. Siege mode was a good idea but poorly implemented. The maps are ugly and even somewhat incomplete. For a better idea of Siege mode, take a look atReturn to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
  17. Such achievements encourage the team. Sorry for being a skeptic but I must look at the situation realistically. This mod was started in 2002 (unfortunately, because LEC decided to milk the cash cow twice instead of deliver a solid hit the first time around, the mod had to switch to the newer game, thus burning valuable time). Three years have gone by and the team has produced only 3 completed maps, not to dismiss the great music and texture recreation. There are 14 maps in the game. Given that most of the resources are probably complete, it might take at least another 1.5 years to finish the whole thing off, given the size of the mod team. The JA community is already a small fraction of what it was to begin with, and is virtually nothing in comparison to the original JK community when it hit the two year mark. I find that the community might not be there when the DF Mod is completed. I understand that the modders have lives. That's a good thing. That's more important. They shouldn't spend their lives on a mod. Correct if I am wrong because I hope I am. I loved the mod but it seems to be going to slow to keep pace with the environment.
  18. Large mods like these take time, especially with a team as small as them. I don't expect them to finish, although they have done amazing things.
  19. The mouse-based saber system is an ideal because it allows complete customization and requires skill. It is not hack and slash unless you are incompetent. It is also not a series of button combinations; it is free form and versatile. Unfortunately, the MP implementation is an issue. Perhaps in SP it could be completely mouse-based, but in MP (unless on LAN) it could be button comboes. Oh, I don't know.
  20. I haven't been here since early June! These threads come every few months and provide the same results. Here is what you people should know: NO CONCRETE RUMORS EXIST ABOUT THE NEXT JK/DF GAME. Yes, people can wish it to come, but it shouldn't be pursued yet. As for the next JK game, I don't really care anymore. JK:DF2 (may as well include MotS too) was the best of the series. JO and JA sent the series downhill. Raven did not even try to continue the great qualities of the original. SW fps's simply cannot compete with other mainstream FPS's anymore. Too bad, LEC. Good ideas but horrible implementations. As Yoda might say, "Finished, you are. No more shall you prosper." For those who still have a copy of JK or even remember it, check out Sith2 , an enhancment project that is adding high-detailed assets and engine upgrades to the original award-winning title.
  21. I don't see another JK game happening, and, over time, I have begun to not care. LEC is a company that doesn't care for the quality of the game itself, but rather prefers to release and make quick cash. Okay, I admit there are exceptions, mainly KOTOR and BF (well, it had a rough start before patches). On the other hand, my opinion works with the JK series since the Q3-based sequels don't even compare to the detail and innovation in the original JK and expansion MotS. LEC used to produce titles that compete with other games; now they have dissolved into a mode where they are trying to make the best "Star Wars" game. Who asked for the separate category? The fanboy. LEC complied, knowing that they could hit the big money there. The developers aren't even given the chance to even compete with big game titles, such as UT2k4 and Call of Duty as mentioned. No more for LEC, no more. Sequels are supposed to outdo their predecessors. Think about this and take a look around.
  22. arramus, your reasons for taking the video down are completely reasonable. On gametoast, it says that they are uploading the video currently.
  23. The link to the video has another link that explains that too many people were trying to d/l it. It had to be taken down. I checked at LucasFiles.com and they don't seem to have it up yet.
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