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  1. Currently we are fighting with the cutscenes. Something is not correctly working, and we have to find out if we can solve this with scripting or think about something completely different. We don't really have a fixed timeline, since work is progressing very slowly at the moment. It was planned to release the 6 levels definitely this year, but please don't ask for a fix date!
  2. Looks great, indeed, congrats for the nice work! Add some shader for the lights on the weapon? Make it animated, possibly by using MP engine code. Pack it and release it...
  3. If you don't have the CD, JA still starts and show the menus... which are already OpenGL display. But you won't be able to load a map or a mission!
  4. Try to install the latest VGA card drivers, they should include OpenGL. Which Windows version do you have?
  5. this comes with quake3 or quake4 sdk tools. it tells the game engine which part of the TGA texture to use for which character, letter or number
  6. MP release is not planned now since we are not able to continue as intended previously. The next pack will be released again for the SP engine. MP maps with full MP function are not in the focus right now.
  7. Lol yeah, it should write "Sometime 2007"... :-P I'll remove it for now...
  8. Of course you could do, language modifications are not that much complicated. You will need a texture with the Czech font characters, and translate all strings. There is one or two place in some script or menu file where the option for Czech language has to be added, then it will work. You can take a look at the Polish translation that already exists in the demo.
  9. [off topic ] Which resolution are you using? I have noticed JA has some limits... due to the engine... [/off topic]
  10. We used the appropriate PAL and PLT files, yes.
  11. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are still having troubles with the server. In the meantime, you might find the DFMOD demo for JO here at LucasFiles: http://www.lucasfiles.com/?s=&action=file&id=22
  12. Season's Greetings and Merry Christmas!!! Unfortunately I don't have any access to the mod's website, so I cannot post any news there, nor fix anything broken, even if i'd know how to do so. And the team server was broken a while, but it has been restored again, which means we can continue finally. But please don't expect miracles or anything extraordinary. Not much has been done since the last news and screenshot updates. Well, I have to get surprised myself ;-) In the meantime, take those few free days to calm down, replenish your forces and enjoy all the good things that are available, not only computer games See you next year, perhaps...
  13. Did you get it working? The 7950GT is definitely OpenGL compatible, the problem is somewhere else. Are you running some other application that perhaps uses OpenGL, but you don't know it...? Please shutdown ALL other applications, e.g WinAmp or other music players that have some fancy visualisation. Set your video cards OpenGL settings to default. And then try JA again...
  14. Was JA working properly before you did install the mod? Perhaps one of the files we provided has a wrong setup inside. Did you try the safe mode? There should be a shortcut in your startmenu folder. jasp.exe +exec setlanguage.cfg +safe
  15. Fracman


    Are you sure you did download the demo for the appropriate game? Please remember, the first demo was for JO. The second was for JA. And to be 100% sure, remove any other mods, or install JA completely new (after saving your savegames and profiles).
  16. The map is a complete redesign. DarkStarMojo is doing it on its own, nice, eh!? :-) Tinny, the please do... or contact Darth_Linux. Which things would you like to help us at?
  17. No moderator was involved, you might ask the mapper himself...
  18. I hope this answers your questions... http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2184739#post2184739 Well, its not really daytime... but I can't tell why.
  19. There are finally some new screenshots of Testbase on our website!!! Thanks Salv for producing them Please post your thoughts and comments here...
  20. Strange, I never saw this... Are you able to reproduce it? Perhaps you were just too fast
  21. The DT1 is ready. The DT2 and DT3 are ... I don't know. The modeller who did it is not "available" actually, perhaps they must be done by someone else.
  22. Please NEVER start the mod from the Mods menu, since there is a bug there. Perhaps we'll be able to fix that in the next release, but i'm not sure. Please ALLWAYS use the icon our setup has created either in the start menu or on the desktop! Where did you install it exactly?
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