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  1. Kinda sad then, that in the end your just getting a speeder for your money. Considering Kashyyk blows balls, heh.
  2. Lol, of course they can't track it. But you might want to refrain from posting the link in the future, since it's against the forum rules. But yeah, you'll be fine. Unless you carry out the expliot / cheat of course. Heh.
  3. Probally becoming Starsiders only legitful gained Dark side Jedi Guardian, obtained through the FRS. Alongside becoming the most feared Bounty Hunter as well, good times indeed, netting a well earned 400 + kills in my BH life span. Then I quit to become a faithful fighter of the horde.
  4. What's up? I'm playing WOW now personally.
  5. World of Warcraft for teh win.
  6. Hehe, or I was at least a high end Bounty. Until the CU came, still retained my Dark Jedi Guardian Profession box and title though.
  7. Decieving to put two expansions together just so it will tempt more buyers, heh. Another amusing thing is when they do the CU Alpha testing, you have to test ROTW with it, heh. Changes to SWG for the good? Not quite sure about that, looks like it could break the game, heh. We will see I guess.
  8. -=ReApEr=-


    *Shrug* I might, we'll see.
  9. You log in at 0, 0 < Whatever Planet the PA hall was on >
  10. Good Job Corzip, on what you did with the -A-. You have my respect.
  11. *Agree with Jo* Farpoint is a Imperial themed controlled city on Tatooine, especially a good place to consider if you decide to go fully Imperial and want good RP.
  12. Do missions, or beg for one.
  13. What about all the other people who have been here for more then a year..
  14. I hardly understand half of your post, seems you were banned for having 40k swoops and refusing to comply with a CSR when asked to log off. Either way a issue for head of customer service
  15. Good Luck with the future Corzip, I'm sure you will be rewarded with good karma for all the kindness and nice action's you've always shown to me and others in the past.
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