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  1. Those two clans look good but are there any others out there?
  2. Well, I'm just looking for a RolePlaying Clan, that is active in Jedi Academy. Please reply soon.
  3. I'm trying to think of a bio that doesn't include revenge. Every bio I read is about revenge . I'm going to make mine happy. Except for the fact that I am a recreational spice user...
  4. That would be funny. hhhmmmm. Maybe I will try to get candy from The Dathomir Witch Sisters...
  5. Does anyone know where I can get a No/CD Patch for Jedi Academy? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have a price on my head? Very nice. How much is it? Heh, well I hate to brake it too you but I'm a neutral now. I'm taking a brake from raids and such. Also I wouldn't be surprised that TIO hated me Heh, haha. Sorry I just had to laugh at that. I belong with The Affiliates (Associates). http://new.theimperialorder.com/coc.php I took a quick look at TIO's site and I couldn't find anything about a bounty on me, but I did find that link above. Its very interesting. For those of you who don't want to enter such a site here's a snippit from that page.... Heh, it seems many people have broken that part of the code as well as this one: Hhhhhhmmmm, this is interesting. I should have written the name of Reaper's friend down...
  7. Well you lose all your skills but you won't lose your lightsaber hopefully...
  8. Yeah it was, but that's what mods are for. I beat both dark and light in little time, and mind you I don't play SP heavily. No Jatari I'm not leaving, I was actually thinking of making a huge post of how I was leaving the -A- for TIO, then at the end say just joking! Heh, well MP is very fun. Just too many lamers...(BTW a lamer is sort of a noob but they use cheap moves all the time. ) BTW, I'm leaving the -A- for TIO....hehe . :P
  9. Lord_Vessen

    I'm out

    No, I'm not quitting The -A-. I'm just going to lay off The SWG for a tiny bit for some reasons (*cough*Jedi Academy*cough*). I'll be back playing SWG in about a week. JA is a great game
  10. NJC has some very good ideas They are a great clan
  11. In a macro like that one you should do this: /healthShot1 /pause # (any number) /peace
  12. Could be worse, could be stabbed! Monty Python: Life of Brian One glitch I think they fixed is shooting through walls. When TIO camped in the Moenia Med Center they went on the top floor and shot through the floor at the overt rebs getting heals on the bottom.
  13. I think the game should be way longer, like after you defeat Tavion maybe Ragnos gets into someones (Rosh's maybe) body. Or maybe you become a Master and get pupils of your own. Then stop another evil plot . Oh well, I guess I can get some mod SP levels
  14. I do hope that ships don't end up like weapons. There should be a variety of them. I would just want a small ship to cruise in. Maybe modify it a bit....
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