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  1. You can play it in the UK but not buy it. You'll first need to get it through customs from the US.
  2. Well I've been listening about this game for a long time now, and only one thing sadly has to come to mind - What's the catch? Can anyone tell me any limitations of the game - I'm going to get this game either way - just so when I get it I don't feel disappointed? Thanks.
  3. Well I look forward to this mod, and I enjoyed playing on Battleground Jedi 2.0 multiplayer duel map (where we kicked some Sariss ass, or if you were dark, kicked Yun's ass again) so it should be a nic trip down memeory lane.
  4. rad-x

    JK vs JKII

    Yep, but don't you agree with the 10 AMP glowing stick comment?
  5. That's a disgrace. No Kyle Katarn. Maybe if they hadn't screwed him up in JKII, they wouldn't needed to have dropped him! And that's a Twil'lek female, if I'm not mistaken. (looks like dancer from Jabba's palace.)
  6. rad-x

    JK vs JKII

    What have they done to him? That is not Kyle Katarn in JKII. Anyone who has played the original Jedi Knight knows this. In JKI, Kyle is a cocky individual displayed with natural enthusiam by actor Jason Court in the motion-picture cutscenes. But in JKII, he's a husky voiced old man, staid and serious, and definetly someone you would not like to role-play. The level design in JKI, is of course legendary and visionary. But in JKII, the level design, notably the first few levels. The second mission, is plagued by poorly-made puzzles, which includes blocks ascending and descending from the floor. Those should have been missed out. JKII most endearing quality is the lightsabre. In JKI, you felt like an idiot waving a 10 AMP glowing stick. Of course, that was not the game's fault, as 1997 was not blessed with the advantages developers have now. The lightsabre duels in JKI were limited, but never less than adequate. JKII's lightsabre duels were easy to learn, and such elements as the multiplayer was addictive. Anyway vote in the poll, and I'll see what you think....
  7. That just isn't funny. You seem to think that toying with some people's greatest hopes is a great laugh. April Fool's day is about glueing £20 notes to the street and watch people try and pick it up. I did that once. Waste of £20.
  8. Come on people! 10 mins! It's a tiny scenario! Please! Give me your e-mail. And for anyone afraid of me giving you a virus, I tell you I'm not like that, end of story. Please!
  9. Gungans's growing buildings? You can't go that unique without making up stuff. As you have. Good otherwise.
  10. Don't take it like that mate, I was grateful for you taking an interest from the start. More than happy for other forumers to check it out? Me too. You get cracking on your life. I've got a very large testing base on this site!
  11. I can't get any feedback out of Maul, after about a week (maybe this will get him started) so I'm ready to send it to some other people. So please submit your e-mail and I'll send you the taster scenario (It's 11 mins worth) and post here to tell me where you think I should continue. Thanks.
  12. Aye, the Scottish banter is a bit suspect at times, but there's a lot of character there. I mean when most people think of the English they just think of them drinking 5 tonnes of tea you see. Like when they bare their butts in Braveheart, in real life they were doing the same the opposite way round. Anyway, my Pa's granda came from Ireland so I'm not too much like Fat Bastard from that Austin Powers picture.
  13. It's just a tester scenario. Coruscant looks rather nice though doesn't it?
  14. How am I being bad mannered? Taking the P*** where I come from, means getting a laugh out of another person by making them not understand something. What did you think, that he was drinking it?
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