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    I love JK2 I play alot!!!! Dunnno what to say!!
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    Football, Squash, JKII, Talking about JKII.
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  1. Some of those ideas are good! Kick is realy lame i think get rid of it! Or only use kick if you are in a situation where the only way for saftty kick is like with that yellow sword swife! YOu can kick opponent away to save your ass! Well enyway Kick should get better somehow! Is it true that there are no new updates coming ??? Cleric En_Vec
  2. Hi, I need some help i found this MOd for jkII! Hydroball! The first Mod ford JKii I ever found are there eny others? Well thats a diffrent point I wanted to know if there are eny servers for Hydro ball ? Or am i doing something wrong! So i got into the Mods section in the Game and double klick on the HydroBall Name! And then I go to join GAme And when i klick for new Servers there are non am i doing something wrong?? I just ┬┤want to test the mod!!! Cleric En_Vec:atat:
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