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  1. Rumor

    hi kids

    which were both in the beta that everyone who had hl2 purchased was in. notice i said PURCHASED, because this was before hl2 came out. nt btw hi, i think i remember you
  2. Rumor

    hi kids

    anyone with hl2 purchased was a tester for css...nt hi bill. wannabeer? igots14u
  3. Rumor

    hi kids

    i don't remember you. fun game. i mostly play css though.
  4. Rumor

    hi kids

    not much, someone posted a link to master williams thread about jk2 kicking on tricknasty's forums and i figured i'd say whazzaaa~
  5. Rumor

    hi kids

    any oldschoolers from jk2/jk3 still around? ie: kurgan, razorace, prime, bill (acdcfan u noobs) etc.? or even randos like master william?
  6. nice job toolbag. diaf please. give me a call anthony, more fun in the clubs~
  7. ! why do they keep going down (i haven't been on here in like a year or two lol)
  8. all i can say is this: Wii. that would be the ****.
  9. Rumor

    hay ladies

    who all still lurks here :] some old faces maybe?
  10. you forgot flipkicks and the other things that made ff/so so great in jk2
  11. Rumor


    jk2files/lucasfiles/pcgamemods, etc. hex has taken down the mod's homepage unfortunately=/
  12. ja's multiplayer was as unrefined as it was unoptimized.
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