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  1. Heh Mike, it's a dangerous question Yes, some work was done... but those mappers left a long time ago already and they did not left much to work with. Screenshots? not worth it, really. We prefer to concentrate on the maps that are currently in the pipe
  2. Ah, there is still someone here!? ;-) Thanks for your continuou support!!! Now to your questions: Yeah, the floor is a bit strange. Its a smaller texture, something with the floor shader is perhaps wrong, I have to check this. The "problem" with poll is fixed, I used a count number way too large, now the result is displayed at once. About the sounds, I don't know, must ask Ben... Lol the DT... we'll reserve it until the release, of course
  3. You are welcome to visit the mod homepage and discuss the latest news here...
  4. I meant this page here: http://soundtracks.mixnmojo.com/
  5. Interesting, but really a lot of work, also in doing a concept for the missions... thats why it won't be realized soon or at all..
  6. An other idea would be to use the siege mode, but it has not been really investigated by the team actually.
  7. Hmm good point. Until now, we (the team lead) did not want to release any real multiplayer map to the public since we simply don't have enough time to make both, single and multi player missions. But we might have to reconsider that... provided the effort is less then we think now.
  8. Cool, Congrats, Ben I guess it comes from there was a site that offered all LF soundtracks, but they had to remove all soundtracks (just MIDI converted to MP3, as well as MP3 copies of audio CD tracks) due to license things. Our DF music is new artwork, not a copy, and since we don't make money of it, it's a good alternative for DF music fans
  9. it will be released... but not right "now". that takes a while like everything
  10. Please don't bet anything before you don't have finished your own map The whole mod is simply
  11. What shall we do then? Stop everything? Or continue? But you're right about the JO/JA community. Newer games with newer engines appear, and nearly no one is doing anything with older engines now. We try to get as far as we can, but it takes ages indeed. Perhaps one day ther'll be a Q5 or Unreal 3 DFMOD Mod But i don't think so, honestly. Some game preferences change much over the years. Me for example, i don't like to play those ugly monster games anymore. I jut can't stand them. The degree of realism is still not perfect, but it has reached regions that really cause bad nightmares. And i don't want to have such "just for fun"... Ok, i download demos and check them out, but not more. Of course, matter of time counts, too. I don't have anymore as much time as i had while sitting in school or at university... so really i have to chose carefully what i want to do and what not now
  12. Lol I knew this would come ;-) I had added the few new from Gromas, but they were finished pretty fast. Since i had not enough really new screens i decided to reinstall the old, just like TV series repetitions :-D
  13. hehehe if i'm not mistaken, this is in Talay, and this has already been discussed earlier. you might use the "search this thread" function or ask again later ;-)
  14. Yes, we do. At least we try. Unfortunately we are all very busy, so things go slowly right now.
  15. And not all secrets are the same as in DF... we don't make a total convert but a JA mod
  16. Yeah! Its not too dark, its perfect!!! You simply have to see it fullscreen and in game
  17. I know, i know... was half joking. But what can you do if nothing happens... just wait... is boring. Only a few of the team are working, so progress is definitely there but unfortunately not that visible until the promised big update is there...
  18. But only a very very little, please And i thought no one was interested in the mod anymore... ;-) Currently our team leader is moving, so our primary development file system is offline. Thats not a problem, it will be back in a few. Meanwhile, everyone has own duties, and the team is working in silence. We already have a bunch of new screenshots, so the next update will be definitely interesting, that's all for now.
  19. Basically, we need all the files that are in the PC package :-P But not many Mac users tried the mod, and no one asked for such an installer until now, so i don't think we need one really. Thanks for the offer, we might ask you for the next part... somewhen in future...
  20. Well, i guess you could at least help Tesla The other two mappers are good enough to do nearly everything themselves, there is only one thing they could need help : scripting and ROFFs. Any chance for this?
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