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  1. badass. combines use for both noun and adjective/adverb.
  2. tis the case that they are industry enforced. i guess its too much work for the bbfc or equivilant to work through each game, and too little work for an new body to be established. eh.
  3. i love the grim fandango box art. the morrowind box is beautifully designed as well.
  4. twifkak, my point is the game ratings should be legally binding, like the film ratings are here. yes i agree parents are lazy and that most comics are aimed at adults, see transmetropolitan and v for vendetta, but parents still associate them with children. basically my point is, if the parents are too half-assed to mind their children with the media, then there should be safeguards to ensure the media cannot get the blame.
  5. with the regional sites, it appears that several pieces of box art are going to be used, and that the game is going to be marketed differently. the adventure company seem to be more active in their marketing, where as the original website referenced here, suggests more of a prior knowledge of the series.
  6. the old design was more homely, this is a lil colder, imho. still, onward and upward!
  7. looks excellent! yay, momentum is building - roll on the release!
  8. ill take that box art and a dvd case, please.
  9. Retailing guidlines arent a substitute, nor did I intend them to be. My point was that they should be an aid to parents. parents and the media associate games by and large with children, which is why the rpgs feisar referenced get away with so much. Similarly, gtas cover art was cartoons, another stereotypically childish area. the lawsuits are rubbish by and large, as gaming will never be the single contributing factor to real world violence. However like film and other forms of art, they need to be monitored. Taste is a boundary that should be maintained, indeed in the pursuit of art, as opposed to its prevention.
  10. by and large i agree, the blame and responsibility is with the parents, but it is also the part of the retailer to ensure that games of a certain certificate are not sold to minors, and that this is more rigidly enforced. i remember years ago one particular hardass wouldnt sell me full throttle, because it had 15s certificate on it. the laws are there for a reason, to protect kids. gta gets a hard time, and the getaway as well, because it is a real world setting. no one minds if youre commiting genocide against an alien race, but slaughtering "real" people in fun and interesting ways has more immediate connotations. for the junior as well, its easier to differentiate fantasy from reality, if you're killing an extra from star wars. gta presents crime as glamourous, especially vice city. it may be tongue in cheek, but this is a fact i feel often lost on the younger gamer. its not only in games, of course, with film and tv portraying matters in a similar light. my point is really that the violence in gta is immediate, and while not as gory as some of the others, soldier of fortune for instance, it still represents a direction in the media that im against. compare the floundering fortunes of nintendo, traditionally seen as the childs company, with the more mature, marketed darker, ps2. edge ran an article on this in their equip ps2 edition as well. i just feel that for a game so revered for its advances, why morality is not one of them - deus ex re-inforced this idea, that has been present in good rpgs, ultima VII, baldur's gate, for years - responsibility for your actions.
  11. my point is exactly that parents would go in and buy this game for their children, because of the stigma of computer games, consoles in particular being for children. im not one for sanitizing games, far from it, but for appropriate apportioning of the market. you wouldnt take a child to see full metal jacket, you wouldnt take them to scarface - ergo, why would you buy them gta vice city? there is no correlation between adults playing videogames and realworld violence, as by the time were adults, were as screwed up [or not] as we're going to be. children are different, and impressionable. the videogames market may have the sims, championship manager, mario et al, but the ps2 has the getaway and gta as two lead and critical titles. the pc will have doom3 and half-life2 as two lead titles in the next 18 months. violence isnt wrong, it just needs to be monitored.
  12. im not a big fan of the series. its a lil depressing that the best selling game in the last while, and supposedly one of the best made has to include wanton violence and destruction as a usp, with no more motivation than the lining of your own pockets. while i can appreciate some of the gameplay advances, they are marginal since the original two games, which were top down, so the innovation as far as i can see is the introduction of the third dimension. the original games were not innovative by any means, borrowing heavily from the likes of Syndicate and the generic shoot and drive games that populated some of the early consoles. what you get in gta3 et al is effectively a sandbox, with a narrative thread loosely snagged through it. true innovation is to have generic actions impact on upon the overall narrative, as opposed to vice versa.
  13. thq one is like the film "engima" of the robert harris novel, in otherwords - generic. i suppose it would have been too much to ask for them to keep the placeholder that used to be on the bs3 site? great logo, perfect proportions for box art.
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