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  1. Rumor

    hi kids

    which were both in the beta that everyone who had hl2 purchased was in. notice i said PURCHASED, because this was before hl2 came out. nt btw hi, i think i remember you
  2. Rumor

    hi kids

    anyone with hl2 purchased was a tester for css...nt hi bill. wannabeer? igots14u
  3. Rumor

    hi kids

    i don't remember you. fun game. i mostly play css though.
  4. Rumor

    hi kids

    not much, someone posted a link to master williams thread about jk2 kicking on tricknasty's forums and i figured i'd say whazzaaa~
  5. Rumor

    hi kids

    any oldschoolers from jk2/jk3 still around? ie: kurgan, razorace, prime, bill (acdcfan u noobs) etc.? or even randos like master william?
  6. nice job toolbag. diaf please. give me a call anthony, more fun in the clubs~
  7. ! why do they keep going down (i haven't been on here in like a year or two lol)
  8. all i can say is this: Wii. that would be the ****.
  9. Rumor

    hay ladies

    who all still lurks here :] some old faces maybe?
  10. you forgot flipkicks and the other things that made ff/so so great in jk2
  11. Rumor


    jk2files/lucasfiles/pcgamemods, etc. hex has taken down the mod's homepage unfortunately=/
  12. ja's multiplayer was as unrefined as it was unoptimized.
  13. nice job bumping a dead thread *******.
  14. thank god, he's a moron who can't even see the very obvious reasons why people hate him.
  15. no, the game itself is unfinished and unoptimized. i've used 3-4 different systems on this game and they all have problems with it. ranging from a 2.5 p4 w/ gf4 ti 4600 and 1gb ram, to a 3500+, 2gb ram, 6600GT, and the same 3500+ and 2gb ram with an x800xt (the 3500+ rig has a raptor as the HDD...) the game chugs like crazy even on rift sanctuary which is the best mp map in the game for performance.
  16. and lv gets owned again, and this time i wasn't required to do it~
  17. which he does. don't ask me why, i don't like explaining things to noobs anymore
  18. or he could simply put it in a cfg and not **** with it anymore, which was what i was referring to.
  19. you have to put it in a .cfg, not in the console...
  20. look down You know, for a luke skywalker clone, you're pretty clueless.
  21. if you are looking for a server where people actually play, try this one: its not always full, but it does fill up quite often you can also connect to our Ventrilo (voip program) at NewYork.NationVoice.com:3819 more info can be found at http://jk2.teamimpunity.com
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